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Ultimate Makeup Guidelines On How To Makeup According To Your Face Shape

Different girls have different face shapes and sometimes what happens is that we try to copy makeup looks of celebs and end up looking not just bad but odd too, mostly since you may not have the same face shape as that of Kate Winslet or may not have the same face shape as that of Reese Witherspoon.

So while doing your face makeup, it’s important to cast a glance on to the type of face shape that you have.

Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Let’s have a deeper insight into the face shapes and correct makeup for face shapes which one needs to follow:

A. For Oval Faces:








The most common face shape is that of the “Oval” shape. I, myself have that shape so am going to get to the topic right away! Well, Jessica Alba’s face is also sort of Oval Shaped as you can make out from the picture!

  1. The first objective is to make the face look more elongated, so as to minimize the oval effect of the face. For this, we have to concentrate on our blunt features, if you do have any. Most people with an oval face but do not have a pointed and sharp nose. So after applying foundation, what you can do is take some bronzer and apply in between your thumb and first finger and then apply stretched on to nose from top to bottom ( the sides I mean). In this way, your nose will get the shadow effect on the sides, and the top will remain in foundation looking fairer and heightened. This is a makeup trick which every makeup artist applies for oval shaped faces.
  1. Next comes Eyebrows, high arched brows can give a more oval shape. So follow the natural shape of brow bones and tweeze that way.
  1. While doing makeup for eyes or lips, concentrate on any one feature, either eyes or lips keeping the other simple.
  1. Use blush to make the face look elongated. Suck cheeks in and use blush on to contours, and not onto apples of your cheeks. It’s a damn good technique that makes your face look sleek and stylish! I can BANK on this one. And one more thing, you can use a little blush on to the sides on your chin also, not in the absolute front. This enhances this effect!










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