Types of Long Sleeve Dresses

The fashion industry, from traditional clothing, has continuously evolved. From few alterations to greater modifications, and with a lot of trends and styles popping up, it is critical to know what’s actually worth the hype and what’s not hot. 

Every person has the right to accept certain styles which will describe who they are as an individual. In a sense, fashion is about showcasing special and distinct styles from miles out that scream creativity.

Long sleeve dresses are always one of the many choices that women will always prefer. When dress to impress is a part of one’s trendy look, these fabulous styles of long dresses may benefit those who are actually working out how to make head waves at every event or destination.

A-line Dress

A-line dress is tailored to the waist, then slowly spreads out to the hem. The beauty of this form is that it will diminish the mid-section, shoulders, and buttocks, while at the same time attracting focus to the bust half (depending on the neckline). The volume of flare may be low or relatively large. When putting on a table an A-line shape appears triangular with the bottom wider than the top

This is the reason why most of the bridesmaid dresses are A-line because the most flattering design for each style of body is special. Fortunately, people can actually wear this look again and again, because more variations come that way than just hard pink satin.

Asymmetrical Dress

According to Karen Brown, asymmetry is a sign of experience: very much like faces of people which gradually transforms into a different look when they age, the asymmetric look screams, “I have the experience, I know what I am doing.” Women couldn’t help but be enticed with the edginess within without even knowing what it is.

An asymmetrical dress would be of a different length on two sides. Perhaps at the back, the dress is longer than at the front, or on one side, it is shorter. This form of dress can also be made with long or sleeveless sleeves. Asymmetric dresses have so many combinations that flatter every body type.

Balloon Dress

Balloon dresses have a similar design to the BELL dress as they have the tailored bodice on top and a large hem but BALLOON dresses are flexible and flowing. Without the bell shape, they have all the fabric of a BELL dress so the hem bounces with you as you walk. From here comes the “balloon” part of their name.

In addition, this kind of dress has a full skirt, pulling the bottom of the garment into a band wider than the waist. It provides the appearance of the balloon as the remainder of the skirt floats over the band making a small, puffy feel. Generally, it’s over the knee. When trying to knit this style, it’s going to take a lot of fabric because it has to be lined up.

It’s indeed a really trendy look to show off and perfect for casual and semi-formal wear.

Boho Dress

Boho, the short term for bohemian, typifies a fashion style influenced by the 1960s which 1970s free spirits and hippies movement, and even the late 19th-century pre-Raphaelite ladies.

The trend today is to incorporate the bohemian style with other trends, highlighting the best of both worlds and coming up with highlight pieces that will make from head to toe shine. The style hit an all-time high in 2005 and was represented by many celebrities like Kate Moss, Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen, etc.

Designers began taking the bohemian trend to the next level in the early 20th century. Among them was Paul Poiret, who introduced into his drawings several cultural details including those of Russia and the Middle East.

Similarly, clothing artist William Morris developed a range of designs for interior decoration as well as apparel, including lavish floral prints, paisley, and swirls, both elaborate and extremely decorative.

This type of apparel is usually distinguished by long flowing or tiered skirts and tops, peasant blouses, regional touches such as tunics or wooden hoops, beaded or embroidered embroidery, fringed handbags, and jewels or embellished flat sandals. The look is also colorful and blended.