Types of Handbags for Women

Types of Handbags all women should know

Handbags are quite a staple when it comes to Women’s fashion. It is both fashionable and practical. There is this joke, that women rarely have pockets in their clothing, and when they do it’s very shallow; unable to fit anything. While that is true, women have found ways to deal with said problem, one of those is to carry around a handbag.  There are so many types in handbags suited for any event in daily life, here are ten:

Shoulder Bag

The first one is a shoulder bag. As one of the most commonly used bag, the shoulder bag is considered to be the most functional kind which can be used daily on different errands. Due to that fact, almost if not every brand has their own variations, which only makes it more difficult to resist buying multiple ones from different brands. However, no one’s really complaining about that. These bags are big, and one can fit in all of their basic necessities, because honestly, most women who would use this bag practically carry a mini supermarket anyway.


The second one is a satchel. These Satchels are perfect for the working women, they are the perfect balance between being an everyday handbag and a laptop bag. With this, they don’t have to carry two bags. It can fit in all of the basics, including the gadgets too. However, there is a caveat, if one would like to buy a satchel, they should! A bag is an investment, others actually consider it as a collection; with this, quality and durability should always be considered.  

Sling Bag

The third type is the sling bag. The sling bag also known as the cross-body bag is functional, comfortable, yet stylish. This bag is so versatile, it can be used for errands, travel as well as simply, shopping. If  the buyer  has kids of their own, a sling bag is simply perfect, and all of these bags come in all sizes. This bag is functional, modish, and an everyday essential. This bag can also be worn as a shoulder bag, where they wear this bag well, their shoulder as diametrically opposed to the opposite shoulder.

The reason it’s called a ‘crossbody’ is because usually one would wear like the strap of the bag is on the right or left shoulder (completely based on preference) and the bag itself would be on the opposite side of the strap, therefore creating an illusion of a crossbody.

Quilted Bag

The fourth type is the Quilted bag. These quilted bags are considered very iconic, and there are some chic branded ones that a lot of people dream of buying, and the other some of those people keep showing off many of those branded bags. If someone has been thinking of investing in this kind of bag and does not own one of these, they should go for it. Quilted bags have been offered in different big names like Chanel or Hermes.

Goes to show how quilted bags give a statement and investing on these will last years.  It is the bags like these that add to someone’s style statement and boost the appeal of their overall look.


The fifth type of bag is the clutch. The clutch also called day clutch is simple yet sophisticated, low profile yet elegant, an accessory but utility, because one cannot show up all dressed up, going to a party, and carrying a huge bag. The only problem with some people, they have a hard time deciding what to have is what to carry or bring rather and what to leave out.

However, if there is someone who just cannot do with such a small clutch, there are a few brands that actually offer clutches with compartments and thus gives a lot more space than the normal ones.


The sixth type of bag is the Minaudiere. Specifically, it is designed with a clutch with a twist and there are so many colored gems, pearls, etc. added to make it more glamorous and of course, oozes with grandeur. So ladies, if you’re attending a very special event  even if it’s a wedding day, a cocktail party or a special evening party, this bag is nice and recommended for you to carry while enjoying that day instead of bringing the clutch type of bag.

And, for those special days, they absolutely need a Minaudiere. If one would like to purchase a Minaudiere, they should invest in a really good Minaudiere, since it’s encrusted with gems, pearls, and other really pretty things, a cheap Minaudiere can break easily with their fake gems., and it wouldn’t be as pretty to look at. Also, a Minaudiere is definitely not for every day, because  if food of drink spilled on the gems, it would be ruined.

Hobo bag

The seventh type of bag is called a Hobo bag. Hobo is actually a shoulder style bag but is not as wide as a typical shoulder bag. A lot of people dislike this bag simply because of the name, and end up overlooking everything that makes this bag so unique. First off, the crescent shape of the bag makes the bag equals to events that are either formal or casual.

Second, if someone is bored with their regular totes and shoulder bags, they can kick it up a notch and pick up the Hobo, it might just be an exciting addition to their collection. This bag is bigger than the others mentioned. 


The eight type of bag is called a Wristlet. Some use it as wallets while others as mobile cases but without a doubt, wristlets can be functional and sophisticated at the same time. The brands, Coach and Louis Vuitton have a wide array of really fancy and elegant looking wristlets. These bags are called wristlets because there is a strap (which is most likely to be attached to the zipper) where one would slide their wrist in, and that’s it. 

These wristlets have enough space to hold the card, the cash, and a phone as well, plus someone can carry with the use of the wrist and have both palms free of holding it. These are really convenient especially for those errands where money and a phone are needed.

Beach bag

The ninth type of bag is called the beach bag. This beach bag is obviously made for the purpose of bringing things to the beach. People need a bag for their vacation, period. A lot of men actually don’t like these bags but whatever it is that they say, one should just don’t pay attention. If one is interested in getting one, they should buy a jute or a straw basket bag.

Both of them are quite  waterproof and it can withstand all of the sand without getting too dirty, and other than that, the most important factor is the fact it is very stylish, plus it can fit in all of the stuff when one decides to take a dip in the ocean.


Lastly, the tenth type of bag is called a wallet. The Wallet, or a purse as some call it. It is an essential part of a girl’s handbag; and if someone were to ask people on the street, they would most likely agree that the wallet is quite personal to every person who’s ever owned a wallet. After all, it is where people keep money, photos of loved ones, and precious credit cards.

Someone can actually make quite a statement with this wallet, so they should pick up something accordingly. A lot of big name brands such as Louis Vuitton have even made their own wallets. Wallets are useful, they keep one’s money safe, and if one were to go on a simple errand such as grocery shopping, because they will definitely need their wallet.