Types of dresses

Types of dresses and who should wear them

To glam yourself means to look for the best dress that suits you.

Fashion is all about dressing up and selecting clothes not just for the main reason of having something to wear but it is about giving yourself a makeover and of course, to look pretty and attractive.

Currently, dresses are trendy and they are perfect to wear for any various occasions you plan to go. But do you know that there are different types of dresses? Having so many options in dresses will give you the benefit of wearing them and choosing the right one according to the event you wish to attend.

As there are many fashion designers in the market nowadays, there are also many different types of dresses and fashion icons available for you to follow. Getting dressed up doesn’t only imply a specific or particular design but it just means different things to every person. Dress styles are affected by the shape of a person, the length of the dress she wishes to wear, and the cut of the dress as well. 

Learning about different dress cuts and fabrics is important, as it will help you understand which dress would flatter perfectly to your body type. Perhaps, you are familiar with round style, square style and v-necks style, but it’s not the only thing you can find in the fashion industry.

So to give you further insights and information regarding all the types of dresses, the list below is some of them, as there are so many types of dresses.

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are popularly known as long and flowing compared to short dresses. It is usually worn for a proper or casual occasion. Typically, maxi dresses are made up of different materials but cotton maxi dresses are mostly preferred for most designers to use. A curvy woman can fully take the advantage of  wearing such a maxi dress because it will truly help to emphasize her curves. 

Midi Dress

Comparing between a maxi and a mini dress, the midi is what women need for the days when they’re not really sure about the formality of an occasion or event they’re going to attend. This dress is available for a sleeve length style or neckline style, which makes it a great to use for any type of body shape. For you to have a winter look you wish to achieve, just pair it with ankle boots.

Off the Shoulder

If you plan to have your shoulders keep open to view, this type of dress is perfect for you. This will help to emphasize your shoulder while still keeping your bicep cover. Always great to wear for women who love to show their shoulders but don’t want to commit with such a strapless look.

A-line Dress

If you wish to emphasize your slimmer body while still covering some heavier portions, definitely this type of dress is perfect for you. It is said to be more beautiful if it’s a scoop neckline.

Bodycon Dress

If you’re looking for a type of dress that will perfectly hug your gorgeous curve figure, this one is exactly best for you. Typically, bodycon dresses are made up of stretchy materials. Plus, dandy to wear for your evening out on the town.

Wrap Dress

This type of dress typically features a front closure by way of wrapping the dress from one side across the others and finally, tying the material at the waist part or back part. Moreover, this style is also popularly known for women who have such athletic body figures.

Halter Dress

This type of dress is right for summer. This is a summer staple as it is a breezy yet stylish piece of clothing with backless style and a string to hold on to the neck. This kind of dress is most flattering for those that wish to point out their ample shoulders.

High-Low Dress

This dress is the epitome of business at the back, party in the front. It is long, almost reaching the knee on the rear and significantly short at the front, slightly above the knee. Some call it fish style dress and it can be for both casual and formal engagements. This is perfect for those who want to show off their long legs. Pair this with heels or platforms and you wouldn’t miss. 

Tent dress

This type of dress is usually worn short and popularly known as a baggy silhouette. If you’re looking for summer wear, this one is perfect to add on your fave list.

Yoke dress

This dress has two major parts: the bodice itself and the top portion of the bodice which is usually made from something sheer. It can also perfectly hug the slimmer part of your body figure, giving emphasis on that asset of yours.

Shirtwaist dress

This type of dress seemingly looks like a shirt on its top portion, designed with a collar and always has an open button placket on it. If you prefer to have this kind of style as perfect for the event or gathering you’ll go, have some and wear it right away.


This type of dress is widely known for its many variations and may follow various styles. If you prefer to have a princess style, then it’s incredibly possible. But just a hint, most of the ball gowns are designed as formal and voluminous dress and always made for a grand entrance.

Cocktail dress

This type of dress can also be worn to formal gatherings, but always different to ballgowns bracket style. Plus, if you have some business event or just love to go for a drinks party, this will be perfect as well for you.

Corset dress

You can always easily identify this type of dress as it is typically designed with a corset that is laced up and fitted over the dress. Perfect as well to emphasize your body figure if you love too.

Denim dress

This type of dress is commonly referred to as a casual type of dress since the fabric that is being used to make it is from denim. Moreover, there are various designs for this dress, if you love to have sleeves or collar style, it can be. Plus, if you’re a denim lover , this one can be perfect for both your style and preferences.

Kimono dress

This type of dress is made inspired from a Japanese style of clothing. Typically, you notice that it has long flowing sleeves and is designed with a wrap-around style. Most of the kimonos are well-made from some of the elements of this design.

Marine Striped dress

This type of dress is one of the most favored dresses for the summer season. As you can see, this marine stripes dress comes with a form-fitting design, perfect to hug your body curves. Plus, the fabric that is being used for the production is popularly known as summer-friendly, which means you’ll be comfortable wearing it without minding the hot weather. 

Peplum Dress

This type of dress that is commonly known as a peplum dress is always perfect for those who love  and prefer a playful style. The common misconception is that peplums have its highlight on the waist only. But there are many variations with the style below and above the waist, below the bustline and sometimes on the shoulders.  Whether you love to wear it day or night, you can still have that look you wish by just pairing it with a swap flats or a pair of your hot heels.