A Quick Guide on the Trending Hairstyles for Women

2020 really had us all locked down in our homes with hair growing in lengths we are itching to cut down. And of course, there’s also the concern of boredom that we’re actually looking to experiment different styles and colors for our hair. Not to mention that with the routine, we’re all looking for some nice changes. 

As we said goodbye to 2020, we opened a new chapter in our lives titled “Good Hair Days” as we can now finally visit salons and our hairstylists. So to help you pick out the hairstyle to celebrate the year, we compiled a quick guide from colors to bangs to quick cuts and waves, we got you. 

So here are trending hairstyles for women in 2021 that you must try!

2021 Hair Colors to try

Are you done with your old hair you have never dyed before and craving to experiment with some colors? Or just tired of your dyed hair looking dry and want some new colors? For this year, the trends are hybrid hair colors, pastel, and coffee-inspired.

Silver Purple

Silver purple is one of the most popular hybrid colors. The purple notes are not only regal and elegant but also bold and chic. Blend it with shimmery silver tints which gives your hair a bit more texture then you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. And this spring season, silver is one of the favorites so your hair is definitely in style. 


Rose Brown

If you’re a brunette then chances are you might think that your hair is boring because it’s basic. But that’s exactly what makes it great because you can try and level it up. If you’re not into drastic experimentation, you can spice it up by adding some warm or cool-toned touch to it. And one of the most popular picks is adding a bit of rose tinge to it to add dimension. 


The pastel hair color started back in the 1930s and quickly caught attention. The impact was so big that by the 1950s, pastel was not just painted on hairs but also in different home decor and furnitures. And this 2021, it’s definitely here to stay. The pastel hair also inspired a wide range of related hair color trends like the favorite unicorn hair and mermaid hair. 


And of course, if there’s anything that really got us through quarantine, it’s coffee. Whether that’s iced or hot, milky or just plain brewed, it got us through all of our deadlines but probably also got us awake a few more hours than we’d like to. So in honor of these heroes, here are some colors you’d like to try. They’re not as flashy as the other ones but they still fit the bill for a hair change. 


If you want to keep it subtle then this hair coloring technique fits exactly what you need. Twilighting is like Hannah Montana (no, not Bella) which gives you the best of both worlds by combining babylights and ombre highlights. With this, you get a fashionable change with a bit of dimension but without being dramatic about it. It’s getting that everyday salon-fresh hair. 

2021 Haircuts to try

If you want to keep your hair color as it is, then we go the classic way of changing things up: haircut. Here are some cuts that celebrities already tried that you might want to try for yourself as well. 


For a change, you can chop off the rest of your hair and go for a daring buzz cut. It’s cool, low-maintenance, and you can still have so much fun with it. Many celebrities with this hairstyle are getting experimental with colors and patterns. To make sure your growing hair will look its absolute best, just make sure to condition it as if you have lots of hair and put some hair oil or leave-in. 

Here’s Halsey and Ruby Rose with their fun buzz cuts. 


2021 said Pixie is still in because we all want that low maintenance look, no more 10 minutes of blow drying plus even more time styling. It’s a wash and go haircut and you will absolutely look amazing every time. Even with a really short cut like pixie, there are many different variations to try. But for 2021, more are going for shorter and flirty cuts with a flare than with the usual pixie with bang styles. 

Here’s Zoe Kravitz and Kate Hudson totally nailing the Pixie look. 


The bob style this year is taking on a lot of variations but we’re personally in love with the short, flowy style with blunt ends (chipping into the ends). It’s bouncy with a deep sweep and can hit the longest mid-neck but if you’re brave enough, the chin length is actually even more gorgeous. 

Here’s Kaia Gerber showing us why this bob look is hot this year. 


Mullets are not exclusively for the boys because this haircut can be gorgeously donned by girls as well. Compared to the ‘80s mullets, the modern day version is a bit more chill, longer, and less severe. It’s a perfect hairstyle that perfectly frames and compliments the face shape. 

Here’s Barbie Ferreira and the ever girl crush Zendaya sporting the mullet look. 


Another retro hairstyle that is getting a new take is the shag hairstyle. The modern shag requires a lot of layers which then creates a texture that looks cool and lived-in. You can also look at it as a nod to the mullet with softer edges. And this haircut is definitely sexy, strong, and flattering. You can try it with a fringe or not, depending on what your gut tells you looks better on you. But it definitely works on different lengths and styles. 

Here’s Taylor Swift and her ‘not a lot going on’ look and majestic Dua Lipa with their modern shags with a fringe. 

Curtain Bangs

We’ve heard it before and yes, they’re still very much in 2021. These bangs are actually easy to DIY. It sweeps on both sides which feels like you’re back in the ‘70s. And honestly, just with curtain bangs, you can already see how your look will easily change up. So if you’re looking for a lowkey change that doesn’t need a trip to the salon, then this could be your best bet. 

Here’s Hilary Duff showing you how to do it just right. 

2021 Hair Accessories to try

If you don’t want to really do a ‘permanent’ change on your look, accessories can help you sort that problem. 


If you want to add in more length to your hair but you don’t have the patience to actually grow it out, hair extensions would be very good investments for you. You can buy it in different colors and shades so you don’t have to really worry about matching it with your hair. Just make sure you get some quality extensions so that it doesn’t look like you just hurriedly clipped on barbie hair that doesn’t look so natural. 


Pearl-embellished clips are getting quite the hype these days as it can instantly style your hair with very minimal effort. It looks chic and also formal but you can also pick ones that can go with your daily casual look.