How to Choose Travel Clothing in 9 Easy and Simple Tips

Traveling is such a dream but sometimes, packing can be stressful, especially if you want to pack light. If you want to avoid overpacking, every item that goes into your luggage must be relevant to your trip. 

If you are traveling to a destination with various activities in mind and unsure weather, check out our fashion traveling tips below! 

Tips in choosing travel clothing

To avoid overpacking and bringing with you clothes that are inappropriate and useless, here are some tips to help you pack smartly. 

Tip # 1: Make sure it works in different settings

When traveling, exploring everything the destination has to offer is always the most exciting part. Unless you only have one thing in mind, make sure your clothing works in different settings. Pack versatile clothing items you know can be worn for both trekking and temple visits, and at the same time, are appropriate for restaurants, nightlife, and a chill day at the mall. 

Another thing to make sure of is to pack conservative options. When your destination has a strong religious belief or if you are planning to enter religious and sacred sites, the locals might not appreciate revealing clothing. 

Tip # 2: Pack multi-purpose items

Every clothing item in your luggage should have multiple uses. If you are planning to eat at a nice restaurant, naturally, you’d want to pack a sexy cocktail dress. But it might be better to pack a nice dress that can be dressed down to be used for a chill brunch or a normal day out. 

Tip # 3: Make sure it does not take too much space

Before ultimately choosing clothing items for travel, roll them up and see if it takes too much space in your luggage. If it does, you might want to reconsider and pick a more compact item. Even in colder destinations, the key is to layer clothing and leave behind bulky and thick jackets. 

But, If the item can be used frequently, on multiple occasions, and is appropriate for a good amount of activities then they can be included in your luggage. The prime example of this would be jeans. Denim jeans can be bulky but it is usable for the majority of your trip. 

Tip # 4: It has to be quick-dry

Quick-drying clothing materials are a must for traveling. First, it means that they are lighter. Second, it is beneficial for you, especially when you are frequently on the move. 

Take note, just because a tag says “quick dry” doesn’t mean it works. Likewise, just because it does not travel-specific, doesn’t mean it doesn’t dry quickly. Test a few of your clothes and determine which ones are quick-drying and can be used for your travel. 

Tip # 5: Mix and matches well

Because you have limited options, make sure that the clothing items that you pack mix and match well together. Pick items carefully and plan outfits that are interchangeable and compatible. This includes choosing complementary colors and items and planning outfits. 

How to travel light and dress well (at the same time!)


The best thing about traveling is making memories. But you’d probably won’t appreciate taking pictures in your drabbiest outfit, now would you? 

Packing can be very stressful, especially if you want to look good but can’t bring in your most attractive clothing pieces. But it’s not impossible. 

Here are a few tips for packing light and dressing well on the road. 

Bring three coordinating-colored outfit

When packing clothes to bring with you on your trip, pick items in three complimenting colors. You can mix and match any of these to create multiple outfits for different days and activities. Aside from colors, make sure they are appropriate for your destination. 

Fewer shoes

It might feel like taking 2 pairs of shoes with you is not enough but trust us when we say, with the right pairs, you are good to go. For women, sneakers, comfortable daytime walking shoes, such as loafers, and for the evening, maybe a heeled sandal, is a good set to bring with you. 

For men, two pairs are enough. Sneakers and loafers, which can be worn for both day and nighttime events. 

Fly in athleisure 

Don’t take exercising gears or athleisure lightly, they are slowly becoming the trend nowadays, and flying in one is no longer a new thing. You’ll appreciate them more on long-haul flights. They are comfortable to wear, easy to fold, and can fit into any bag. 

For women, leggings and a comfy long-sleeved top and coat is a good combination while men can have on a pair of track pants and a hoodie. 

Bring one dressy, versatile outfit

If you are planning to attend a formal evening that requires you to dress nicely, pack one formal dress that can be dressed down or up to be used for another evening. 

Forget bulky dresses and full suits that you will only wear once on your trip and take up the most space in your luggage. Instead, for women, try a slip dress, high-heeled sandals, and bold accessories. For men, a multipurpose blazer, a nice white button-down, and slacks with loafers are a good way to go.