Top 6 DIY Keratin Treatments (UPDATED 2022)

It is a necessity to always have at least one of these top DIY keratin treatments at home because they actually give the results they promise. These products are especially geared toward curly- and wavy-haired girls who prefer straight locks and would rather practice their hairstyling in their own homes.

A keratin treatment is a relatively new procedure that will always be popular in hair salon settings, but choosing the perfect product that can be done at home is not always as simple.

But for some avid fans of keratin treatments, it can be quite dragging to visit the parlor or other kinds of hair treatment facilities that handle such work. It can be quite annoying to work for an appointment and wait for someone to fix that troubling hair. Plus, it can be costly and tedious for everyone to do such treatment.

Thoroughly treating your hair will give it a smoother, healthier look than it’s ever had. Keratin treatments work differently on all hair types. These treatments have grown in immense popularity amongst the hair smoothing population due to the plentiful (and somewhat overwhelming) variety of available products.

Specific keratin treatments are specially geared toward hiding damage, while others work simultaneously with other ingredients that will help with smoothening and straightening of the hair for a lengthy duration of time.

Such formulations are often harsh, but they are also a useful way of straightening hair and saving you from constant heat styling that leads to significant harm. Specific treatments use natural ingredients, which also help to smoothen the hair and to make it more manageable.

Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that anyone can do when it comes to do-it-yourself keratin treatments. You can be your own hairstylist by applying these wonderful procedures and try it out for yourself.

With the right products and countless amounts of luck, your hair might look as if a hairstylist did it. Here are some simple and effective keratin treatments that anyone can do at home to save time and money for an effortlessly smooth and straighter hair.

1. The Argan Therapy

This keratin treatment compilation has been made of an abundant number of proteins and amino acids that work together to eliminate any impairments and smoothen the hair in a single treatment. This formulation is made with argan oil to replenish and hydrate, and also with keratin and collagen to strengthen every broken strand.

Reviewers have noticed that this product will cause the hair to be prone to some frizziness while enabling simple management of humidity. Because the humidity is more manageable, this leads to less breakage when styling.

2. Brazilian Keratin Treatment

It is surprisingly true that anyone can pull out a simple Brazilian Keratin Treatment. With the right materials and a perfect instruction, anyone can do this keratin Treatment at home.

What most customers should settle on is to purchase a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. There are many Brazilian Keratin treatments that you can buy online, ranging from $20-$40. Some of these keratin treatments also include comprehensive instructional materials that customers may follow. 

Brazilian Keratin Treatments are mostly infused with a formaldehyde and argan oil. These two essential compounds affect the hair thoroughly, potentially granting customers smoother and silkier hair. Formaldehyde acts as a bond for your hair and the argan oil that will make it last longer, while Argan oil develops a wonderful infusion to make your hair even smoother. 

Here are the general tips that you can use to apply a proper Brazilian Keratin Treatment at home. 

  • The shampoo helps you clean and remove excess dirt and any external elements in your hair. It is not practically advised to use conditioner as it might not allow for the keratin treatment absorption.
  • Try to dry your hair thoroughly. Use a blow dry set on a medium to high heat and thoroughly dry your hair.
  • Comb your hair and fix all the knots and tangles using a narrow-toothed comb.
  • Mix the Brazilian Keratin Treatment with all of its elements as indicated on the bottle and mix it thoroughly before applying on the hair. As you use the keratin treatment, start in the middle part of each section and brush it off downwards and upwards.
  • Dry your hair on medium heat. Please do not flip your head to dry the other layers of your hair as it might damage your skin and hair.
  • Use a flatiron to straighten your hair to achieve that smooth and luxurious Brazilian Keratin look.

3. An Aldehyde- and Formaldehyde-Free Treatment

Unlike the Brazilian Keratin treatment, an aldehyde- and formaldehyde-free treatments may help customers have tremendous and smooth-looking hair. This salon-influenced hair grants a thicker and more slender appearance that anyone can actually do at home. But unlike the  Brazilian method. The aldehyde and Formaldehyde-free treatments do not last very long, as formaldehyde composition will not be used in the treatment.

Aldehyde-and formaldehyde-free treatments do not use any kinds of chemical agents to straighten the hair properly. Instead, it follows a natural composition extracted from the roots, leaves, or plants to have natural-looking hair.

4. Argan Therapy Hair Treatment

To those who just love a good keratin treatment without worrying that it might damage the hair, you may opt to use an Argan Therapy for your next hair treatment session. Pure Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit from an Argan tree that is most abundant in Morocco. Although it can also be used in cooking, pure Argan oil can also be identified in most hair care products. 

The Argan oil is a strong and effective hair treatment that may positively affect sudden hair loss and protection against the harsh environment. It can even protect styling and colouring damage. 

For customers to do this, it is advisable to buy effective Argan therapy hair treatment for more substantial and sturdier hair placement. What’s more, Argan oil is an effective treatment that fixes irregularities, frizziness, and even split ends. 

There are many products to consider that use Argan oil as the primary ingredient of the treatment. This may include hair mask, shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and even the pure argan oil itself.  

5. Nano-keratin Treatment

A more comprehensive and scientific approach can also be used when doing keratin treatment at home. Several products proposed an effective keratin treatment that uses formaldehyde, nano-molecular keratin particles, and natural oil serums to provide a silkier and smoother hair that can last from 3 to 6 months. 

These products are not to be used as a shampoo but act like a sheet of mask that will bond and fix your hair for at least two to three hours. Customers should not shampoo or style their hair for at least 72 hours (3 days) to let the nano-keratin treatment seep into the hair strands in a delicate and meticulous process.

Many products containing nano-molecular keratin particles are deemed effective as they can seamlessly penetrate the hair for a long time. Customers will surely enjoy this treatment as it offers not only a smoother and glossier result but healthy and vigorous as well.

Although effective, most Nano-Keratin treatments are not cost-efficient, users may swing buy for a cheap or effective formula on sale, but most effective Nano-keratin treatments cost around $50-$250. It might sound a lot, but using nano-keratin treatment is a thing that everyone should try.

6. Keratin Complex Treatment 

A Keratin Complex Treatment is an effective Keratin Treatment that shows promising results even without a flat iron. This excellent treatment provides smooth and sleek products that could last from 3 to 5 months after the application. The Keratin Complex makes use of Biformyl and a Hydrolyzed Keratin, which makes the hair more nourishing to look at.

It is best to follow the cardinal rule of doing a Keratin treatment. One specific advice when doing a Keratin Complex Treatment is not washing or conditioning the hair for at least 72 hours (3 days). This might affect the durability and the effect of the Keratin to your hair. It is also recommended that customers use shampoos with Sodium chloride and sulfate-free shampoos after the next three days.

Additionally, Keratin Complex Treatment provides users with a protective layering to secure the formula in place and protect the hair from harsh and troubling environments. The keratin treatment also protects the hair from the sun’s harsh elements to avoid it from unwanted curls or texture. 


Keratin treatment can be quite challenging, especially for customers who are trying it for the first time. While it is probably practical to go to various parlour shops to get that shiny new look, others may follow excellent and efficient Keratin treatments at home to save some time and money. 

The following Keratin treatments are pretty much effective if done correctly. And following the rules and the proper regulations of applying a Keratin treatment should be imperative to achieve such a fabulous hairdo. It is still under the prerogative of the user if he or she wants to do these keratin treatments at home or not.