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Top 13 Ways To Look Younger With Makeup

Are you worried about signs of aging you can see on your skin? Do you want to know how to use makeup effectively to look younger? Then, we have brought 13 amazing ways to look youthful with makeup!








1- Moisturize your skin

Before you start applying any makeup, you need to ensure that your skin is completely moisturized and supple.

Start by applying a moisturizer on your skin and wait for 5 minutes to let it sink in.

2- Prep your skin with a primer

After applying a Moisturizer, apply a clear primer on your skin to get an even and a smooth base. A primer will fill your pores, minimize redness and fill uneven textures.

Take a small amount of the primer and tap it in your skin. Wait for 3 minutes to let it sink in.

3- Conceal cautiously

Apply a concealer sparingly on your skin. It would just draw attention to the blemishes and problematic areas on your skin if, it’s used too much.

Apply a concealer only if it is necessary and use a small amount. Do not forget to blend it well!







4- Bring a glow to your face with a highlighter

If you want to make it look like you have a radiant and glowing skin then go for a highlighter. You can use any type of highlighter according to your skin type and preference.

Use a highlighter at the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and on the center of your forehead.

Then contour your cheekbones and the edges of your face to add depth.

5- Add some colour to your cheeks with a Blush

Applying a blush will instantly make you look youthful and lively.

Apply a cream blush that is between pink and peach colour. Just take a small amount of the cream blush in your fingertips or your brush and dab it lightly on your cheeks. This will bring life to your dull skin.

Applying a powder blush would settle into dry patches or fine lines, and make you look older.

6- Set your makeup with the right powder

Avoid coloured powder because it will accentuate your fine lines and wrinkles.

If you really want to apply a powder to set your makeup, then use a translucent, light diffusing powder and lightly apply it on your face with a brush.


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