Tips on How to Hide your Wrinkles with the use of your Makeup

We all have a lot of features that we simply wish weren’t there. Although at times it may make you feel very good about yourself, sometimes you wish it would just go away. There are a lot of things like this such as acne, freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, and whiteheads. It’s totally understandable if you want to hide some of these features and don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Wrinkles are one of these features that are permanent. Acnes, blackheads, and whiteheads are only there for a short time. They may reappear every now and then but they at least go away for some periods of time. Unlike these features, wrinkles stay in your face and even may show up more as you grow older. Some features like this are fine lines and freckles. Although it is a natural effect in our face, some people still don’t like it and wish to have them go away.

With the developing science, there are ways that people can remove wrinkles and there are also ways to do it naturally. But for some, there are times when they love this feature and wish it to stay. It’s more like a love and hate relationship between them and their wrinkles. Sometimes, they love their face that is filled with wrinkles. However, there are still times where they would wish that it’s not there. If you’re one of these people, luckily for you, we have here a way to just hide your wrinkles with the use of makeup. You can choose to have your wrinkles at times and just hide them every now and then. Here are some tips to help minimize the presence of wrinkles and fine lines with the use of makeup.

  • Start with a silicone primer when applying make-up

After applying moisturizer, smooth on with primer before you start putting on your foundation. As you use a primer as a makeup base, it will help to soften the wrinkles. Choose one with a silicone base that functions to fill in uneven skin texture and fine lines. 

  • Use light and moisture-rich foundation

Continuous usage of make-up with heavy matte formulas can make your skin look older. Use a hydrating, sheer foundation instead. If you feel like you need more coverage to hide dark spots or other blemishes, lightly tap on concealer on these spots before applying foundation. Remember that heavy coverage on fine lines and wrinkles will draw more attention to it. Keep light and more natural look plus a bright smile as you drag their attention to your youthful glow instead of your fine lines. 

  • Highlight your eyes

Make-up artists have been using one of the tricks of the trade by highlighting the eyes to draw focus away from wrinkles. It is better to use a matte eyeshadow than the shimmery one. It is said that shimmery eyeshadows contain metallics that enhance the fine lines and draw attention to skin imperfections. Neutral colors may be helpful as well. Use a lighter shade on your lids and soft neutrals in the creases of your eyelids.

  • Lighten up on powder

Light dusting of loose, mineral powder helps set your make-up without settling into fine lines and pores. Find the one that contains mica micro-particles as it reflects light to give your skin an extraordinary radiance. You can also swap your powder blush with a cream blush in order to achieve a natural and radiant look that will not draw the attention to fine lines on your cheeks.

  • Plump up with a moisturizer

As we age, our skin becomes drier which makes wrinkles stand out more. Bring the moisture and fight back the fine lines. When looking for moisturizers, find the one that has hyaluronic acid, as it pulls in water and helps plump the skin. As you moisturize, you help prevent the tearing or bruising of the skin. A moisturizer also functions as an aid to improve the appearance of a wrinkle by making the wrinkle less deep. Once it is applied, the skin will absorb it and cause it to puff up to lessen the appearance of the wrinkle. 

  • Keep your lips smudge-proof

Keep the color of your lips smudge-proof, and don’t let it break down into fine lines. Using a lip pencil, a non-drying lip stain, and sheer gloss may do the trick. Start by lining your lips with creamy, color-stay lip liner and make sure that matches your lip color. Next is to apply lip stain very lightly using your fingertip. Don’t put on too much. And finally, put a little bit of sheer gloss in the center of your lips to help your color stay put and keep the spotlight to the beauty you possess.

  • Make chiffon your color

As color correctors have been rounding up in beauty stores, its function is not only for redness, under-eye circles, and dark spots. It is said that the color corrector found in chiffon is brightening and helps disguise wrinkles by lifting the darkness in the area. Do this by adding the color chiffon moderately in the deepest part of the wrinkle and then blend it by tapping with your ring finger. Don’t worry that the chiffon color may clash with your other make-up because as long as you mix it with concealer, you can temper it down which makes it work with all skin tones.

  • Don’t leave out your neck

Wrinkles on your neck may ruin the flawless make-up that you’ve worked hard for. Always make sure to put make-up past your jawline. Your neck may not require too much make-up but adding a little bit to it will help hide neck creases and give you a more blended look. In case your neck is paler than your face, it is better to dust on some bronzer than adding more make-up. Also, keep your neck moisturized along with your face as it can still work wonders for you.

  • Use the help of retinoids

Retinoid is a stimulant that makes your skin make more collagen, which combats wrinkles. You can purchase products that contain retinol over the counter, or ask for prescription-strength retinoids from your trusted doctor. Though most products may take long periods of time from 6 weeks to 3 months in order for them to show results. The key is to use them as directed and be patient. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen as retinoids can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Using sunscreen every time you’re going out can also help prevent future wrinkles from showing up.

  • Limit usage of anti-aging creams

We know that anti-aging creams have been a big hit when it comes to skincare and maintenance. We know you want to have fast results but take it easy. Take only one or two anti-aging products at a time. Using too many products may end up irritating the skin and can lead the signs of aging to be more visible. It is recommended to start with one product so that the skin won’t be overwhelmed, then add another product after a month or so. It is better to take the process on a precise and slower timeframe than suffer the negative results of rushed actions. Better look for ingredients like Vitamin C or descriptions that include “peptide technology” or “growth factor technology” for great results.

  • Have a second look

Don’t take any chances and make your way to mirror for one last check. What looks good in your bathroom or vanity mirror in your bedroom may look unflattering once you are outside. Regardless of the mirror’s placement, always check your makeup in two different lights to ensure that the blend is correct. If the blending looks off, it could highlight the wrinkles you’re trying to hide. Go on and check it first even if it means stepping outside the door with a hand mirror.

If you have wrinkles, it is better to just accept and love this feature. It has been normalized for most of us to hate this feature especially when you are aiming for a youthful look. Remember that your personality will be the final measure of your beauty. Even if you successfully hid the stressful fine lines but you failed to portray the right attitude with it, the effort might end up as useless. Sometimes, a bright smile can make people disregard the skin imperfections that you have. People may have different preferences but don’t forget to be you regardless of criticisms and world beauty standards. 

In case you are really decided to have this feature removed, you can try all means to have them removed completely. In the end, the choice is still up to you as you take care and beautify your own body. For an easier approach, just follow these steps to hiding your wrinkles with the use of makeup. It’s easier and effective, with no losses there.