Tips and Tricks to looking attractive

Aging is a natural process during the life span of both women and men, but this may not be desirable for many people, as there is always the fear of losing a youthful and vital appearance. Now, it is understandable that some of us might take measures to maintain our youthful appearance. We have a set of tips that will make a person more youthful, fresh and beautiful.

To maintain the appearance of youth for a longer period of time, you must take care of yourself as much as possible, and that can be done by following the following tips:

Use of sunscreen on a daily basis

It is very necessary to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun to avoid damage to its cells. The sun accelerates the aging process, and also causes the appearance of melasma, wrinkles, and makes the skin look dull.

Getting rid of facial hair

The effect of this on men is to make them look more handsome despite their advanced age. But for women, it has the exact opposite result. For men, some prefers to get rid and shave facial hair in order to get a cleaner look. We have a few tips on how to shave the beard.

 Choosing the right razor

 When choosing a razor, several things must be taken into account such as the thickness of the hair, skin texture and the preferred shaving   method. Other prefer using the traditional razor while some uses electric razors.

Keeping shaving tools clean and sharp

 The most common way to keep shaving tools clean and sharp is to wash  them with cold water and avoiding cleaning them with hot water. Hot water has the tendency to make the blade dull, thus making the razor useless.

 To get the face ready for shaving, there are certain steps that must be followed in preparation. Here are steps that you can do to prepare the  face.

Experimenting with make-up to determine which works

There are many tricks that can be done to make the lady’s age appear younger, including using cream-based concealers, highlighting the cheekbones and using brown eyeliner pencil, thickening the eyelashes, and use calm colors for the lipstick.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping at least 6-8 hours every night has several benefits for life and an attractive appearance, as adequate sleep is good for health as it reduces illnesses, obesity, stress and improves mood. Also, adequate sleep purifies the mind and thinking and strengthens the memory.

The lack of sleep could also lead to dark under eyes that will definitely tell the people around you that you’re exhausted, making you look aged.

To treat this, drink plenty of water, use appropriate sunscreen, compress the area with lukewarm water on the area for five minutes daily before bed, use warm tea compresses several times during the day, put cold cucumber slices around the eyes for ten minutes before bed and drink a glass of milk with honey daily before bed, to increase the activity of blood circulation, and to help relax and rest,

Skin Care

The skin plays a big part in appearing more youthful and younger than your age. A lot of people focus more on taking care of their skin rather than make-up. A few skin care tips is moisturizing the skin, choosing a gentle face wash and soap and steering away from harsh chemicals and skin peeling as this stimulates the cells to regenerate.

Taking care of personal hygiene

It is necessary to maintain personal hygiene daily, and take into account several matters related to hygiene, including:

White teeth

Teeth must be brushed to maintain their whiteness, and teeth whitening  procedures can be done, as white teeth increase the proportion of the attractive appearance. A beautiful smile increases the attractiveness of  women, especially the smile that shows straight white teeth

Hair care

The hair must be preserved healthy and styled in a manner appropriate  to the shape of the face, taking into account that greasy or damaged hair is not attractive at all.

Attractive clothes

Clothes appropriate to the shape of the body increase the attractiveness    of the appearance regardless of the shape of the body, with the need to  avoid clothes that are too narrow or very large.

Physical fitness

Maintaining a healthy body mass index (the amount of body fat in relation to height and weight) is one of the most powerful features of physical attractiveness, and to this, it is essential to exercise regularly.

But there seems to be two main parts of the body that is prone darkening and in return, it may seem like you’re not taking care of yourself at all. You may be very familiar of these parts. The neck and the armpits.

But, fear not! For we have certain natural remedies to fix this. For the armpits, lemon, milk and cucumber juice can help.


it is characterized by its great ability to lighten the skin, remove dead cells, and get rid of fungi. Where rubbing the area under the armpits with slices of lemon, or by mixing its juice with olive oil, then taking a shower and repeating this process on a daily basis.


Putting milk under the armpits and leaving it for a third of an hour, after which it is rinsed with water, and the process is repeated until the desired results are reached.

Cucumber Juice

Mix cucumber juice with turmeric and lemon juice, and then rub the area with it.

For the neck, there are two ingredients, all natural, that can help lessen the impending darkening.


Rich in a group of vitamins needed by skin cells, and it contains a group of substances with properties that nourish the skin and relieve western spots that appear on it, and it is used as follows:

Bring an amount of ground almonds and add an appropriate amount of milk and honey to it, creating a paste-like consistency Apply the mixture on the neck and leave it for half an hour. Rinse it with water and repeat the recipe two to four times a week.

Aloe vera gel

It is used as a natural moisturizer so that it moisturizes it, and contains substances that help to lighten it, in addition to containing large amounts of anti-oxidation processes, which help to produce new cells, and it is used as follows:

Bring a quantity of Aloe Vera leaves and grind them, extracting the jelly-like substance. Apply directly to the neck, massaging gently. Leave it on for twenty minutes. Rinse it off with water and repeat this once every day.

Healthy food

A healthy, balanced diet maintains the fitness and health of the body, in addition to drinking plenty of water preserving. It is recommended to eat food rich in carotenoids such as carrots and sweet potatoes to increase attractiveness, and to avoid processed foods.

The best food to eat in order to maintain the best physical appearance are vegetable and fruits and it is best to eat them in variety of colors.


Make perfume like your fingerprint wherever you go, the beautiful smells bring psychological comfort and happiness, and put the perfume on pulse areas such as the wrists and behind the ear so that the aroma lasts with you throughout the day.

Here are our tips on how to properly use your perfume.

Fragrance adds a sensory layer to a person’s appearance, conveys an attitude or mood, and reflects his unique personality, and some rely on choosing one scent throughout his life, and others choose to experiment with it. So when applying the appropriate perfume, one must resort to many things in order to optimally fix his scent.

 Choose a fragrance with a stronger smell and focus

The concentration of the fragrance is important in its survival and fixation of its scent, the higher the concentration the more the scent, and thus it will continue for the longest possible time. The body, and the more alcohol in perfumes increases the amount of alcohol in perfumes, the faster they lose their scent, and it must be mentioned that perfume  consists of three stages.

 The first stage, which is the one that the user smells when he starts the    spraying process, but it evaporates quickly, and the middle stage is the body of the fragrance and takes a longer time until it develops on the skin and the final stage, which takes longer than the other stages, so the        more concentrated the first stage, the more fragrance will last on the body.

Apply perfume as soon as you finish showering

One must apply the perfume in the correct way, which makes it more stable as well, and it must be stored in the appropriate place, so it does  not lose any of its elements. In addition to that, he loves to have the fragrance in constant contact with the skin and stay throughout the day by applying it directly after showering, and applying it well on the body This helps in its longevity and the smell of its user.

 Spray perfume on places of pulse in the body

 When using perfume on the body, a person should know that the places of the pulse in his body when spraying the perfume on them, that it lasts for the longest time possible, and from those places behind the ear, for example, at pulse points, where the veins are closest to the skin, and     thus help generate more heat, And amplify the scent, and this method considers the immediate results in achieving the stability of the fragrance.

But once we reach the forty, there are things in our body that we can’t control. The age of forty constitutes an important shift in the life of a woman and it is the so-called menopause, which is an unwelcome designation, due to the association of this age with some diseases and health transformations. But many experts see it as a psychological shift more than a healthy one and its troubles can be overcome with the wisdom of dealing with it.

Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself after the age of forty

  • Eat healthy and beneficial food, such as drinking adequate amounts of water, reducing stimuli, increasing fiber, and eating foods rich in calcium and vitamins (C and B), and eating a little chocolate.
  • Playing sports and practicing beneficial activities such as yoga
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Socializing with friends and increasing social activity.