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This Article On Life Quotes For Women Speaks About The Deeper Meaning of Life

Importance of life quotes are much more than we often realize. These life quotes serve a very crucial purpose, to express the valuable facts of life. The way we live in today’s world, is that the right way of doing things? Wake up every morning only to start running a never ending run for materialistic gains. Is this the ultimate aim of human life?

How often do you take time to notice the beauty of this world? The elegance of nature is always neglected by our rush for mundane man-made items. Feelings, passion, peace of soul and natural beauty these are words we read only in novels and see in movies. We do not have tyrants and dictators in today’s world but somehow all of us are just slaves to our own selfish aims of life. What is more saddening is the fact that these aims of ours are very petty in nature. All we want is a house, one or two cars and few planned luxuries.

Humans have forgotten the taste of God’s true wonders. Trekking and going on adventures just to see a new place which is beautifully hand crafted by the Almighty, this has completely disappeared from our memories. The closest thing to adventure in our life is a planned safari or bungee jumping. These life quotes tell us that there are more ways to enjoy.

Even feelings have curbed inside us. People have some how forgotten to laugh out loud, or cry to their throats hurt. Only the young ones remember to express their feelings but to till a certain age only. After which they are trained to be, “civilized”. It is funny isn’t it? Being natural is savage, saying what you really feel is ill-mannered and doing what you want is being rebellious. However if we can tame ourselves to be robots, then we will be considered fit for this heartless world of ours. Therefore these life quotes are here to remind us about life itself.







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