The World of Beauty and Fashion

Fashion and beauty take a big place in the minds of people, especially celebrities, as they indicate the personality of the person who wears them. Celebrity clothes are just as interested in their artistic work and creativity. You will find lots of articles and discussions about the clothes of a VIP for an occasion. Fashion is a world that has developed over the years to become one of the most important industry of our time

History of the world of fashion

The world of fashion refers to the vast world of clothing and accessories industry, which was initiated by Charles Frederick Worth in the nineteenth century, who was the first fashion designer to put his trademark on the clothes that he made, and Rose Burton was the first fashion designer to open a clothing store in France in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries And who was called the Minister of Fashion, and was the designer for Queen of France Marie Antoinette, until the revolution took place in France and moved to London.

The world of fashion refers to the vast world of clothing and accessories industry. It was initiated by Charles Frederick Worth in the nineteenth century, who was also the first fashion designer to put his trademark on the clothes that he made. Then there was Rose Burton, the first fashion designer to open a clothing store in France. She was called the Minister of Fashion and was the designer for Queen of France Marie Antoinette.

These two paved the way for the now world famous fashion designers and their brand. Meet the current’s generation fashion names that took the industry to a whole new different level.

Coco Chanel

Her real name is Gabrielle Chanel Bennour, a French fashion designer and founder of the well-known Chanel brand. Up to this day, she is known for her modernity of thought and practical fashion, which made her the most famous fashion designer and among the 100 most important people in the world in the twentieth century.

Donna Karen

Founder of the American label (DKNY), with a fashion background. She was the head of the fashion design team for a number of years, and her brand has undergone many changes and is still very much in circulation today.

Giorgio Armani

He is an Italian fashion designer who specializes in men’s clothing. He established the well-known fashion company, Armani. It was established in 1975 and by 2001 he was the most successful Italian fashion designer with a fortune estimated at $ 1.6 billion.

Calvin Klein

Born in 1942, he had a wide reputation in the fashion world, and he was the founder of the Calvin Klein fashion brand.

Donatella Versace

She is the sister of Gianni Versace, who was assassinated in 1997 after he founded Versace fashion stores, which is considered a well-known brand to this day. Donatella was keen to take care of her brother’s store and take it to higher heights, and she succeeded in that. You see many famous people wearing Versace clothes and they prefer it.

Ralph Lauren

His fortune is estimated at $ 7.5 billion, and all of that is due to his fashion sense. He also used to collect old classic cars and display them in a private museum.

Christian Dior

He is a French fashion designer, born in 1905, who changed the way women dress after World War II, and his name is still known to this day and circulating in the market under the management of John Galliano, who carried the name Christian Dior in Paris.

Tom Ford

He worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, but he always dreamed of becoming an actor, but fate made him a famous fashion designer, especially in the year 2000 when he won the award for the best international fashion designer.

Pierre Cardin

He is a French fashion designer born in Italy, famous for his 20th century outfits that seemed to be coming from the future., where he used science fiction and exotic colors.

Yves Saint Laurent

A French fashion designer best known for redesigning clothes and for his casual and feminine clothes at the same time.

All these famous names and a glimpse of their story made us realized. What will it take to become a fashion designer?

Bachelor’s degree or affiliation

An individual can become a fashion designer by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or pursuing an associate’s degree. This is to train in methods of sewing, spinning, and learning about the characteristics of fabrics, but the bachelor’s degree programs focus on teaching industrial production and fashion history, while the associate degree programs focus on developing basic and intermediate skills in an individual.

Get a training period

An individual can become a professional fashion designer by learning design skills by training with design or manufacturing companies, and it is also possible to gain experience working in retail stores or working as a personal designer, as training periods in fashion design help to acquire multiple design skills, and get to know fabrics to match each person, plus learn marketing and sales skills.

Enriching working life as a fashion designer

Working life as a fashion designer can be enriched by working in large design institutions, establishing special design businesses, or opening a shop to sell special designs, and it is also possible to join a specialized design services company that meets the needs of distinguished clients.

Skills required for fashion design

Both education and practical experience help in developing one’s personal skills to become a professional fashion designer, as illustrations play an essential role in the task of graphic drafting and the ability to design clothes, in order to help the designer convert design concepts into reality, and the designer must be familiar with using Computer-based fashion design programs, and on a personal level, innate creativity, artistic ability, and strong communication skills contribute to enhancing an individual’s ability to succeed in fashion design

For some, fashion designing might not be a big deal. Those who are not fashion enthusiasts often finds the current trends “weird” and thought that fashion designing is just mere mix and match of outfits. But the thing is, the process of fashion designing is lengthy and there is more to it than just mix and match.

In fashion designing, it’s not one size fits all because our bodies are different from one another. Certain clothes that doesn’t suit you is actually the perfect piece for someone else. Curious? Here, we will discuss how to pick a dress that perfectly suits your body.

Before starting to choose clothes, it is important to determine the shape of the body. It helps to stand in front of a mirror and note the details of the body, such as the shoulders, waist, and hips. Here are some tips on what kind of clothes fit each body type the best.


A girl who has an apple-shaped body should wear clothes that do not show the middle part of her body and waist. The most appropriate dress for her body is the one that covers the entire stomach area. Formal jackets should be avoided over dresses, and if necessary, stay away from wearing belts around the waist area. This body also goes well with dresses that have detailing in the neckline, in addition to skirts and fluffy dresses, or with pleats.


This type of body suits clothes that suggest a full upper body, puffy sleeves and jackets with details in the chest and neck area. This means that there’s need to choose a dress that sheds light on the shoulder area, in order to achieve balance in the body. It is preferred to wear dresses with scarves, colorful necklaces, and the choice of plaid dresses with embellished shoulders and upper areas, so that the shoulders appear more wide with the neck area, such as dresses bateau neckline, that show the shoulder and neckline, and it is preferable to stay away from short skirts, as well as thin skirts.


It is preferable to choose dresses that show the waist area, such as dresses that wrap across the body, where the waist area can be shown by wearing a belt on the waist. Dresses that show the size of the upper body are also recommended, especially the chest area. It is also preferable to wear dresses and skirts that have puffed pleats or layers, as they suggest fullness in the lower body.


It is preferable to choose wide slash skirts from the lower part, as wearing them leads to avoiding the appearance of the triangle. The triangle body is the one that is characterized by narrow shoulders and torso area compared to the hips area. Those with this body type should stay away from large-sized shirts. Dresses made of silk fabric also highlights the triangular shape of the body and if possible, should also be avoided.


Women who owns an hourglass body prefers dresses with a narrow or thin waist because it draws attention towards the length of the thighs. Wearing high-waisted skirts also highlights the length of the leg and is most suitable for this body type.

Tips in choosing the appropriate Dress Color

  • First, a dress can be chosen in one color or in different shades, but the dark color must be present in the part to be hidden and the light colors in the part to be shown.
  • Second, contrasting colors can be worn in the color wheel, but 75% of the dress must be one color, 25% of the other color.
  • Third, you can choose a dress that has contiguous colors on the color wheel, as this will attract attention.
  • Try to choose colors so that they are from the same family shade. Earthy colors go together and colors from the pastel family will look great for a mix and match.
  • Observe fashion designs from famous or favorite designers in order to determine how colors coordinate with each other and study the color patterns that are most commonly used.

Since we’re talking about dresses, we might as well discuss THE ultimate dress of all time. We’ve seen everyone rave about this dress and it is something that will never go out of style. It is in demand 24/7 and is something classy, elegant and formal. That’s right. It’s a wedding dress.

A girl’s wedding might as well be the most important moment of her life. As she will be the center of attention, every tiny detail about her and wedding will be under the hawk eyes of her family and friends. The most noticeable thing? Her wedding dress.

Body shapes differ in various ways and that wedding dress that you really want will either make it or break it. And it all depends on your body shape. But don’t worry! Each body shaped has its own suitable dress and you will be able to find that perfect dress in no time.


Women who enjoy this body shape are advised to choose a dress that comes in the shape of a letter A, meaning that it is narrow from the waist area to accentuate it, and gradually widens until it reaches the ground, and to have an open fit on the V or the presence of thin shawls to highlight the area and it is advised to choose strong fabrics That does not stick to the body like taffeta and satin.


A bride-to be with an apple-shaped body must choose a dress that is narrow in the smallest area of the waist, and gradually widens from that area in the form of a letter A, and the introduction of details such as roses, and the collar in the form of a deep V to direct attention to the dress in a longitudinal manner not accidentally so as not to show the shape of the body.

Straight line shape

A bride who has this body shape needs to choose dresses that give her more volume in the hip area to give him a fuller look.

Wedding dress length

 It is advised to choose a long tail dress that defines the shape of the body and highlights the beauty of the length. In the case that the chosen dress has sleeves, bring the attention to the sleeves by ensuring that it is longer than the wrist area.

If the bride is of petite-sized, it is recommended to buy a wedding dress whose waist is higher than her natural level of waist to give the impression of heig

Bust Size

The chest size controls the shape of the dress. If the bride’s chest is small, it is recommended to choose a dress that has more layers of fabric in the chest area. If the bride has a full chest, it is preferred that she chooses a dress with an engraved collar without the chest line visible and in the shape of A.

Full body

It is advised to choose a dress whose skirt begins directly below the chest line, and gradually expands to the floor. It is also recommended for fabrics that give a visible shape to the dress, such as satin, so as not to increase the size.

Wedding accessories

The bride needs appropriate accessories along with the shape and design of the dress, which increases her beauty. Among these accessories:

Crown or hair accessories are essential bridal accessories that highlight the beauty of this hairstyle.

Necklaces are suitable for dresses with deep collars, and they enhance the beauty of the chest area.

The wallet or small bag is practical for keeping the bride’s personal belongings, and different colors can be chosen for it to break the white color of the dress, or it can be chosen studded with pearls or precious stones to suit the wedding party more.

Underwear is as important as outerwear. This might be an unexpected thing in this list but choose an underwear in a practical and for convenience way, such as making it easy to use the toilet.

Suitable shawls or coats are important in the wedding party to warm the bride and it is recommended that their colors be suitable such as ivory, white or silver.

Earrings and bracelets are accessories that add to the overall look of the bride

Tips when choosing a wedding dress

Following the following tips will make it easier to experiment with choosing the right wedding dress.

First, visualize in advance the idea of what you want your wedding dress to look like. Think into consideration your body-shape, height and bust size when conceptualizing.

Second, even though there is a dress that you really want and even though you have found it (lucky you!), try multiple dresses and accept suggestions and advice from dressmakers and family and friends. Sometimes, the perfect dress will look completely different from what you imagined.

Third, finalize your budget. Getting married is not a walk around the park. It will cost you money and sometimes, you need to cut your wedding dress budget to make way for other necessities. However, there’s no need to fret as there are a lot of wedding dress options that you can make do with your budget. 

Fourth, keep it simple. A wedding is not a short ceremony and will require you hours and hours suit up in your chosen wedding dress. Choose a wedding dress that suits you and is comfortable to be in. It’s a wonder experience if you have found the perfect dress for you but it is even better when you are in a comfortable one.

Now, that we have covered tips on how to choose dresses are sure to suit you, let’s talk about shoes.

A high-heeled shoe is a dream of all girls from a young age. It is often a symbol of a grown woman and a girl believes that femininity does not and will not be complete except by wearing high heels. However, no matter how sophisticated and elegant a high-heeled shoe may look, it is undeniable that they often cause discomfort. But fear not! For comfortable high heels does exist.

Thin heels

This heel is very suitable for girls who have not yet passed their teens, and you can find it in all stores, and all designers are keen on having even one model of this type of shoes in each season. Light-colored shoes do not suit girls at this age, so every mother should bear this point in mind when buying shoes for her girl and make sure to buy a simple model with a practical color.


This type of shoe is made of woven materials such as cotton and linen. This shoe is very suitable for the summer season as it is suitable for all ages and is also comfortable to walk, which makes it very suitable for girls who have never walked in high heels. You can find this shoe in a variety of different shapes and colors, and it gives you a kind of joy when you walk in it. If your daughter is determined to walk in high heels, do not be afraid that this type of shoe is the first type she wears.


It is known that this model of shoes is very old, but at the same time it has a stylish appearance and is very suitable for teenage girls because it helps them walk without stumbling if this is the first time they try high heels. It is difficult for you to find this type of shoe because it is a bit old, so you can make it easy for yourself to look for it in the models offered by the classic designers. Inspect the heel of a shoe before you buy it, and you will most likely find it shaped like a bow and you will find the shoe with a buckle.

Fused heels

Many do not prefer this type of shoes, especially if we are talking about appropriate shoes for girls, but I do not mind wearing it if the heels are short, especially as it has an attractive and elegant appearance and has many models that impress girls. Also, you can easily find this type of shoes because it is available in all stores in its different forms.

Conical heels

Conical heels are one of the most preferred types of heels for girls, as it is suitable for study and work, as well as can be worn on happy occasions, and it is comfortable and has a variety of shapes. You can also enjoy walking in this type of shoe as it looks very comfortable. In addition, it gives you a classy and elegant look that you can use even if you reach puberty.

Moydellat Marie Janice for girls

If you think that Mary Janice’s models are too classic to suit you because they are old, this is not fair, because she has many designs with heels that suit many teenage girls, especially as she makes sure that the heels are not too high to harm girls and cause They stumble while they walk. A lot of girls who dream about high heels prefer their designs because it is elegant and also mothers advise their girls to wear it because it will not harm them.

But, the world of beauty and fashion is not complete without the face. There are actually two features on our face that can change the our look. That’s our eyes and eyebrows.

Contact lenses are often used with prescription for those who are having vision problems. However, colored contact lenses also serve for cosmetic purposes and is safe when used according to instructions. Colored contact lenses gives you the ability to change the color of your eye. They can be used vamp up to change the daily appearance or if you need to use them in special occasions to level up your look. C

Contact lens use advice

There are several tips that must be taken into consideration when wearing contact lenses, including:

First and the most important thing is, do not share the use of contact lenses with anyone else, as harmful bacteria can be transmitted that threatens vision.

Second, immediately stop wearing contact lenses if painful congestion or reddening eye irritation occurs. Contact an ophthalmologist when these problems appear as they may be causing an infection or another serious problem.

Third, the color of contact lenses can be chosen with the help of an ophthalmologist. They can advise you on which are comfortable to use and the color that appropriately suits you the most.

Choose the right contact lens color

Choosing the correct contact lens color depends on several factors, such as hair color, skin color, and the type of appearance desired, such as opting for a natural look or going for a bold and chic appearance. It can also be chosen depending on the natural eye color.

Light-colored eyes can be enhanced by choosing a contact lens color that defines the edge of the iris and makes the natural eye color more deep. A blue colored eye for example can try gray or green-contact lenses or get a bold and dramatic look by wearing a light brown contact lense.

In the case of the natural eye color being dark, it is advise to try hazel-colored contact lenses or if you’re feeling totally up for a whole new look, try wearing blue, green or purple contact lenses.

The original eye color also plays an important role in choosing the appropriate color shade of the lenses for the skin, so when the eyes are dark, the lighter shade of the color we want must be chosen in order to get the appropriate shade, and vice versa with the light eyes so that a darker shade is chosen to obtain the appropriate color.

Contact lenses suitable for white skin

Fair-white skin is best suited to bright colors, such as blue, purple, turquoise, and hazel, for a natural look.

Contact lenses suitable for brown skin

Color contact lenses suitable for brown skin depends on choosing warm colors, such as brown, or natural honey, and it is advised to avoid bright colors, such as blue or green. To avoid the artificial appearance, but if the hair color is blond, golden, or brown, you can try light brown, honey, hazelnut, and green.

Medium skin contact lenses

Medium skin color ranges from light olive skin to light brown or hazel skin, and this skin is characterized by many options that can be chosen, as this skin can choose between brown, hazelnut, honey, green, gray, and even violet.

Types of contact lenses

There are different types of colored contact lenses, including:

Opaque lenses, which are characterized by being completely covering the natural color of the eye, are suitable for dark eyes.

Color-enhancement lenses, which are used to shade the natural color of light-colored eyes, as they have no effect on dark eyes.

Moderate or circular contact lenses (Equinox lenses), and they are distinguished by a dark circle around the iris, suitable for light-colored eyes.

Custom-tinted color lenses, or sports tinted lenses, are cosmetic lenses that, in addition to being practical, improve the ability of athletes, as they reduce glare, contrast sensitivity, and increase depth Visual perception.

Care for contact lenses

There are several things that must be taken into account to take care of contact lenses and keep them clean, namely:

  • Wash your hands and dry them with a lint-free towel.
  • After removing the lenses from the eye, they are rubbed with the sterile solution.
  • Then it is rinsed again, and then a new solution is placed in the case before restoring the lenses.
  • To use contact lenses again, rinse with sterile solution again, empty case of solution, and leave open to air dry.

Second, is our eyebrows. Nowadays, attention to eyebrows and their shape are among the matters that women care about. The eyebrows is one factor that highlight the beauty of the eyes and women take care of them with wax, laser and other methods. The passage of time and development of beauty techniques has made way for the procedure of dyeing or bleaching eyebrows. In this article, we will talk about how to dye eyebrows at home.

How to bleach eyebrows

First, choose a pigment that is two shades lighter than the base skin tone.

Wash the face with water and a facial scrub, making sure to remove make-up and dirt on the skin. Dry the skin to get rid of excess water.

Spread a little bit of Vaseline all over the eyebrows and with the pigment, draw in your desired eyebrow shape with a small angled brush. Try to fill in the space as much as you can.

Remove the excess pigment from the eyebrows using cold water then dry the eyebrows with a towel.

It should be noted that there are models of eyebrow drawings sold in pharmacies that we can follow in case we are not trained in dyeing eyebrows.

Other ways to bleach eyebrows at home

Eyebrow Pencil

We define the eyebrows well with an eyebrow pencil, and it is preferred that the color of the eyebrow pencil be very close to the color of the skin.

Eyebrow gel

We define the eyebrows well with the gel, then wash the eyebrows with cold water to get rid of the traces of excess gel around the eyebrows, and eyebrow gel is one of the common and common solutions in dyeing the eyebrows at home.


Put a little lemon juice on a clean and sterilized cotton, then wipe the eyebrows with the mixture and leave it for ten minutes, It is preferred that you avoid sun exposure to avoid skin irritation.


Put a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of cinnamon in a bowl and mix well. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows, and leave it for five minutes. Be careful with applying cinnamon as this causes eye irritiation.

Honey and lemon

 Put a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl and mix well, then put the mixture on the eyebrows and leave it for five minutes, and it is preferable to use the mixture daily to get the best result.

Chamomile tea

Put a tablespoon of chamomile tea and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of hot water and stir well, then leave the mixture aside for at least an hour, and then put a little of the mixture on a clean, sterile cotton, and wipe the eyebrows well for ten minutes.

Tips for dyeing your eyebrows

  • Before the eyebrow dyeing process, it is advisable that you consult a dermatologist and ask for the possible after effects of the dye to your skin.
  • Eyebrows should not be dyed if the skin suffers from a dermatitis or is prone to irritation.
  • Use a good and reliable eyebrow dyeing brand and adhere to the instructions written on the eyebrow dye product.
  • It is preferable not to dye the eyebrows when pregnant or breastfeeding as eyebrow dye contains harmful chemicals.
  • It is necessary to test the product on the skin first before applying it to the eyebrows, to make sure that the skin is not sensitive to the product.

And the last thing on our list is something that is natural and that can’t be stopped. But also it is circulating in the fashion world. Flawless skin and void of unwanted hair. That’s right, hair removal method and ways to prevent them from growing that fast.

Body hair is one of the most troublesome problems for women. It causes many problems, including the annoying appearance of women, especially the excess facial hair, which appears in the areas around the mouth and cheeks. In addition to the hair of the arms, legs, and other places, there are many natural and medical methods that can help prevent unwanted hair growth permanently.

Methods of medical hair removal

Lasers to prevent hair growth

Removing unwanted hair is a strenuous task. It can be removed by waxing or shaving, yes. But these two has temporary effects as hair grows back again in a couple of days. But hair-free body can be obtained through a popular procedure called laser technology.

This can be done and is used by many specialized clinics. The laser works to prevent hair growth by exposing the hair follicles to the laser light that destroys the follicles and hair.

The following are the pros and cons of laser treatment:

Advantages of laser hair removal permanently

Laser efficiency

It is one of the most efficient methods to prevent hair growth with laser.


The laser provides a fast and effective solution to permanently prevent hair growth, as hair can be removed in small parts within a few seconds, and large parts within about an hour.


Preventing hair growth permanently with a laser is an effective method, but it requires several sessions to do so.

Disadvantages of permanent laser hair removal

Burns of the skin, itching, swelling, discoloration of the skin, pain, tingling, and a feeling of numbness or numbness around the treated area, and the high cost, so you must make sure of the service providers before applying the laser procedure, and check before choosing the service to prevent hair growth with laser.

But if you’re not totally convince with laser, there are also natural ways to prevent hair growth. The natural methods can prevent unwanted hair growth, but it takes time until the results are harvested, and among these effective recipes in preventing hair growth we mention.

Turmeric recipe

Turmeric is used to treat skin diseases, such as eczema, and to heal wounds. Because it contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making it ideal for preventing hair growth. Because it protects the skin after it is torn while removing hair, and for oily skin it is preferable to mix turmeric with rose water. For dry skin, it is preferable to mix turmeric with milk, and normal skin suits both method. But be careful, that turmeric can add a yellow color to the skin, so You should only use a sprinkle of it when using it on a daily basis, and it is not preferable to use soap after it, because that can darken the skin color. For this, you will need 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric and rose water or milk.

To prepare, ground turmeric is soaked in rose water or milk, or water if the ingredients are not available. Mix until you get a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the areas where unwanted hair is present. Leave for 15-20 minutes or until it dries, then wash it with warm water.

To prevent heavy hair growth, chickpea flour, ground oats, or rice flour can be added to the mixture. The recipe can be repeated daily according to desire.

Potato and Lentil recipe

Potatoes contain a high amount of catecholase, which lightens the color of the skin, and the use of a mixture of lentils and potatoes prevents the growth of unwanted hair. In addition to their effect on giving the skin freshness, and this mixture is suitable for all skin types, but a sensitivity test must be done before applying the mixture. To make sure that there is no sensitivity towards potatoes. People with dry skin can apply a moisturizer without perfume and alcohol after washing the mixture. You will need yello lentils soaked in water overnight, potatoes, a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

To prepare, peel and mash the potatoes. Extract the juice from the mashed potatoes. Ground the lentils to obtain a fine paste. To this, add the potato juice, lemon and honey to the mixture.

Apply the mixture to areas of unwanted hair and leave for 20-30 minutes until the mixture dries completely. The dry paste can be removed by gently rubbing into it. This recipe can be repeated once or twice a week.