The Summer Accessories to Complete Your Look

Summer is that one season of the year where you can get away with the brightest and boldest colors. It’s also that one season where you can wear your most excessive summer accessories and no one will bat an eye. 

Make it a goal every summer to go out of your comfort zone and fashion pieces and try out the latest trends and take risks with your outfits. 

If you are looking to dress to impress, check out the summer accessories of 2021! 

Huge Statement Earrings


Jewelries have been getting bigger and bigger since last year. The latest trend now is bold jewelry, specifically statement earrings that can steal your whole look. Wearing the right pair is a great way to finish your OOTD. 

If you are wearing a solid neutral outfit or a simple dress, long and shoulder-grazing earrings is one of the best ways to vamp up your style.

Tied Ankles

The ankle wrap ballet trend has evolved over the summer into tied espadrilles. If you want to wear something more stylish than your regular flip-flops, a pair of ankle-tied espadrilles are your best friends. They can spice up even the simplest shorts and the tee combo is the perfect footwear for linen skirts or shift dresses. 

Espadrilles come in different fun colors and patterns so we are sure you’ll find something to love on one of those shelves. 

Modern Aviators

Sunglasses are not only for fashion but are a need over the summer. They are a great accessory to have in hand because the right pair can easily change your summer outfit. The modern aviators are the current obsession this summer. 

Modified Oxfords

Not all summer vacation has to be spent on the beach or tropical destinations. Some of us love to travel to more sophisticated cities where stylish footwear is more required. Oxfords are one of the best ways to achieve a summer look in a modern city. 

Not only for the summer but they are a staple for every season. 

Floppy Hat

It’s impossible to miss floppy hats during the summer. Like sunglasses, they are not only for fashion but are a need, as well. It’s the perfect hat to wear for beach days and gives your look just the right amount of breeze and tropical. It’s also one way to protect your hair from sun damage so having one with you is a win-win situation!

Baseball Caps

Speaking of hats, floppy hats are not the only ones in trend this season. Baseball caps are not new in the trend list but they never really left, did they? It’s a great accessory to finish a stylish athletic look. 

If you are aiming for a more sporty and casual outfit this summer, throw in your trusty baseball cap for good measure. (It’s also the most perfect way to hide a bad hair day!)

Practical Tote Bags

Small bags are cute and if you are not bringing anything more than your phone and wallet, they are definitely the way to go. But if you are planning a summer escapade to the beach, your minute bag just won’t fit. 

Practical tote bags are a must if you are planning a day out. Just how are you going to fit everything you need for a summer adventure if not for a practical tote bag? It’s also such a versatile accessory and something you can take with you to the farm or for brunch. 

Silk Hair Accessories

Summer means hot weather and that also means your hair is one factor that makes everything extra humid. So most of us resort to tying in an old messy bun or a thrown-on ponytail. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that boring. There are hair accessories that makes your day-old messy bun extra fabulous. 

Silk hair accessories such as silk hairbands and hairties add flair to your hair. It’s very easy to accessorize and can vamped up an effortless hairdo.