Shoulder Bags: Latest Trends and How to Choose

A shoulder bag, by general definition, has at least one strap attached that is long enough to fit over one’s shoulder and is intended to assist the weight of the bag so that the user can carry it around hands-free. 

Let’s backtrack to the 14th century when the bag was first seen and mentioned by Ancient Greek mythology during medieval literature. It can be seen on ancient Egyptian papyruses, antique wall carvings, and fresco. When the bag was materialized, it was used for practical purposes such as carrying heavy materials and housekeeping needs. Then it extended to belt bags that were attached around the waist for convenience and hands-free carrying. 

One fun fact about bags was that, despite mainly being used today by women, it actually started as a man’s accessory and was originally called a man’s briefcase. it was an iconic symbol of power, wealth, and beauty. However, with the introduction of pockets incorporated into men’s clothing in 1670, men discarded the bags and have long fallen in love with the more-convenient pocket.

Bags were, of course, not limited to men only. It also was a game-changer for women. it gave them a place to store their money and necessities without being dependent on their husbands. 

The current generation and their innovative traits have extended the usage of bags. It is now created in styled and made with materials that cater to both men and women, making it more convenient to carry the essentials of modern life.

Creative individuals have also paved the way for the rising new styled of shoulders, with design and functionality constantly changing. For shoulder bag obsessives, let’s dive into the latest trends for shoulder bags. 

Shoulder Bags: Latest Trends

Quilted Textures

shoulder bag

Quilted bags, ranging from all sizes and colors, are making a statement not only on the runway but on the city streets as well. This classic style borrows a perspective of sophistication to any shoulder for the 2020 season.

Like every fashion trend, what is old eventually becomes new again, and quilted accessories will have its time this year. It is a timeless choice of style when it comes to shoulder bags as it can store a great number of things that you need on the daily basis.

Frame Bags

Frame bags have a metal frame that supports the textile or leather of the bag and sometimes have a “kissing lock” closure with two interlocking metal beads on top. Since this certain style of bag was first seen a couple of decades ago, there is a great chance that your grandma has owned one of these before.

Small tip! Check out their closet for hidden treasures. Trends during their time are making a comeback the recent years and it will be amazing if you get your hands first on a vintage piece.         

Hobo Bags

This style is defined by their half-moon shape and slouchy silhouette with a handle that makes it accessible to carry over your shoulder. During the early 2000s, this trend was worn by every celebrity, which inspires others to rock the same style while incorporating their own personal touch.

The micro shoulder bags are rising again and have gained their place in the fashion world. Adding small details to the bag like a pin will personalize the personality of the bag fitted to its user. With its minimal storage, it doesn’t carry a practical element to it, but it does make a statement on the overall look.

Chain Embellished Bags

The chain element in the fashion industry is appearing everywhere. From jewelry, shoes, and now shoulder bags. It has become a new fixture and adds a certain character to the bag. This added detail helps you achieve a feeling of ambitions and craftiness. You can even have your gold or silver chain custom made for added personality. It creates a certain flair and gives personality and unique characteristics. 

With its custom option, you can make sure that what you create is one of a kind, gone is the fear of someone having the same bag as yours! Exclusivity is also one of the marketing skills famous brands like to incorporate.

People like to feel important, and by releasing a collection with limited numbers in production, people will be more than excited to buy it. By embellishing your own style, you’ll be creating a bag specifically for you to own. 

Multi-Compartment Bags

It is a fashion statement today to not only carry one bag but multiple bags to create a fashion statement. Multi-bagging or bags with multiple compartments are everywhere, with famous brands releasing new collections, pioneering the trend.

Using multiple bags, in the fashion realm, is a way of expressing oneself. Pairing the bags with a simple look will make it stand out, wearing a different layer of clothing with a varied texture will help accentuate the outfit. With the availability of shoulders bags in your closet, you can easily create a multi-bagging look. 

Extra-Large Bags

If the tiny bags had their moment, the extra-large ones are here to slowly take that crown away and take over the trend department. Though the users don’t really use this bag to fit every item they own, it is here to make a statement, with the different variety of style and details, it is available for people who like to take it to another level.

People who are not afraid to experiment with trendy looks can be seen carrying this type of bag on the streets. It is not a practical bag of choice, but it is always fun to try something new and out of your comfort zone.

Bamboo Handles

Designers today are looking for different ways to incorporate natural elements into their accessories. One known earthly material that is making its rounds is bamboo. The detail is unique but wearable and it provides texture to your handbag, making it look more natural.

With different shapes and colors of the bamboo, it will give the bag a more daring and unique look. Other than that, it also has a timeless and elegant characteristic to it. 

Creating different outfits using this type of shoulder bag is going to be easy, you can never go wrong with incorporating a natural element on your wardrobe, and it will help elevate your style to achieve an effortless look. 

Puffy Pouches

These cloud-like pouches are in. It is cool, minimalist, and comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors so the options are endless. These pouches are also convenient, you can carry them around your shoulder or adjust the strap to your preference.

You can incorporate the bag to your regular and daily look or dress it up by adding a glitter or metal strap to elevate the look during the evening. It provides a playful element to the look and the design of the bag creates soft-like characteristics because of its playful and puffy exterior. 

Rope Bags

The designers always seem to alternate between nautical-inspired details, crochet, or raffia for accessories, so it’s not a shock that the rope trend theme is here again.

This shoulder bag is perfect for carrying things to the beach, paired with your favorite maxi dress and sandals, it provides a relaxing element to it and has a humble personality and a more down-to-earth element compared to the other bags that have metal, glitter, and chain elements.

How to choose the perfect shoulder bag?

Now that we’ve laid out all the current trends, you must be overwhelmed with the numerous choices. Who would have thought that bags can be this confusing? But other than keeping a close eye on the trends, it is also important to consider some guidelines in purchasing the right bag. 

Make sure it’s comfortable to carry

A shoulder bag is an extension to your outfit and should be in a level of comfort that you’re happy with. When picking a shoulder bag, try putting it on your shoulder and test the comfort it offers. A few things you should look out for when choosing a shoulder bag is one, make sure that it doesn’t constantly slide off your shoulder and two, are the handles comfortable enough 

It has to feel right and provides a certain kind of comfort for your shoulder and hands while not compromising your style of preference.

Make sure it’s not too heavy

Leather bags, which can be quite expensive, is a great investment. They are durable, unlike the faux leather ones, making the purchase worth it. But sometimes, leather shoulder bags, even when empty, can be heavy.

So before making the final decision, weigh the bag on your hands and test them out to see if you can afford the extra weight of the bag along with your belongings. 

That extra metal detail provides a great statement but it can be weighing down your bag and if you are a busy person who is constantly on the move throughout the day, a heavy bag might be uncomfortable so make sure to test it out at the store and balance out its actual weight. 

The pockets for you

For some, pockets are an essential and a big decision-maker when it comes to purchasing a new bag. One thing that you should do before making the purchase is to thoroughly check if there is enough pocket storage for you.

Does it have enough space to store your personal essentials and things needed to get through the day? if not and if you are an absolute fan of pockets then you might have to reconsider. Pockets are one of the essential spaces that you need if you are looking to arrange the belonging you bring with you everyday. 

Zip it up

Another simple and practical element that is a game-changer for some people are the zippers. While others might not prefer a zipper on their bags, for reasons like it is a hassle to open up and close back up, some really just prefer that extra security.

There are bags with stylish zippers, with either a gold or silver accent and unknowingly, it really elevates the overall look of the bag. It is a fashionable accent without compromising the security element of the bag. 


Always choose the bag with a design that fits your personal style. An aesthetically pleasing shoulder bag is always good to look at, so you have to consider the color and the design when picking one. While looking at the bag, ask yourself, “Does it fit my personality?” or ”Does it showcase a look that speaks of my taste?” 

It is also important to widen your choices of design and color palette. As time goes by, our taste in designs evolves so don’t be afraid to experiment and try a different style once in a while. It may prove to help you choose your next favorite trend. 


There are shoulder bags with specific purposes, such as evening bags, but for your everyday bag, you need to take into account the practicality of it. Picking a more classic design will go well with almost all the outfits. It has to have the right shade of color that fits your personality.

One tip that will help you choose that would work well with all your outfits is by starting with the color of your hair, this is a signature color you never take off. You’re always wearing your hair, which is why hair color is such a great color for shoulder bags, shoes, coats, and belts as these are the elements of an outfit that go over many other garments.

Picking a shoulder bag with multiple uses and is wearable for all occasion is a worthy investment. 

Right Size

According to your taste and preference, it is essential to pick the bag material. However, it is also important to choose the right size of the bag. Tip! The wrong bag size will make your body parts less disproportionate. A bag that matches well with your body type will help elevate your silhouette and will provide a more stylish look. 

If you are of small stature, it is not recommended to buy big shoulder bags, as this can make you look smaller than you already are. If you are of taller stature, try to avoid smaller bags as this will not flatter your overall look and will not compliment your figure. 

Right type

It is important to select the correct type of bag that will work well with your figure and personality. Pick a form of bag that is opposite to the lines of your body. If you are tall and slim then round or square forms will compliment you.

The secret here is to create a visualization contrast. The circular bag complements all types of body figures given the right size. If you are short, try carrying rectangular-shaped shoulder bags to fit your figure.

Quality of the bag

The main purpose of a bag is to store all the essential items of your life as you go through the day. It should not only be stylish and fashionable but also reliable. What will you carry in this bag? If the answer is PC, books, and magazines, the bag with an open-top might be a good choice.

However, if you are a busy person who is constantly on the move and is frequently out and about, an open-top bag is an invitation for unwanted situations, so a shoulder bag with a zipper closure is the best recommendation for you. 

Color and style

The color projects an important message to the world, so when choosing the bag make sure that the color will match your style and personality. Also, consider the amount of time you will be using the bag and with what cloth are you going to pair it.

Black colored shoulder bags are the most common, they work well with all outfits, provide a more classic and timeless look and they are also easier to clean and maintain. 

Purchasing a shoulder bag is a complex process and the person’s decision should be based on their style, personality, and taste. A high-quality shoulder bag can be quite expensive but it is a worthy investment. It is a one-time purchase that will last you for a long time and might even save you more money.

If you buy a low-quality shoulder bag, they are more vulnerable to fast wear and tear and will prompt you to buy more, which will cost you more money in the long run. 

A good shoulder bag can even be passed on to your daughters or granddaughters since fashion trends come and go but they also return. Remember that the main purpose of a shoulder bag is to help and organize all the important things you need to carry with you but, also being stylish and trendy.