7 Easy Ways to Protect your Hair from Sun Damage

The summer introduces the warm weather. Finally, an end to the bleak winter chill! In summer, you stock up on sunscreen and lather every inch of skin exposed to the sun. But what you usually tend to fail to do is to protect your hair from sun damage.

Does the sun damage your hair? Yes. Just like how sun rays have an effect on our skin, our hair suffers the same. But we don’t apply sunscreen to it, do we? In fact, we do nothing at all. By the end of summer, we might even need to take a few inches off because of split ends. 

If you want to maintain healthy hair throughout the year, here are some recommended and easy hair care tips that you can follow to protect your hair.

Does sun damage hair? 

Yes and in a lot of different ways too. Here are some of the ways how UVA and UVB can damage your hair color and style. 

Lipid Damage. Lipids are the hair’s natural protection from environmental elements. Excessive sun exposure can break down the hair’s outer layer of lipids which causes dry and frizzy hair. 

Internal Damage. When the sun damages the internal structure of the hair, it weakens and makes it prone to breakage and split ends. 

Color damage. Even without sun exposure, dyed hair is already vulnerable and dehydrated. What more with excessive sun exposure? UV rays can bleach your hair and breaks down its color. 

The common signs of sun-damaged hair are discoloration, changes in texture resulting in dry, rough, and brittle strands, and split end or hair breakage. 

Tips to Protect your Hair from Sun Damage


Just like how there are several ways to protect your skin from the sun, your hair also deserves some protection. 

Use a barrier

The easiest way to protect your hair naturally would be to use a barrier, such as a hat, scarf or umbrella. If you want to go the extra mile, there are hats that are designed to combat sun damage and are equipped with an ultraviolet protection factor and regulated by the FDA. 

Minimize sunlight exposure

Plan your day and avoid the hottest part of the day. Stay in shaded areas if you think that it’s too hot outside. Even though you are not saved from sun damage, you are at least steer clear from the most damaging rays. 

SPF to your hair care routine

Just like how your summer skincare routine now includes sunscreen, your hair care should have one too. There are a lot of hair products that have SPF in them and they come in a spray or powder-based form. 

Avoid chemicals

If you plan to soak in the pool during the summer, take note that chlorine (usually found in pools) can weaken your hair. If you really can’t help but to take a dip (like a whole lot of us!), put on a leave-in conditioner or wear a swimming cap. 

Forego heat styling

The sun is harsh as it is. And when you add heat to your summer hairstyle, you are adding damage to your hair. Try to use them less and use styling cream and hydrating moisturizers for frizz-free summer hair. 

Drink lots of water

Protection on the outside, protection on the inside. Drink enough water to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. It’s an added factor to keeping your hair from drying out. Also include many fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal. 

Use conditioner

The sun will dry your hair so make sure you are keeping it moisturized by using a rinse-out conditioner. Use one that suits your hair type and texture.