Popular Short Hairstyles that You Should Sport This Summer

The summer heat can make you say “Short hair, don’t care”. Short hairstyles for women have been a hip for a long period of time already. But keep in mind that though this kind of style may look low maintenance, it still requires an amount of time to be styled daily. When having a bad hair day, putting your hair in a bun ain’t an option anymore. But styling can be a good amount of effort to achieve a hot, chic look. With the perfect cut, it should be manageable to keep up with everyday outfits. 

When choosing which short hairstyle suits you, consider first your face shape. Face shapes may include an oval, heart, a round or angular shape. Knowing which category you fit into will help you achieve a look that will enhance your beauty rather than resulting in unflattering looks. The oval shape can get away with almost any short style, while other face shapes must take some time to consider a cut that will flatter their best features. While taking your time on considering whether to take that chop or not, here are some of the popular short hairstyles that you may want to rock this summer.


Spiky Dimensional Pixie

Most women with fine hair prefer to wear it short with a bleached out pixie with sharp ends. This cut visually boosts the volume of the roots and it makes it easier to go for a chop especially on a hot summer.

Choppy and Casual

One of the best go-to hairstyles for fine hair is a shoulder length cut with windswept waves. Keep a more in-depth look by keeping your roots dark as possible. Enhance the glam factor with a pair of shades that is perfect for the sun.

Straight Shiny Shoulder Length Cut

Remember Android 18 from Dragon Ball? Rock her hairstyle with your straight and flowy hair. Keep a luscious and glowing look with sleek black hair or a blonde. Keep your hair healthy to slay this simple yet amazing look.

Cropped Shaggy 

A cropped bob with shattered contours can help draw attention to your face while keeping your hair backwards. The hairstyle’s back view may create a no less fascinating look but its shaggy ends can create volume and striking texture.

Shaved Short Haircut with Side Swept Hair

Having long layers at one side while the other is heavily tapered to your head is a totally amazing must-try look. Enhance this look with light blond strikes.

Very Short Blonde Haircut

Tired of bobs and wants to aim for shorter looks? A very short cut that creates a semi-bald illusion is something you can rock for a cool and tomboyish look. A blonde can be stunning for both light and dark skinned girls as long as you can keep up with the vibe that your hair brings. This style looks better in an oval or heart shaped face.


Tight Ringlet Afro

Your gorgeous, tight ringlets are something to be proud of. Show them off in a loose, stylish Afro cut to avoid the over-powering effect of too much hair. 

Short and Wavy

Follow the on-trend way to flaunt your curls with a wavy lob. For a fresh and youthful touch, you can add blunt ends or bangs.

Short Curly with a Shaved Side

If you have the guts to go for a cool contrasting look, consider shaving one or both sides of your head while leaving a longer length on top. Its combination with curls is pretty impressive.

Short Vintage Curls

Aiming for a gorgeous vintage aesthetic vibe? A bob with defined, tight curls partnered with hot, red lipstick and a flick of black eyeliner can make you feel stunning while rocking a vintage yet classy look.

Shoulder Length Cut with Straight or Curly Bangs

If you are aiming for a not-so-short look, shoulder length is a great choice. Upgrade it to a cool and contemporary look with straightened or curly bangs.

Short Voluminous Curls with Deep Side Part

Pair your short, voluminous hair with a deep side part for a classy, chic look. It is perfect to rock whether you are heading to the office or is scheduled for a date as it fits perfectly with a cool choice of outfit.

Voluminous Curly Pixie Cut

A pixie cut that has plenty of volume can be an asset to have a cool retro vibe. Rock it with your coolest clothes so you won’t appear outdated.

Short Crown Braid

With a little practice, you can achieve a cute crown braid even with short hair. This style is easier to create on hair with grips, which is why it is suggested to do on second-day locks.

Platinum Curly Bob

Already rocking a curly bob? Refresh your look with new hair color. If you’re a light haired lady, trying a bold platinum shade can make a high-impact appearance for you.

Pinned Up Curls

While locks are still not long enough to create an intricate updo, pinning them up could be a winning look. Achieve this with a few bobby pins and let your gorgeous fountain of curls look stunning on top of your head.


French Side Braid

While in the middle of a growing pixie, go for a loose French side braid that can also mask uneven hair growth. It works best with naturally straight, wavy, or blow-dried textured hair.

Classic Cornrows

Cornrows may take up a little more time to finish but it’s well worth it. The process of achieving this may start with sectioning the hair into a few sections depending on the thickness, use a bit of water on each section for additional grip, do the braid and make sure that it is tight enough to not unravel or loosen. This look can tame a messy bob or curly hair in a snap.

Braided Bob

Compared to cornrows that are braided near the scalp, this look has braids that flow like natural hair. It can also be called box braids and can be a lengthy process but it could definitely hype up your style. Start by installing medium-sized box braids, braid size may depend on your own preference, and then secure the braids with hair elastics.

Gold Accents

Go extra by showing the gold that you are, specifically on the hair. Nope, we’re not talking about the golden hair color but the hair accessories. This look is achievable with a gold string accessory that you can buy in any craft store nearby or online. Simply wrap the string around your braids or twists from the top of your hair, then tie the string as you secure the ends. Trim off any excess string then you’re ready to go.

Double Bang Braid

Pair that cute maxi dress with these braided bangs that will surely expose your beauty. Start by creating one, large section (like when you’re planning to cut bangs) at the top of your hair, just above the forehead. Then, part it into two sections. Create a flat twist per section, while leaving the ends loose, and secure the twist with either an elastic band, hair pin, or hair clip.

Shaved Sides with Top Braid

If you already got the courage to shave the sides of your head, this edgy ‘do can be a go-to hairstyle for you. Start with taking two small strands of hair and twist them around each other. Do the same thing with the rest of the hair then loosely gather all the twists, tuck and pin into place to achieve a pompadour hairstyle.

Front Plait Braid

Struggling with unruly bangs? Show them who’s boss with a front plait braid. The thickness or thinness of the braid will depend as desired, plus the “waterfall” effect gives a runway feel and playful aura at the same time. 

Boho Bun

A full ponytail is still unachievable for short lengths, that’s why a boho bun came into the rescue. Begin with taking two braids at the side of your head, it’s your choice how messy or tight you want them to be. Collect the ends of the braid with the rest of your hair and pull into a low bun. Here’s the part where bobby pins come in handy as you pin the extra hairs or use them as an additional fun flake to your look.

Side Curls and Cornrows

For girls with natural curly hair that is looking for an additional element of playfulness, rock this easy and classic style of having cornrows on one side and perfect  coiled strands flawlessly flowing on the other side. The braid must be in an upward angle. 

Fishtail Pony

Slightly different from the usual braid style but is easy to pull off once learned. Secure your hair loosely first into a side ponytail before braiding. Once finished braiding, pull the hair tie all over the fishtail. This gives you more control of how loose or tight you want it to be without having to worry that the hair may fall apart. Pair it with a voluminous fringe, pulled-out layers, or a teased crown to achieve a supermodel vibe.