Party Outfits for Party Themes That Will Never Go Out of Style

Everybody loves dressing up. Either for work or for everyday go-to look, nothing gives more confidence than dressing up. Even more so when it for a party or an event because just the very act of doing it is enough to make anyone excited, regardless the dress code. However, the importance of dressing up with the proper attire is just as important as attending the event. That is why for this article, we’ve compiled a helpful guide for you on what to wear for formal parties and parties with themes.

Formal Attire Parties

Formal attire also known as Black Tie is the dress code for anything fancy and glamorous. Though these kinds of parties can be pretty exhausting (both on the budget and on the feet) rather than being enjoyable for some, taking part of such high-end parties with this type of dress code is surely a night to remember.

For women, floor-length gowns are the only option for this type of fancy nights such as formal charity events, big time corporate parties, and major award ceremonies, among others.

Dress code check: Make sure your floor-length gown is either made of satin, silk, or any material close to it with simple, but elegant hue. Remember, you’re going for a classic look, so it is best to pair it with high end jewelry accessories like the beloved pearl necklace with matching dangling earrings. Lastly, do not forget your clutch which will complete your whole look.

For men, the dress code is as simple as its name: a tuxedo with a matching black bow tie, hence the name ‘Black Tie.”

Dress code check: Make sure your bow tie is a real bow tie, not just those cheap, clip on ones and that your tuxedo is crisp with a lapel jacket that has one or two buttons.

Cocktail Parties

Cocktail attire is also known as semiformal or after-five which meant it is a notch lower than formal, but still demands some elegancy.

For a lot of women, their wardrobes are more cocktail party friendly than the former on this list because cocktail dresses are pretty much more affordable in general and happens more frequently.

Dress code check: The common go-to color for cocktail dresses is black and red, but pastel colors are also coming into the picture. Just make sure your dress is either made of rich fabric such as lace and velvet with a semi-modest hemline above the knees. You don’t want to seem too revealing because this after all, is still an elegant gathering. Lastly, seal the deal with the perfect shoes with killer high heels (a must for these kinds of events).

For men, instead of a high-end tuxedo, opt for a toned-down version such as suit and tie.

Dress code check: A tailored, well-fit suit is a must. It’s close to what you wear for work or in business meetings, but not quite. For these types of events, you can expand from the typical black business suits to navy blue, dark brown, or silver-gray tailored suits.

Masquerade Themed Parties

After the two formal theme events, we now proceed to more creative theme such as masquerade balls, retro theme parties, and beach

Masquerade balls is a constant top crowd favorite, regardless of the age and gender of the attendees because of its mysterious, classy vibe. Masquerade balls historically dates back to as early as the 15th century Italy.

For women, masquerade outfit depends on the extravagancy of the party and the host. Masquerade gowns used to be stuffy and huge for women, but currently, a typical outfit for this themed event is any black attire. Recent trends were laxer and more forgivable to simple, plain, and lacy black dresses.

Dress code checker: Usually, in these parties, the mask is the first step in choosing what to wear and from there, you match your gown or dress accordingly.

Again, masquerade outfits depend on how elegant and extravagant it is. However, a safe bet for men is a black suit or tuxedo (for more formal masquerade balls).

Dress code checker: Same with women, decide on your mask first before deciding on your suit so that you can choose whichever kind of highlight is perfect for it.

Bohemian and Retro Themed Parties

Bohemian and retro themed parties are some of the best parties to attend in town because they are the perfect excuse to dress up and relive your favorite 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s or even the early 2000’s era.

For women, retro style is not only the easiest style to dress up to, but also because it is where you can let your creative juices flow endlessly. You can mix and match different eras and use plenty of accessories as much as you want, especially with anything Bohemian themed.

For men, going back to the basics such as dress shirts and trousers is the way to go. If you don’t have these, you can always opt for a striped shirt, pants, and cotton cap to go for a retro look. For a bohemian look, add up accessories to your style like scarves and jewelries.

Beach and Swimming Pool Parties

Beach themed parties is probably one of the most common themed parties as it happens nearly every month to even every week. 

Every woman owns a pair of bikinis in their wardrobe, but beach and swimming pool parties are more than these. You can level up that one- or two-piece swimsuit with a flowy polo or blouse, one-piece dress, ponchos, crop tops, and shorts!

For men, a Hawaiian shirt, simple board or beach shorts, and white sneakers is the way to go for a quick, effortless cool and hip look.

Dressing up accordingly to an event you’re going is you’re best bet in making that party forever memorable!