Maskne Struggle: What is it and how to deal with it

During these unfortunate times, we are compelled to follow safety protocols and coordinate within the numerous health procedures to keep ourselves (and, most importantly, others) safe. We are advised to wear a proper mask to avoid the spread of the malicious disease.

Ever since the deadly outbreak, individuals are required to wear a mask every time they need to go out in an open area. Numerous establishments have also required clients and visitors to wear a mask on the premise and observe social distancing. This is for the safety and concern of the employees and even for the visitors themselves. 

These places usually include restaurants, salons, department stores, minimarts, or even public parks.

While wearing a mask can be beneficial and highly advantageous in protecting oneself and others to stop the spread of disease, there’s one tiny thing that might spread as well. And unfortunately, masks are the real culprit. 

Whether it is a disposable surgical mask, fabric or cloth masks, and even unique respirator masks, individuals might develop numerous breakouts or acne on the face. 

What is Maskne?


The clever portmanteau “maskne” is derived from 2 different words: mask and acne. It is a term used among various audiences (especially among the young ones) that deals with mild to terrible breakouts, dryness, bumpiness, and irritation of the skin caused by a harsh material present in the mask. 

Additionally, it can be observed from clogged out pores from excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells, or bacteria.

Essential Ways to treat Maskne

We cannot merely avoid or get away with not wearing a mask outdoors. It is now for the health and safety of everybody. But in order to prevent annoying and irritating acne problems caused by masks, there are many effective measures that users may implement to lessen and eventually eradicate the tiny breakouts that proceeded. 

Washing your face consistently

Most dermatologists cannot stress enough how most individuals, especially those suffering from maskne, should gently clean their face with an effective face wash to ward-off dirt and residue that had accumulated all over the face. 

Although it is imperative to say that masks definitely will protect users from the various deadly diseases, wearing masks for an extended period might irritate your face and may produce little pimple bumps all over the cheek area. 

Using face wash religiously might help reduce the appearance of maskne and even remove dirt and bacteria accumulated on the pores. 

It is recommended for users who suffer from maskne to wash the face every day. Washing the face after you wake up, before going to bed, or washing even after sweating or wearing a mask might decrease the chances of having a terrible maskne.

Whenever you wash your face, use lukewarm water. Provide a generous amount of face wash and lather it all over the face. Users should clean their faces gently for at least a minute. 

Try to cover as much area as you can without getting the soapy substance on your mouth, eyes, or the insides of your ears or nose. Rinse your face thoroughly and pat your skin with a clean, dry towel. Do not rub the towel on your skin as it might cause unnecessary irritation.

Take a break from using makeup

To begin with, wearing makeup while wearing a mask seems a bit off. It is better to skip makeup during the time you are treating your maskne. Avoid cosmetics that are too heavy for the skin. Some foundation, concealer, and even powdered blush might clog the pores, which could be an early sign of breakouts. 

Stay Hydrated and Moisturize

Drinking water has a lot of benefits and one of them is to hydrate the skin. When you drink enough water, you are giving your skin that extra hydrating boost. Aside from that, drinking water regularly helps avoid skin chaffing and dryness. Similarly, hydrating one’s face with a moisturizer might have the same contingent effect.

In its general sense, moisturizers help moisturize and hydrate the skin. This may help avoid dryness and irritation, especially to those who are suffering from maskne. 

It is recommended for users to buy non-comedogenic moisturizers. These types of moisturizers do not promote clogging of pores and are simply made out of water. Additionally, avoid moisturizers with unique fragrances or perfume in them. Although they may smell nice, perfumes or fragrant moisturizers are commonly extracted from essential oils that might have an undesirable effect on your maskne.

Use a gentle cleanser 

Users can also rely on the effective benefits of mild and gentle cleansers. They are smooth, cool, and effective cleansers to ward off the remaining dirt or oil after users wash their faces. When using a gentle cleanser to clear out maskne, use a soft, clean cotton ball and dip a little cleanser on the cotton. Start cleaning the face in a circular motion on every area of the face.

Users should understand that gentle cleansers are not the grand solution for clearing out maskne. But it does help reduce the appearance of the maskne and could help clean the surface of the face in the long run. Also, be careful when choosing the right cleanser for you. Slime cleansers have alcohol in them, and that is definitely not recommended for those who have irritated skin.

Using ceramide cream

Ceramides are the lipids or, in simple terms, the fats that can be located in one’s epidermis. Ceramide moisturizers such as cream or lotion can help moisturize the skin and maintain an effective skin barrier to avoid irritants, foreign elements, and microbes.

Furthermore, Ceramide cream can also be used on the face, the arms, the body, or the legs. It is an essential cream that is used to treat dry skin and prevent future acne breakouts. It is an excellent bottle of cream that can help just about anyone regarding their maskne issues. 

Using cortisone cream 

Cortisone is used as a topical medicine to treat numerous skin conditions such as insect bites, poison oaks, irritations, allergies, minor to severe dermatitis, itching, and skin redness. Some products of cortisone cream had been fully adapted to suit the surface area of the skin. 

Most users prefer using cortisone cream, especially when they are trying to clear out acne breakouts. Cortisone cream helps moisten the appearance and moisturizes the skin as well. It is also advisable to use the cream at least one or two times a day for continuous protection. 

Prevention TIps

Settling on the various items or products might not be enough to treat one’s maskne very well. There are several guidelines to follow to eradicate the harmful effects of maskne and that it won’t come by for another week or two. 

To have an effective and compelling result in treating your maskne, here are some of the prevention tips that you need to look through before, during, and after you wear a mask. 

  • When using a fabric mask, always wash them immediately after use.
  • Topical antibiotic cream can also be used to remove dirt and bacteria that might have accumulated in your maskne. Benzoyl Peroxide works best on all skin types and can be used twice daily.
  • Dispose of an old and rugged mask, especially surgical masks.
  • Give your skin a break by removing the mask every four hours. 
  • Applying moisturizer before wearing a mask can help protect the skin and avoid further irritation.
  • Wear a mask that is appropriate, suitable, and comfortable for you. 
  • Wash your face before and after wearing a mask.


The pandemic had caused terrible conditions worldwide. And one of them is the appalling maskne that might be unappealing to look at. And although it might gradually be repressed, it is always for the best to continue your daily skincare even if you’re staying at home. 

Following these measures may help you find that confidence again, and that maskne is only a temporary condition. With perseverance and a positive mindset, maskne will be a thing of the past.