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Makeup Tricks to Look Younger : 11 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

Who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful? All of us love it, right? But unfortunately, as our age increases, we experience the signs of aging that makes the whole act of makeup so hard for all of us. As we age, we need to take care of a lot of things including skin, hair, health and what not! Of course, we don’t want to look old and boring! We cannot rewind the time either! So, what is it that we can do? What can we do for concealing those fine lines that shout out to the world that we’re getting old? How to look younger? Well well, no worries. You’ve come to the right place! We bring you amazing makeup tricks to look younger! Yes, that’s right. There are natural ways and then there are hacks right? Try out these makeup tips to look younger. Find your answers for how to look younger with makeup in this article. Stay tuned!







Amazing Makeup Tricks to Look Younger That You Should Learn Today!


1. Time for Liquid Concealer

As and when our body grows old, we’ll start developing fine lines around our face and the neck region. These fine lines and wrinkles are clear signs that will reveal to the world that we’re growing old. And that’s exactly not what we want to reveal. Hence, we must start using concealers. The problem with the dry concealers is that they reveal too many layers of it which will make our face appear Cakey. A liquid concealer, on the other hand, can be used like a mild cream that will neatly conceal all the fine lines and wrinkles without having to use too many layers. So, don’t want to look old? Start using liquid concealer!

2. Moisturize First

All makeup experts keep telling this to people who throw questions at them like, “How to look younger with makeup?” And yet most people don’t seem like they’re taking notes. All other makeup tricks to look younger will go in vain if you don’t follow this particular one. Before applying any of your makeup product, you need to apply the moisturizer first. This will prevent your skin from coming into the direct contact with the harsh chemicals that are used in makeup. Slather a layer of moisturizer on your face evenly, before you unzip your makeup bag.

3. Use Lighter Shades of Lipstick

Using dark shades of lipstick is absolutely lovable! Yes, I’m not denying that. But the main point to note here is that darker shades of lipstick look stunning on the younger looking lips. If you’re aging and you choose to use dark shades it’ll make you look elder than what you actually are. This is because it highlights the area around your lips like the upper lip area, chin and cheeks. Too much attention towards these regions will reveal your fine lines. Hence, opt for lighter shades of lipstick like baby pink, lavender, light purple and the like. Blood red, dark maroon are strict to be kept at bay in order to look younger with makeup.







4. Avoid Usage of Lip Liners

Lip liners too are something irresistible for style Divas. They look absolutely stunning on a woman’s lips especially when it’s coupled with a right shade of lipstick. But, if you want to look younger, lip liners must be avoided. Lip liners will draw the attention of people towards your upper lip and chin part. These part that usually are great revealing agents of your age will be unnecessarily highlighted. Hence, avoid the usage of lip liners. But still, if you’re persistent on using them, you could opt for lighter shades of lip liners. Carefully choose some subtle shades and you’ll be good to go!

5. Get a Perfect Haircut

Many style experts recommend getting a perfect haircut as one of the best makeup Tricks to look younger. And yeah, another clarification to make here. Many women believe that the only way they can have their hair look beautiful is to simply grow lengthy hair. If you too believe this cut the myth now! Even short hair will look beautiful with the right tweaks and curls. There’s no point in having lengthy hair that’s got very less volume. It builds an illusion that you’re too old with thin hair. Hence, go to your hair stylist today and get a perfect haircut for yourself. Remember, a healthy looking short hair always looks better than the unhealthy looking long hair. Don’t miss out on this one!






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