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Mahogany Hair Color Inspirations

Ever felt down about yourself because of your “Plain Jane” brown hair? Well, we have some great news for you! There’s a simple solution. Mahogany hair color has everyone raving and running to the nearest salon to dye their locks and join the mahogany brunette crowd that’s waving its way through today’s trends. Take a look!

Mahogany Hair Color Inspiration

A dark rich blend of red and purple give a saturated mahogany hue which is based on the dark reddish brown with a smaller amount of violet added to the base color. Mahogany is flattering for both cool and warm complexions, but in case you are sure you won’t pull off reddish brown hair, we have also included purple browns into our gallery. The latter are often referred to as burgundy shades.

#1: Classic and Soft

This hue of mahogany is soft and sweet, perfect for all those going for a classic brunette look that many chicks on the street are rocking today! With a soft highlight of blonde, this innocent look is guaranteed to turn a few heads!

Mahogany hair color 30

Mahogany hair color 29

#2: Burgundy and Mahogany Blend

Mahogany Hair Color Inspiration 31

Things are definitely getting kicked up a notch with this mahogany hair color, as we leave the brown behind to fully embrace our crimson roots. Literally starting with the roots, the red violet hues cascade gently into a truly mahogany shade worth of all the admiration in the world.

#3: Aubergine Waves

Wow, check out this beauty! For girls who are more interested in making a bold statement with their ‘do, this is the new look you need! This specific color is rich and vibrant, drawing out the purple aspects of the shade we are discussing here.

Mahogany hair color 28

Mahogany hair color 27


#4: Deep Crimson Balayage

Balyage ombre it is! This look is definitely classified into the ombre category, beginning with a fairly dark mahogany and tipped with a vibrant reddish purple. Styled a bit messily, the ‘do got a devil-can-play attitude to be pulled by a sassy girl. But the true beauty of this look is that it isn’t over-the-top, but rather simple.

Mahogany hair color 25

#5: Mahogany Balayage

This gorgeous style may seem fairly toned-down, but lo and behold, it still falls into the mahogany brown hair color category! Another sassy balayage look, this will leave you sitting happy and feeling pretty!

Mahogany hair color 2

Mahogany hair color 1




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