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Latest And Hottest 2016 Makeup Trends – Try Them Before Your Friends Do!

Spring and summer aren’t so close, but you must be entirely aware that designers and fashion experts release their new conceptions and trends always in advance. And since we are here to inform you about all the latest and hottest fashion news, it is our duty (and pleasure, of course) to immerse you into the newest techniques and tendencies in the makeup sphere! So hands up for you short, but quite helpful review of the latest and hottest 2016 makeup trends!


1. Perfection in fine lines

There is nothing difficult or tough in this makeup conception at all. You do know how to achieve that amazing natural look of your face with light foundations, soft powder and good blush at hand. The only new thing in this makeup idea, though, are the fine lines and to bring them into your own makeup approach, use eye liner to focus the attention on the expressive look, as well as pencil in a little bit darker nuance than your lipstick color.

2. Blazing seductive lips


Lips are going to be the top accent in this year`s makeup conception. And to achieve those gorgeous and seductive blazing lips rely on dark nuances, as well as on softer lipsticks that have plumping effect. As to the shades, you can improvise, but avoid ordinary peach and pink nuances. Replace them with cool red, amazing purple and brilliant plum-shaded products.

3. Browny girls on the move


Chocolate-like shades all over your face are the top trends in 2015 makeup conception. Speaking of brown and beige, we mean all of the nuances you can think about. So whatever your favorite idea of browny girl is, simply immerse it into your both – casual and evening makeup. By the way, such flowing and natural look will go amazing with curls and straight hair with no accessories or special treatments. Ideal makeup idea for work, isn’t it?

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