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How to Wear a Scarf with Your Coat

Early fall is over and now the struggle to keep warm begins. Now that we’re heading towards winter, layering is something we could all use, especially if we want to look stylish but also feel warm and comfy at the same time. My go-to winter layer combo is a coat and a scarf. Something about this combo always evokes a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling inside and out and it’s super chic too! What’s more is that you can wear this combo on top of any outfit, be it a dressy one or just your everyday casual look. Here are some ideas on how to wear a scarf with your coat.

chic-light-combo chic-neutral-look

NEUTRAL – one of the easiest ways to wear your scarf with your coat is to opt for neutral colors on both. This will give you a clean, minimalistic look that is sure to stand out.  Going the neutral route is also the easiest and most foolproof way to layer and pair anything and everything so if you’re not sure what to wear with what, just go ahead and pick out two neutral pieces and you should be good to go.

neutral-colored-scarf-and-coat neutral-black-brown-and-gray-combo

PRINT ON PRINT – on the other hand, if going simple and minimalistic is not your thing and you’re the kind who would rather opt for bold statement pieces, what you can do is to wear both coat and scarf printed instead. Doing the double print is a styling trick many of us use during the warmer months to liven up our outfits and this combo is an easy excuse to do it during fall and winter, too.

double-print-scarf-and-coat doubel-print-stripes-and-tartan

CONTRASTING COLORS – another interesting way to wear a scarf and coat together is to wear them in contrasting colors. Doing this adds much more interesting details to your looks and it’s an easy way to elevate your outfit and make it look really edgy as well. If you’re afraid of going over the top, I would suggest wearing your scarf in the brighter color and your coat in a darker hue so as not to overwhelm the eyes with too much vividness.

contrasting-colors contrasting-coat-and-scarf

  1. TEXTURE PLAY – sticking to fall and winter’s darker color palette could sometimes mean being stuck with a rather boring outfit. One easy solution to avoid this is to add lots of different textures to your look. Play with different textures and try out different combos. Cashmere and crochet makes for an interesting look and so does leather and silk.

texture-play-with-scarf-and-coat texture-play-fuzzy-and-furry

More Ideas!

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