How to Wear A Casual Outfit for Every Type of Women

When you hear the word casual, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? If you’re thinking of the same set of clothes as we are, then jeans, sweaters, and graphics tees are also probably the ones that immediately appeared on the top of your mind.

Next to their girl friends, every women’s best friend is their wardrobe, from that drab sweater at the back of their closet to the latest newly bought work blouse. It brings out our confidence and a good outfit make us feel beautiful, inside out.

Out of all the fashion look books, the casual style is probably every girl’s favorite for various reasons: it is comfortable, it is easy to style, and it leaves plenty of freedom for personal and creative touches.

However, in all honesty, a lot of people interchange casual outfit to anything you wear at home (which is basically anything from your own wardrobe to your brother’s sweater). So, what’s really makes a casual outfit stand out from your lazy-day-at-home look?

A casual outfit means anything chic and laidback. It usually banks on comfort, but style still plays a major role in bringing out the inner you. Sometimes, just a simple pair of fancy jewelry accessories or an interesting signature belt completes the whole hey-this-is-my-go-to-everyday-chic-look.

See below for the ways you can level your wardrobe and claim your very own signature casual look!

Maximize those denims!

Everyone has at least a single pair of denim jeans in their closet. A typical casual look is to put on your denim jeans and, here comes the best part, simply pair it up with any kind of top! From your basic white tees to oversized sweaters and to any printed blouse, you can never go wrong with pairing up a denim. Just remember to tone up your outfit with any kind of accessories like a pair of hoop earrings, a trendy necklace, a hip belt and the perfect shoes to complete the look.

Another way to also maximize those denims is to pair together a denim jean to a denim jacket or what they call the double denim outfit. It’s a rule for some fashion guru not to do this and not everyone can exactly pull it off, but you’ll never know unless you try! With a little bit of highlight here and there, you can definitely rock that top to bottom denim outfit! You might even be surprised with how chic it looks on you!

Use your sweaters and don’t sweat the pairing

Since casual is all about comfort, another helpful clothing in this alley are your sweaters, cardigans, and hoodies. And nope, these clothing materials are not solely reserved for your lazy days or sweater weather seasons. May it be big, baggy, oversized, wild, colored, or whatever it looks like, you’re bound to be always forgiven no matter however you pair it up. With a little help from your creative juices, you can turn a couch potato look into a street-smart outfit.

Use accessories and headwear to notch up your style

An easy way to immediately notch up your casual style is to make use of your accessories, an important point I’ve been stressing since the start of this article. Although casual is all about comfort, style should still and always be factored in this alley.

A common trend nowadays is to layer jewelry on jewelry. If you’re wearing a low-cut blouse, wearing several layered necklaces can definitely make you look good. It can also make your collarbones stand out beautifully. Wearing several finger and knuckle rings at a time easily gives off an effortless boho look. Couple it with a bold pair of statement earrings and you’re all set.

Some headwear that are currently trending nowadays are the comeback of silk scarves, headwraps, and gigantic hair clips. Nothing screams classic chic look than those three. Berets, wide brim hats, and beanies are also a common go-to head accessory. Whatever your choice of headwear may be, it is definitely bound to catch attention immediately so it is best to tone down other accessories if you choose to wear one.

Seal the deal with the perfect shoes!

The ultimate deal maker in casual style is the perfect pair of shoes. A pair of sneakers or low pumps can sometimes make or break your outfit. If you’re wearing an overprinted long skirt, you can simply pair it with plain sneakers and you’re good to go. If you’re wearing high-cut jeans, then combat jeans would look good too. A hot pick or bright red pumps would make an all-black or all white outfit look smart. Whatever your choice of footwear may be, don’t forget to factor in comfort as well!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Another rule to wearing casual outfit is to not to be afraid to mix and match. Casual doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot wear your work clothes anymore. It means toned down version of it so you can always match that prim blouse with a bohemian long skirt or those work slacks with a funky graphic shirt tee. If anything, casual outfit is the best outfit to mix and match clothes because no one should dare judge other’s everyday go to look.

So, there you have it! Five simple ways how to wear a casual outfit straight from your very own wardrobe! With this article, we hope we were able to help you how to wear and level up your wardrobe. Remember, the world is your oyster and don’t let anyone dictate how you want to feel and how to look!