How to put together a winter outfit

Keeping yourself warm won’t be a hindrance to still having a trendy outfit within the winter season.

Winter is not only tricky in terms of the cold, but it can also be as challenging in terms of styling. As expected, winter clothes won’t always be fashionable, and figure-hugging. It will probably be baggy, covered with layers upon layers. 

Of course, it is clear that everyone’s first motivation is keeping themselves warm while still facing dreary days, that’s why the temptation is actually there to easily throw on as many pieces of clothes as possible and obtain out the door. However, who said that you need to compromise style in order to be comfortable? These should work hand in hand. 

Planning your outfit beforehand will allow you to mix and match styles that will not keep you warm, but make it classy at the same time.  Ideally, you would like to specialise in three main things that structure your outfit. Sure, you’ll add in accessories, but if you stick with a couple of key pieces, you’ll save time. 

You would need to prep up two looks: for the not-so-cold days and the I-should-not-have-left-my-house-cold days. 

Are you ready to plan now for the oncoming season? Then, just keep scrolling and you will find new information which will offer you further picturesque winter outfits.

Three-Four layers for your Winter Style Points

Purposeful layering is the perfect way to achieve warmth while still producing a classy look. It will help you to do some mix of patterns while still sticking to your goal of providing yourself with warmth inside when you’re finally out.

Go over your Knee

We all have done it: seeing those nice 6-inch boots on the window of the store thinking we’ll use them, then winter comes and we just cant find an outfit that match it. So it’s tucked away in the closing while the leather crumbles.  

Get a classy and stylish look by either wearing the pair with matching pants or just simply making a skirt or dress more appropriate by pairing a skinnier shaft boot to hide more leg.

Take a walk on the Wild Side during winter

Faux fur is one of the surefire ways to keep you warm during the winter seasons but many are reluctant to wear it for unknown reasons.

If you like, try to consider substituting a peacoat or jacket for a coat for providing you some warmth while still looking so stylish.

Don’t forget to make a statement with your winter coat

Winter coats would be the most noticed item in your winter outfit. As willing as you are in splurging on winter shoes, bags and jewelry, you should also think about purchasing an eye-catching coat. 

Eye-catching doesn’t always mean bold and loud colors, neutrals and gray shades are straightforwardly beautiful, too.

Use white as your winter attire

Most people prefer to stick wearing white clothes or dresses during winter days.

Much like the statement coats above, white jackets and coats can brighten a glance and still feel winter appropriate. Pair your white piece with darker prints or dark solids for a contrast that’s still lively.

Always keep your head warm

Your head is where you will get and maintain most of your body’s warmth. So, a hat is important when the temperatures get low.

If you dislike hats, just think of it as one of the few times you purchase one. Just make sure it matches your outfit and that you’ll wear it. 

Don’t leave behind the Drape and Belt

Imagine flowy fabric moving behind you as you walk by. Who doesnt want that dramatic effect? You can create this simply with a cardigan or a wrap. The additional material is considered as another great option for keeping yourself warm and allowing you to achieve your wrapped during a toasty blanket. 

But in order for you to keep it close all the time, it’s better to put some belt cardigan or if you prefer some contrasting belt that matches to the color of your main piece then go for it.

Don’t ever forget to wear your Scarf

Scarves are always a winter must-have and much likely offer a chance to feature color to a dark look. These can be oversized with very bold patterns and colors. Sometimes, these can be the main focus on your outfit. If you have noticed that you simply have a really dark and/or plain look that needs a touch more life thereto , consider adding a press release scarf for you to make a better impact look.

Put in mind or remember to put a Cape (Or Poncho)

One of the easiest and go-to pieces for winter clothing are capes or ponchos. Classy, elegant, sophisticated and dramatic, capes or ponchos can be easily styled with very minimal effort. ItXs also very versatile in that it can be worn with a simple pair of jeans or black slacks. For capes, you can wear a plain white top on blue jeans and sneakers, then elevate the whole look with a cape.

Gloves is a must to keep you warm

There is a certain anonymity with long gloves but it is actually one of the most functional accessories you can wear during winter. It’s good to wear one with short sleeved coats and jackets. 

Now, here are some of the winter outfits cause there’s actually many, so if you like it all then you can start to have these types of outfits.

Long-Sleeve Dress paired with Knee-High Boots plus Bold Accessories

Add some knee-high boots and bold accessories with your long-sleeved or you can also layer a roll-neck underneath. This type of style is always ideal especially during the time of transition of the weather from autumn to winter.

Black Jacket  paired Blue Jeans plus Cowboy Boots

You can always go out facing a very cold-weather dressing yourself with this thicker wool style. Just don’t forget to pair it with some classic blue jeans or any available colored jeans you have. You’re now ready to face your cold days outside.

Printed Knitwear  paired with Pencil Skirt  plus Black Ankle Boots

Are you that desperate to hang on to wearing your fave chunky knit but still want to make it look professional? Then, don’t forget to add a pencil skirt and smart ankle boots, and then, you’re all set for the so-called cold days.

Leopard Coat paired with Cropped Jeans

You can instantly dress up in basic jeans and black inner outfit this winter, when you want to be eye-catching, just simply add some leopard print coat. To make the look even sexier and more elegant, grab a structured bag from your closet and a pair of flats like loafers. 

Plaid Coat paired with Jeans

There seems to be a comeback for plaid this year. And you’ll neer go wrong with buying clothes in this pattern. It seems so flexible to use that you can always wear it with overall outfits.

Maxi Dress paired with Slouchy Boots

Never disregard wearing your dresses inside your wardrobe when the winter comes. If you have a long sleeved dress and if it’s layered with a turtleneck sweater, then it’s perfectly suited for the cold days to come. To look more trendy just paired it with some slouchy boots.

Cable Knit Sweater paired with High Rise Jeans

You can stay warm and look dressed at the same time, for cocktails or gallery hopping in a cable knit sweater paired with high waisted jeans and add some special accessories.

While reading, for sure you’ve learned how to put on an outfit if winter is coming. Listed winter outfits above are only one of the many, if you think you can put out all your imaginations into making your own style, then start working on your DIY-winter outfits now, even if it’s not yet winter. It’s better to be prepared.