How to put together a summer outfit

Every season needs a different fashion style.

Summer will definitely bring you to a whole different clothing style than any other season. 

The colors tend to be brighter and lighter in this type of season. Light cotton, fabrics lean toward silk, denim, linen, chiffon, jersey, and chambray are the common materials. Plus, summer styles are popularly known as more casual and free-spirited. 

But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you’ll spend every day lounging under the sun. 

Nowadays, women are also busy during summer just like those rest of the days of the year. That’s why it’s important that your wardrobe has enough items purposely to have pretty and stylish outfits for summer. 

Starting from your very simple white t-shirt up to your very classic maxi dress, these are the pieces that every summer closet always requires to be filled with. So, if you want to level up your fashion style for summer, make sure that you have those dresses or items that are needed inside your wardrobe.

Before proceeding to find out the best outfit during summer, here are the three tips first how you are going to put together a summer outfit according to your preferred styles.

Don’t ever forget to select the main focus piece of your summer outfit

This is the primary and important step of putting your summer outfit together. This should be the highlight of your whole outfit and you want people to be focusing on this piece. It is always much likely better if you start with an item of clothing. This will definitely make the whole process simpler and easier in mixing and matching shoes and accessories. 

You can add or have a layer matching clothing

As this is a summer outfit, you would need to do a bit of layering such as a cover up or a shawl. Again, the key here is to pick this out after you choose your main item so you’ll be able to match it against colors and patterns.

In this case, if your main item or focus is a bottom like a pair of shorts or skirt, then adding a shirt or top will complete the outfit.  Just always look for a color that matches with the skirt you prefer to wear as your main focus and don’t ever forget that in picking the shirt or blouse, this shouldn’t overpower your main focus. Your goal is for the shirt or blouse and the skirt to look good together.

Perfect time to add your accessories and shoes

Perhaps, the last step in the list here is your top priority list, but always remember that if you already chosen your focus piece or should I say your OOTD, adding some of your accessories and picking what’s the best

 shoes that will complement to your outfit will muck likely be an easy job to be done. At this point, all you need to do is decide which among your available options, the best shoes are the perfect suit for your summer outfit. Plus, if you want to add some spice, better wear some earrings or necklaces.

So, here are now some of the list of summer outfits cause there’s actually many available, so if you like it all then you can start to have these types of outfits.

White Tee paired with Khaki Shorts

If your goal is to have that polished yet still casual look, typically, it is being recommended to wear a classic white t-shirt and pair it with  khaki shorts. This type of outfit is best if you’ll go for some activities and still feel relaxed and comfy. Plus, you can also add some accessories like putting an ivory belt or what’s available on your wardrobe you can use as long as it will still complement the color of your main piece or OOTD.

Sleeveless Summer Blouse paired with Crop Pants

If you’re looking for an OOTD for you to head to the office, attend a meeting, or just simply go out to eat lunch in one simple yet still casual outfit, then this type of style is perfect for you.

Check your wardrobe if you have a short-sleeve blouse for top and cropped pants for trousers, and you’re all set. But if you like to add some sweater or cotton blazer to your OOTD, go! As long as the color still matches with each other.

Colored Tank paired with White Shorts

Another suggested summer outfit is having a colored tank paired with a white shorts. To complete this summer OOTD, better to add some nude belt or a simple necklace.

Floral Skirt paired with White Tank

If you love to try some floral skirt for your summer OOTD, it’s likely better to pair it with a simple white tank. Plus, add some long necklace for accessories and embellished sandals for your footwear to complete the look.

Polo paired with Skinny Jeans or Twill Pants

This type of summer outfit is also good for women working in the office since women’s polo shirts paired with some skinny jeans or twill pants look smart, simple yet still casual, and easily pulled together out of your wardrobe.

Maxi Dress with Denim Vest or Jacket

If you really want to feel that it’s already summer, having some maxi dress is perfect for you. The type of style is loose and flowy, giving that summer vibe to you. For a boho-chic look, it’s nice if you pair the maxi dress with a white or any color denim vest as long as the colors complement each other, have a gladiator sandal for your footwear and some accessories like beaded or a simple natural jewelry. You are all set.

Button-up Top paired with Denim Shorts

If you’re going to the beach and are looking for a simple yet stylish OOTD, better to start with the bathing suit as the primary base. After, you can now add a lightweight button-up as a top and paired with a denim short as your trousers.

V-Neck Top and Mini or Midi Skirt

To have some summer classic OOTD, an A- line midi or mini skirt  seems perfect. Just pair it with some V-neck as your top. To finally complete the outfit, better have cute sandals or simple white shoes as your footwear and some earrings and bracelets as your accessories.

Classic gingham dress paired with a slip-on shoes

If your goal this summer is to look nice but still not too dressed up or look so breezy, having sundress as your OOTD is a good choice. Plus, you can easily add it up with some accessories you have such as layered necklaces, a summer scarf, hoops, or anything you prefer that is available on your list. After, you can choose a cute pair of slip ons which you can simply put on and off while enjoying poolside. 

Ribbed tank dress paired with sandals

Versatility should be the name of this dress. You can wear it over your swimsuit, or to the after pool afterparty. You can always pair it with some chunky sandals to complete your summer OOTD.

However, the summer outfits that are discussed are just some ideas for you. If you have already mastered what’s inside your wardrobes and available clothings you have, then it’s definitely good to use your imagination and start working on your DIY-summer outfits.