How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

As for makeup lovers, we have all experienced that same jaw-dropping moment: we reach for our pricey eyeshadow palette for which we’ve recently paid a large sum of money but it falls from our fingers. Our glorious eye shadow shatters into fragments across the bathroom sink and onto the floor.

However, there is always hope – there is no sense in dumping it into the garbage whilst exhibiting an ugly cry face so soon. It can easily be re-pressed into your palette. You’ll just need a serving spoon, some rubbing alcohol, a little Tupperware carton, and a paper towel/piece of fabric. Initially, pour all of these pitiful, broken scraps of the palette into the Tupperware carton and utilize the spoon for crushing up the pieces.

Carefully add the alcohol to it. The fluid is required for binding together all of the powder and alcohol is an entirely authentic substance. This will not alter the makeup a great deal and has the fastest speed of evaporation, so the makeup is ready for using the instant it dries. Some prefer to use vodka, but simple rubbing alcohol is just as effective. Thoroughly blend this mixture until the texture resembles that of peanut butter. It is perfectly fine to use a little too much of the rubbing alcohol but, if you do, you will have to wait a little longer for it to dry fully. Scoop all of this sludgy material back into your palette before tapping the palette a few times so that the substance forms smoothly and there are no air bubbles.

Wait up to a couple of hours for the product to dry entirely. It is imperative that you keep checking on it because you’ll need to do one more step before it fully dries. In this next step, you’ll have to watch closely for the stage when this material is basically dry but still a little damp. A way to be sure that it is at the desired consistency point is to gently push the tip of your finger into it. If it easily leaves an indentation without much of the powdery substance left on your finger then it is at the desired texture.

When it is at this stage, place your piece of fabric/ paper towel on top of this mixture and very gently tap it so as to absorb any leftover alcohol. Leave the fabric/paper towel on the substance. Then use a flat, solid surface (such as a book) to entirely cover the product and position it on the fabric piece. Apply gentle pressure to it so that it is forced downward, into the palette. Doing this will also help to soak up any residual alcohol.

Congratulations! You’ve now saved your eyeshadow! Wait approximately twenty-four hours for this powder to totally dry up and it will be as good as when you just bought it. Re-pushing your products might make the damaged one appear perfect and fresh, but it probably won’t continue to function as it did before it was shattered/broken. Pressed powders hold strongly together by two important ingredients: oils which behave as an adhesive substance to keep the particles together, and the pressure that’s been applied by pressing the powder into its case by metal shafts while being manufactured.

We highly recommend that you try this prior to giving up hope and dumping your palette in the garbage. If you’re unsuccessful then no one can judge you for shedding a few tears if you gave it genuine effort.