The Best Ways on How to Make your Grey Hair Shine Naturally

Nowadays, grey hair has become a trend especially for those who have a lot of time to stay home. More people are loving the grey shade hair but aren’t you even jealous of those who have natural grey hair? Oh, I am! Grey hair often starts to grow in mid 30 s or earlier. Sometimes, it comes on later on in life.

Another thing to take note of is that there is exactly no grey hair, except for hair that is colored through hair dyes and such. Grey hair is actually an illusion caused by people that have white hairs already growing but also have their natural black hair underneath.

Grey hair is really fascinating, especially for a lot of people. One of the problems people experience is that they have difficulty in making their grey hair naturally shine. If you’re one of them, worry no more. We are here to help you make your grey hair shine naturally and generally make it look good.


If you’re reading this now, you may already have grey hair and are thinking of ways on how to make it look even better than before. Lucky for you, we got you all covered. To help you achieve the perfect grey hair look, here are some natural ways to make your grey hair shine.

1. Choosing the Best Color to Wear

If you’re not aware of it, the color of what we wear actually has a big effect on how our hair shines. This trick is important, especially for light-haired people. Coming up with the best colors that fit your hair color can actually make it work and also make your hair look great. It’s one of the greatest tricks in the guide to looking absolutely great.

If you’re sporting a grey hair, make sure to take note of the following:

● Wearing a white top will make you look really dull. Imagine your hair and top with the same color, there’s not even a single contrast and it looks really boring. Do not ever wear a plain white top if you have grey hair. Make sure to at least wear something with a print or design.

● Wearing a black top can actually make your skin look really washed out. Although black brings a lot of contrast to your grey hair, it still would make you look extremely washed out or dull and without energy. Make sure to lessen the chances of wearing black when you have grey hair.

● Wearing green tops actually differ according to their shades. If you wear a dark green top, it would look the same as wearing a black top. It will make your skin look dull and lifeless. On the other hand, if you wear a lime green top, it can actually make you look fine. However, one risk of wearing this shade of green is that it can actually make the yellow tints in your grey hair become more visible. It’s a risk that’s very hard to take.

● Wearing stripes may make you feel very young, but it definitely comes with a price. Stripes can attract a lot of attention, too much as it may draw out the attention from your hair. Make sure to wear something less of a bold statement to make sure that your hair can stand out too.

● Finally, if you’re looking for the best color to wear, make sure that you do navy blue. This color is a great contrast to your grey hair without making your yellow tints visible or making your skin look very dull. Navy blue’s warm tones can surely complement both your skin tone and grey hair really well.

2. Brush your Hair Regularly

A hairbrush is definitely one of the most important things that you need if you want your hair to look good. Having a reliable hair brush can help you neat your hair and make them not look unruly. Not only that, brushing can also help you make your hair look shiny. Brushing your hair every now and then will definitely encourage all of the natural oils in your hair and it will make your hair look really shiny.

3. Choosing the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

For every hair type out there, it is important to think long and hard about the shampoo and conditioner that you will be using in the long run. This is very important especially for those with grey hair. There are other shampoos and conditioners out there that don’t tend to do good for your hair and it’s very irritating, to say the least. Some shampoos and conditioners tend to have strong ingredients that only makes our hair drier and more coarse over a long period of time of using the product.

It is very important that you find the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo for your hair. You should also understand that you may need one or more of each product so make sure to take note of this. Go for shampoos and conditioners with 100% vegan ingredients such as Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner that will surely make your hair shine naturally and have a healthier and softer appearance.

4. Make Sure to Pick the Best Makeup 

If choosing the right color of clothes can help you make your grey hair shine naturally, so can putting on the right makeup. Avoid putting on very dark makeup as it will be very unpleasant for the eyes of any person that may see you. The contrast is so heavy that it doesn’t give out a pleasing reaction.

5. Rinsing with Cold Water after using Shampoo and Conditioner

After you use shampoo and conditioner onto your hair, make sure to rinse it with cold water. It’s a definite must that you use cold water for this process. Although it is good to note that warm water helps open up the hair cuticles to make sure that the shampoo and conditioner will do their job well, using cold water will help close up the hair cuticles to secure and seal in all of the moisture that your hair gets from using the conditioner. With cold water, you can rest assured that all of the nutrients that your hair needs are sealed in and will make your hair look good and shiny.

6. Protect your Hair from the Sun

Just like our skin, our hair needs protection from the sun too. The sun can bring harm to our hair just like too much exposure would do to our skin. It can eventually dry up our hair and make it coarse with too much exposure. Make sure to wear a hat or a scarf whenever you go out to protect your hair and scalp from the direct hit of UV rays from the sun.

7. Trim your Hair Every Now and Then

One of the things that can help your grey hair shine naturally is to give it a trim every now and then. A different styling and length can actually make your hair stand out even more. However, it is important that you find the best hairstyle that suits you in general. If you settle for any hairstyle, the thing is, it may not be well suited for you or make you look different in not a good way.


Making sure that your hair looks great is one of the most important parts of everyone’s appearance. Now that you know how to naturally make your grey hair shine, here are more important tips that you need to keep in mind to achieve beautiful, shiny grey hair.

1. When you have grey hair, you need to make sure that you don’t over-style your hair. You should also be careful about using too much heat onto your hair. It’s better to use a heat-protective spray for your hair so that it won’t get burned too easily.

2. To achieve beautiful, shiny grey hair, you may need to have the patience in finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. You also need to keep in mind that you won’t be using only one of each so keep a good amount saved for this in your budget.

3. Just like every part of our body, you can help nourish your hair by exercising and keeping yourself generally healthy. Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits and make sure to keep yourself active. Trust me, your hair will have its natural glow and look extremely beautiful and shiny.

4. If you have curly hair, it is better to note that your hair needs more nourishing, care, and deep conditioning, especially when it turns grey. You should also keep in mind that finding the best conditioner for your hair may require a lot of experimentation. A lot of people with curly hair have testified that leave-in conditioners work well with their hair.

5. If you have fine grey hair, make sure that you don’t over condition it. It may cause more harm than good if you do so. Doing so will actually make your grey hair lank and heavy, which is not what you wanted in the first place.