Gorgeous Makeup and Fashion Trends that You Should Sport this Summer

The best season most of us especially girls love is the summer season. This is the time where school’s out or the best time to schedule a trip to the beach for vacation. And of course, you have to wear something that fits the season, of course! Here are few fashion trends and makeup tips that will surely meet the summer breeze. This is also the time most women show a little or rather, more skin. Let go ahead and check these trends out. 

Every summer, there seems to be a new different trend that will show up. The trends change every year. Most of them appear many at once and it has never happened that there is only one trend for the whole summer. This year, we will look upon the best summer fashion trends and makeup that will surely make you look like your best this summer. Here are the best summer trends to keep you in with the latest fashion trends to sport during this hot season.


The Basic White Top and Shorts

Want to find the best outfit for going on a quick stroll around the city? Or just a day spent staring at the scenic beach views with ice cream on your hand? Then a basic white top and shorts are the best fashion combination that you can sport. You can choose either denim shorts or solid black shorts to be partnered with any plain white top. There are a lot of options of tops that you can choose from such as a simple white shirt, a simply printed shirt,  a trendy puff crop top, or an off shoulder that you can add up to the look.

This will help you move easily and it is believed that light colored shirts retract the heat from the sun and will save you from all the sweat. This outfit can be partnered with white sneakers or strappy sandals. Leather or cloth sneakers will do as it is safe because there isn’t much rain during this season, right? You can flash your legs with the shorts, and also this is the most comfortable look you can ever get during this time. This look will make you feel very confident, cool, and comfortable so why not?

Printed skirt and Plain Tube or Tank Top

This fashion style is most popularly used by people who love to spend their days at the beach. This outfit is commonly topped with a big hat and cute brown slippers or sandals that have strings to lock them in place. It is commonly a floral long skirt that has a very long slit that is used very often. A no slit skirt works too but make sure it is made of a very thin fabric to avoid, of course, getting too sweaty and air can simply flow within the skirt. Top this skirt up with a comfortable plain tube top or a plain tank top that is a little flowy.

Make sure that you choose the thinnest fabric as well or the knitted ones which are breathable and won’t add up to the heat that the season gives. This way you can freely move and enjoy moving since you have clothes that won’t be sticking to your body every now and then. It is also highly recommended to wear clothes that are made of cotton as that is the most comfortable and breathable type of cloth. With this outfit, you can also notice that when on the beach, sand won’t stick to your clothes as it can already be blown by the wind. You can also never go wrong with this outfit as this is the perfect look if you don’t want to change clothes and attend beachside parties. This outfit works even during night time and also during parties of course as you can move here and there without worrying about your clothes. 

Printed Mini Dress

A quick date during the summer day? Or just a day out with your girlfriends? Make sure to wear your cutest mini dresses partnered with cute sandals. There is no need to choose an overly printed one from the selection of cocktail dresses that you have. A simple mini dress that you own will absolutely work. Make sure that it is as flowy as possible so that you can easily dance under the sun. But make sure to wear at least a fitted short or cycling under your dress to avoid accidents.

One tip that you need to keep in mind is to choose a light color and print, this should follow the recent trend as you can see outside as well to make you look presentable. No worries as you won’t be bumping on with someone who has the exact same outfit as you because these mini dresses may come on the same print but will have unique styles that you can choose from. You can also go out with your friends with the same print and style of the dress but has a different color. Yep, that’s a thing! Something that you can absolutely do with your BFFs. These are total goals, right? You can also top this outfit up with a big hat, a pair of sunglasses or you can also wear slippers or sandals with this. 

Tattered Jeans and Tank Top or Tshirt

Jeans are very hard to choose during this time. It’s so hot and you know how hot wearing jeans is. But, there’s a new alternative for this! We can now wear tattered jeans or the one that has big holes in it. No, this doesn’t look trashy, not even in a million years. All you need to do is to tuck in a shirt or a tank top into the jeans and match it with a belt and you’re good to go! This can be worn with sneakers or your choice of a very light sandal.  This is one look that you can sport if you don’t like sand that much but still want to enjoy the views of the beach.


You want it to be not too sticky

Yes, you read that right! The first thing you should keep in mind is to not put multiple layers of creams and foundations on your face. This will only get sticky later on during the day as you’ll be staying under the sun for most of the time. Make sure to use powder-based cosmetics as this won’t have to set on your face and clog your pores later on. This might also, later on, turn into acne, you girls know that. Stick to the natural powders and don’t rely too much on creams, unless it’s lotion.

Apply light colors

You’ll be out under the sun for most of the day and you don’t want to sport very bright colors, of course! You also won’t need the smoky eye effect but yeah, you can put on light shades with a smokey effect still. Don’t overuse your cosmetics during the summer season as you know these products might melt on your face and just ruin the look.

It would also look very out of place to wear heavy makeup especially if you’re just going to the beach or for a stroll around the park. Powder-based cosmetics will help you achieve light looks. You can use mostly natural colors like shades of brown and nude lipsticks. This will also help you look very clean and all-natural.

Always go for a natural look

You should always make your makeup look as natural as possible. There’s a higher chance that you’ll meet a lot of people during this time such as your friends. You could also even meet a lot of new people! You don’t want them to see a face overly covered by makeup to the point that they won’t recognize how you actually look without all of these, right? Make sure to use colors that match your skin tone and also won’t exaggerate any part of your face.

A little nose line? You won’t even need that. Even just a little eyeshadow, a powder, blush, and lip balm should do the work. Make it look natural and avoid making it look heavy with your makeup so that you will also no longer worry about how you look, your natural beauty will work all the wonders during the summer season. 

There you have it, these are the simplest trends and looks to try on during the summer season. Even when it’s hot and icky, you need to be of your best looks. But do not ever sacrifice yourself to look real good. You must also feel comfortable and confident with how you look. It’s also a must that you’ll feel cool and fresh with your look as you don’t want to look haggard easily or at all. Make sure to follow some of the tips we provided so that you can achieve the best summer look.