Top 5 Festive HAIRSTYLES and Accessories: Up your mane game

With the year approaching its end, I thought how gloomy it feels without the usual gatherings and gift givings, the air of holiday bells and good food on the street. While it certainly is not the best holiday season and really not as festive, there’s still good reason to celebrate the year and the life that has been lived. So for this season despite staying at home and just eating a simple dinner with our family, we can still dress and glam up! 

The Mane Game: Different Festive Hairstyles

This pandemic, I am sure that you might have “neglected” your hair routine like many of us did because honestly do we even have the energy for more than just a simple comb especially when we’re just working at home? 

A confession just between you and me, I only really make an effort when I have a zoom meeting but other than that I just let my hair feel the “breeze”. I wake up, brush my hair a few times, apply some lip tint to make it look like I did not just spend the whole night binge-watching. That’s it. On some days I feel like I am inspired to look a bit more composed than I usually do, my hair would be on a half-up, half-down style with a ponytail sporting a scrunchie.

But this season, maybe we can try on a different approach with our hair and actually style it for the festive holiday. After all, dressing up is not complete without a good hairstyling. 

Here are some recommendations that you and I can try. Ready?

Wet Hair Look 


This was the hottest hair trend last 2015 and has also strutted the Spring 2018 runway shows. This is a fairly easy hairstyle that can save us from 15-20 minutes of taxing blow-drying session after shampooing our hair.

But the really cool thing about this hairstyle is that it’s also handy even when we haven’t washed our hair with a simple application of some high-shine styling gel. If you want to look red carpet ready without exerting so much effort, then this look is a definite must-try. 

Beach Waves

Beach waves are hot all year round and can be worn in any festive season which makes it a ridiculously great and flexible hairstyle option. This is the best look when we want to look a bit messy and cute without looking like we’re trying too hard.

To achieve this look, simply spritz on a sea salt spray then curl your hair with an iron and rake your fingers through! Easy! 


Depending on what mood we’re in, there are different bun hairstyles that can cater to our needs. From the high bun to the messy bun, this hairstyle definitely exudes a chic and classy look.

As effortless as it might look, there’s a degree of styling effort needed to make it perfectly work. Nevertheless, this hairstyle definitely looks good on anything. 


Chignons are usually interchangeably used with buns but these two hairstyles have differences. According to Allure, while many chignons are buns, few buns are chignons. That is, buns can be placed anywhere on your head and are usually described by a wrapping style either twisted on the center or braided.

On the other hand, chignons are basically your low buns placed at the nape of the neck and can be as simple as a tuck. A chignon, as the name sounds, is like a more formal type of bun and is more associated with the vintage charm. 


Braid is a very fun hairstyle to do because the options are endless with lots of different types of braids and the combinations you can make with other hairstyles. Since there are different styles you can experiment on with braids, it’s also considered a very versatile style. Plus, you can bond over family and relatives while styling each other. 

The Mane Game: Different Festive Accessories

Hair accessories are fashion statements that both serve functional and decorative purposes. These are usually tied, wrapped, twisted, inserted or otherwise attached to the hair. These can definitely elevate any hairstyle and look, so go ahead and grab one of these!

Statement Hairbands and Headbands

Within the accessories category, headbands have generated the biggest increase in number of searches according to Who What Wear. I remember wearing these when I was as young as 5 or 6 because many girls in school are also wearing it — talk about the “it” fashion accessory!

These have been the easy and trendy hair accessory for 2020 with the padded style as the most-sought type. Aside from the padded, embellished ones are also very popular (either pearl or rhinestones) as well as velvet, knotted, and braided headbands. It honestly looks good on any kind of hairstyle with many different options to choose from!

Turban Style Headbands

This season, if you’re really feeling the laziness overcome you, then these turban style headbands and headscarves are your best choices. They’re easy to wear and they require no styling! You can also wear it over different hairstyles if you decide last-minute that you’d want to be a little extra. There are lots of ways to wear these so this one piece of accessory is definitely worth the purchase. 

Hairpins and Clips

If you think these pins are mediocre, then you’re probably not styling them right because these can definitely elevate and rock any look. These are very easy to put on and suits any hairstyle as well! Take your pick. 

Bun Cuffs

These probably go straight to my favorite list of fashion accessories because they easily level up your bun style in a more subtle yet elegant look (thanks to the metal material which makes the bun look more defined and clean)! We should all definitely cop one of these. 


Lastly, we have ribbons… because why not? These make simple ponytails and braids look more elegant and feminine. 

Get your mane game on and style your way through the festivities!