Dress to Impress

One cannot live without clothes for the reason that it is essential to every human being. Clothes can be compared to the extra layer of skin because it primarily serves as the physical safeguard and protection from climate moods. From bodies covered with animal furs to a wide range of textiles and fabrics, they became the symbol of identity, representation of a culture, and integrated into social norms. 

Clothes are the distinction of humans apart from animals, from other sexes and it provides a sense of belonging in social or political groups. Also, clothing builds character where people can freely express themselves. 

In the world today, people developed familiarity with decades and past generations just by looking at how people clothed themselves. Seeing a tight-fitting bodice donned in embroidery reminds people of the renaissance period while tie-dye shirts and midi skirts associate people to the liberated hippie culture in the 1970s. It is impressive how the clothes have been an indication mark of time and they have endlessly evolved and heavily influenced the structure of the society.

The way people dress is seen as a reflection of their persona and the image they opt to display. The personal style stands as a code that sets individuals apart from each other and one can easily distinguish a person by the way they carry themselves. 

Moreover, people are moved by the appearance of an object or any materials that are pleasing to the eye. Partly, because the sense of sight has its own judgments, on the other hand, appearance illustrates how people perceive each other and clothing is the largest contributing factor in determining that. 

First impressions are instantly formed when people go out in public. A man in tuxedo and slacks can be specified as someone working for a company while a woman wearing a pencil skirt and long-sleeves can be seen as a professional employee. The clothes have moved away from the functional purpose of dressing up for comfortability, but rather, it revolutionized as people can predict the character of an individual just by looking at them.

The continual advancement of the world has helped the industry of clothing produce a variety of styles and there are countless options to choose from, some say they take an hour finding the proper outfit. Dressing up well is a performance in the daily routine, it is an effort in taking responsibility for oneself, how much they value their body and maintain their appearance.

One should always be prepared for the unpredictable occurrences that happen in a day. Dressing well can go a long way because moments unfold in an instant and it is always fun to be in a planned and unexpected situation while in a good outfit. 

Dressing up reveals the taste, preferences, and attitude of an individual. It shows how they value their appearance and understand that choosing clothes wisely has an impact on the impression of the public toward them professionally and aesthetically. 

While dressing up is not a show for the public, but rather, a personal adventure for creativity and how oneself identifies in a society. Before getting dressed, measure the weather and one’s own mood; generate ideas by looking for inspirations, or stimulate imaginations and express those in reality because this is how one tells their story.

The first thing that comes to mind when dressing up is the world of fashion. It is the source of style and trends that come and go because fashion is constantly changing. With the expansion of ideas and shifting cultures, along with are the growing attention of the society with dressing up. 

Modern technology immensely shaped how people perceive beauty and the standard for it is mainly based on the style and resourcefulness of an individual. Because the market for clothing is persistently in demand and the online stores are on the rise, it is now easier to be innovative when it comes to showing off style. 

The fluctuating trends in fashion can be exhausting at times for an individual to jump from one decision to another and people often get stuck in a certain trend. One should consider impressing the wallet when buying clothes by evaluating the worth and the timelessness of a product, choosing clothes that never go out in style is a smart decision. This guide will help you find your style and list of items that will stand the test of time in this age of fast fashion.


Blazer is a classic for all types of occasions ranging from office wear to evening hangouts. There are numerous outfits that can be paired with a blazer such as fitted or oversized jeans, plain shirts, long dresses, or skirts. Blazer is a mature style decision and it enhances the overall look with a hint of masculinity and femininity. One can never go wrong in wearing a blazer, not only it warms the body, but it is a style that stands out and stays throughout the time. 


Going for a soft and accentuated look, a nice long dress will save the day. Picking up a long dress out of a wardrobe offers ample time for an individual to prepare because it is a one-piece garment that can either be formal or casual. Long dress has been a trend since the past decade and it embraces the figure of the body which comes with different designs. It is useful for an everyday look. A long dress can be paired with any type of jacket and footwear. 


A good cardigan is always in style and the comfort that comes along with it is a bonus. Cardigan can be composed of various materials such as wool, cashmere, or cotton. It is very convenient and lightweight which makes it perfect for a coffee shop weather, or rainy season. It is designed in ordinary patterns with buttons and mini-pockets. Cardigan can be long, medium or short in length, focus on the quality and it will last long. 


Denim is in every season and trend. A pair of fitted or oversized jeans is the starting point for mix and match. It goes well with any tops, and best paired with a jacket. Jeans can suit any personality and it has been here for decades. Go with a quality pair of jeans and find the right size. Jeans are essential to every individual’s closet and it is friendly to a variety of looks one wants to achieve. 


Anyone is used to lounge at home with their t-shirts on, ranging from cartoon styled print growing up as a kid, to rocking artistic prints that come with various colorways. From plain t-shirt to printed ones, they are always here to stay. One good tee shirt can be paired with almost everything in the closet. 


If the jeans had a sister, it would be the skirt. Any kind of fabric for the skirt is a heavenly look and wearing one is certainly a head-turner. Skirts have been controversial during its first launch, but as the decades go on, it became a staple seen every corner. The skirt is a piece for any situation depending on the length and thickness of the garment. It can be worn with a variety of other clothes, that one can wear a skirt in a week and still look uniquely different each day. 


The coat is a powerful statement for formal and casual situations. This item is a worldwide style that is utilized and worn through all seasons. The trench coat can vary from light to heavy depending on the preference of a person. It is best to choose a trench coat that is easy to bring for occasions and it will surprise one how putting on trench coats brings a strong flavor to a style. 

The trench coat has many functions not only for protection from cold weather but selecting a design with multiple pockets can be a good companion for going out. It’s best to wear one open without buttoning up to show the overall look. 


Collared jackets are a signature garment that can be worn through day and night. This outerwear is a match for someone who is striving for a modest or edgy look. This can be paired with dresses, jeans, or formal pants. 

There are different types of collared jackets that are made of quality materials. Collared jackets last long and do not wear out. Collars fit formal and casual situations which can range from fur collar, flat, low-cut standing collar, and hoodie collar. 

The combination of clothes that are selected well and based on the distinctive preferences of each is what is truly impressive. Wearing for the satisfaction of oneself is the ultimate goal that one acquires when purchasing clothes accompanied by a person’s tireless hunt for personal and sentimental items. 

People’s differences are beauty in the fashion world. The beliefs and attitudes are imparted with each other and the likeness or similarities connect people in unison. This is what dressing is all about, to be able to express oneself through clothing and to endlessly discover the future and rediscover the past.