DIY Tips: How to Make Pastel Hair Dye with the Use of Conditioner

DIY, also known as Do It Yourself, things are very popular in this generation. This involves being given a set of instructions to do a certain thing all by yourself. A lot of people love to experiment on their own and try out the different DIY things that are scattered all over the internet. It gives them the thrill to do these things on their own or with a friend and figure out if they did the right thing or not. Looking at the finished product can make them feel very satisfied with themselves for doing it right or,at the very least, trying. 

There are a lot of DIY things that you can do. It is also very helpful that a lot of them can be found all over the internet. Such examples are DIY slime, DIY boxes, and a lot more things. One of the latest trends is about making a DIY hair color dye, especially pastel ones. In this article, we will help you make a DIY pastel hair color dye with the use of a conditioner. This process is actually done by diluting the conditioner into the hair color dye for more effective hair color. The DIY tinted conditioner is the best way to achieve a pastel hair color that you can have for a very long time and with the long haul. 

Before we go through the process of creating a DIY pastel hair color dye, you need to first know that this won’t work if your hair is of a darker shade. This hair dye will only work for those who are within the “blonde” family. If your hair is of a darker shade, I suggest that you lighten it up first. If you are planning on bleaching your hair, make sure that you know the right procedures so that you wouldn’t end up burning your scalp. After knowing this, you can go ahead and start with the process of making the pastel hair dye.


Considered as the number one rule or guideline of DIY hair dyeing is to keep away from any drastic changes. Whenever you want to change the color of your hair more than three shades, it’s ideal to see a pro. Remember that sometimes lightening hair requires a light base, and going such a dark shade can bring about higher odds of patchy shading. 


Try not to wrongly head to the store and simply get a box of hair color. As being said, it’s good to purchase dye at big box stores since they have so many ranges and options of shades and brands. 

Regardless of whether you love the model’s hair on the container, there’s a little possibility your hair will look equivalent to hers. Singular hair thickness, skin tone, and current tone would all be able to influence your outcomes for an unusual outcome. Your smartest option is to pick a shade dependent on your skin tone. 


The first thing that you should do in the process of making the pastel hair dye will be to prepare the materials. It is better to have all of them ready before you make the DIY dye so that you would have a smooth process. Make sure that you have all of the following materials on hand before you start. Here are the materials that you would need in making the DIY pastel hair color dye.

Plastic Bowl and Dye Brush

This is definitely one of the most important that you need when you want to dye your hair. It is surely a necessity to have one of these especially if you love changing the color of your hair. Have a nice medium-sized bowl where you can mix the hair dye regardless of your hair length. You need to get a dye brush that has fine hairs on it that can help you effectively apply the dye to your hair. Make sure to have a nice bowl and dye brush that you can use in mixing and applying the hair color dye. 

White Conditioner

You must certainly have the main ingredient for our experiment. The conditioner is the most important thing to have here, alongside the hair color dye and bowl and brush. When choosing the right conditioner to choose, you need to make sure that it is pure white. This hair dye won’t work if it is not a white conditioner. It is also better to have a large bottle of conditioner so that you will have a sufficient amount of conditioner to use.

Hair Color Dye

This next material is also one of the most important things to have. How are you supposed to color your hair without the actual hair color dye? Before you go and buy a hair color dye, you need to consider the hair color that you want to achieve. For some pastel colors, there is a need to mix a lot of different colors to attain the perfect shade. Make sure to do your research before you buy a hair dye. 

Towels and Rarely used the shirt

Make sure to have this before you start. It’s better to be ready with a towel that you can use after you’ve rinsed the hair of the hair color dye that you made. It’s also important to use an old shirt while you’re applying the dye to your hair. You surely wouldn’t want a new shirt to have hair color dye stains. 

Gloves, Tissue, Hair clips or pins (optional)

It is optional to have these few things although it can be very helpful. Gloves can help you avoid having stains on your hand. The tissue will help prevent your skin around the neck to have stains also. Hair clips and pins will help you keep your hair together while you’re still applying the dye to a different part of your hair.  


Shading actually works best with dirty hair, since it comes up short on the slippery conditioner that newly washed locks have. Coloring 24 to 48 hours after your last wash is generally fine. That way, shading remains on the strands and enters better for more unsurprising outcomes. 

Continuously start with your hair combed into your typical style. That way, you can be able to perfect the shading on top prior to moving to the hair underneath the primary layer. This is additionally the ideal time to change into an old shirt. 


While it might seem like one of the less significant steps in DIY hair coloring, don’t wrongly ignore the strand test. It discloses to you precisely how the hair color looks on your hair and permits you to change processing times appropriately. You can simply grab a half-inch segment of hair that is not usually visible – you can take some from behind your ear – apply the dye and stand by and wait the amount of time required as indicated or prescribed on the box. At that point, you can wash it off in cool water. 


The first thing you need to do is make sure that your bowl and dye brush are clean. You surely wouldn’t want any dirt or something go into your hair while you’re applying the dye to it. Clean your bowl and dye brush first. If you want, you can also wear gloves so that you can mix the dye well without worrying that it will be staining your hands. You can also use gloves to put the hair color dye in your hair efficiently and mix it well with your hair. The gloves will help you massage your hair with the hair color dye without making any mess.

The next step will make use of your newly cleaned bowl, dye brush, and the conditioner. You need to put ⅓ cup of white conditioner into the bowl. It’s better to start with this amount as it is not too much or not too less. For sure, you need to adjust this amount based on the length of your hair or how much would you like to color. You can choose to color it whole, just color the tips, or color your hair with highlights. There are a lot of options that you could choose from. Make sure to decide on this first so that you won’t have a hard time adding and creating more hair dye while you’re in the middle of applying it to your hair.

Once you are done with adding the right amount of white conditioner, the next thing to do is to add the hair color dye that you chose. The next step involves adding a few hair color dye and white conditioner every now and then to get the perfect shade that you want. Do not worry about having a lot of finished hair color dye as it is better to have more than to have less. Make sure to mix it very thoroughly and very well as there may be some parts that aren’t mixed well which can cause unequal hair color. If you’re getting frustrated with mixing as you feel like you’re not getting the right shade that you want, calm down and relax. Add just small portions at a time so that you’ll see all available shades. I’m sure that you will get the right pastel shade that you want by the end of all of this. 

If you’ve reached the point of achieving the perfect pastel-colored dye, then you are ready to apply the dye to your hair. Remember again that this will work better on lighter hairs. There are some pastel colors that you can rock with darker hair color but most of them would only look good for light-colored hair. Once you are ready, prepare your towel, tissue, and old clothes. Immediately wear the old shirt or sando and put the tissue around your neck to prevent hair dye stains on your skin.


Use the dye brush to apply small portions of the pastel color dye to your hair. To avoid a lot of mess, do this process inside your bathroom as it is easier to clean a stain on your bathroom floor than on your living room floor or your bedroom rug. It’s better to start with the hair on the area near your nape then go upwards as you apply it slowly to your hair. Make sure that you apply the color dye to your whole hair as a small portion could actually make a big difference in the final appearance of your hair. 

In case you’re simply touching up your hair roots, you can load up your color brush and start there. In case you’re applying the color all over, apply it first to the hair that is noticeable when it’s combed into your typical style, and afterward move onto the base layers. 

This is the place where your dye brush seems handy. Brush the dye as near the roots as could be expected under the circumstances, and afterward drag the shading down the length of your hair while it’s flat on your head. Proceed with the process until the whole first layer is immersed. At that point, utilize your hairdresser clip to isolate the first inch of the top segment and proceed with the process on the following layer. 


Don’t forget to recall that some hair is more resistant to shading than others. Adding heat can be able to help improve dye penetration on your hair for better outcomes, on the off chance that you’re opting for a lighter tone than your natural hair color or if ever that you have thick hair. You presumably won’t have a salon-quality dryer in your washroom, however, any hair dryer ought to do. 


Once you’ve finished applying the pastel-colored dye to your hair, let it sit for 30 minutes or depending on the instructions placed with the hair color dye that you bought. You can wait for 30 minutes up to an hour to get the best results. Make sure to clean all the materials that you used, especially the bowl and dye brush. Also, make sure to spot if there are stains left by your dye in the area where you applied the dye. Once the time is up, go ahead and rinse your hair with water. It very well might be enticing to simply clean it out over the sink, however, you could wind up leaving a tone in your hair, which is exceptionally damaging. Do it slowly and make sure that the dye in your hair has been completely removed. Wait for it to fully dry and check your reflection in the mirror. You should be sporting beautiful pastel-colored hair. 

But instead, help yourself out and go to the shower so you can wash your hair thoroughly. Add water and clean your hair with your fingertips as though you’re in the process of shampooing. At that point, rinse it out and watch the water until it runs clear. Last, wrap up with a good quality conditioner – there’s typically one in the hair shading box. You can likewise check for dye drips on your skin. In the event that you notice a few, utilize an exfoliating cream and they should come directly off. 


Lastly, style your hair as usual and check and assess the overall outcomes. Try not to make any snap judgments when your hair is as yet wet since water makes your hair look more obscure than it truly is. All things considered, you can utilize a warm – not hot – hair dryer to style your hair with minimum heat. At that point, look at the shading in natural light – by a window, for instance. 

Ideally, you love the outcome. In any case, if that you don’t, there are a few different ways to fix it: 

Utilize a Color Remover: Products, for example, Color Oops can take color from hair, yet it only possibly works in the event that you dyed it a darker shading. On the off chance that you lighten your hair, it will be much likely that hydrogen peroxide was utilized and your hair has really been bleached to accomplish the result. Since shading remover just works to remove artificial color and not to supplant lost natural pigment of the hair, you will have to discover different options. 

Utilize a Clarifying Shampoo: In the event that the shading is only too dark, you can tone it by utilizing a clarifying shampoo. It is made intended to remove products from hair, it utilizes so much strong detergent and can really fade your shading to a more acceptable shade. Just utilize the clarifying cleanser once per week and follow up with a good-quality conditioner.

Use Toning Shampoo: On the off chance that your problem is that your lightened hair looks too brazen, utilize a toning shampoo. Since it’s blue, it balances the yellow in your hair to cut the brass and then make a brighter, more exact outcome.

The process of getting pastel-colored hair is not that much but it will give you a very satisfying product. Seeing your new hair color will make you feel that it’s all worth it. Just make sure that you follow everything in this article and I’m very positive that you’ll definitely get the results that you want.