Crossbody bags: Latest trends and how to choose

Regardless of the occasion, crossbody bags are your ready-to-go bags that can store your most basic and essential needs and have long become the most practical and durable choice amongst all the other types of bags. 

During early modern Europe, the crossbody bag’s earliest purpose was to store coins and was used by both men and women. Later on, it was called utility bags and was used by soldiers, fishermen, and lumberjacks to carry their tools. It was created with one long strap that crosses over the body with the bag section at the front by the waist, allowing easy access and bag-free hands.

It was designed as an ideal look for messengers for mail delivery. By the 17th century, young girls were taught how to embroider and the unique skill has helped them create designs for crossbody bags. 

The rise of modern crossbody bags can be seen during the Industrial Revolution in England when women who traveled via railway saw the great need for a bag that can conveniently carry their belongings. 

As we look back to this year’s fashion week, we’ve seen the trend of crossbody bags returning as clear as day, proving that this bag type is never going out of fashion. Below is a round-up of crossbody bag trends that you should invest in for your next purchase. 

Styles of Crossbody Bags

The Classic Quilted Bag


This classic bag is not just a timeless closet staple, but it also increases in value over time. From the high price tags to the variety of styles available, it can be difficult to choose which one suits you the best. The majority would probably say that they love the classic Chanel bag.

This classic look was first created by Coco Chanel when she got tired of carrying her bags on both arms. Taking inspiration from soldier bags, she added straps to fully utilize a bag-free hand. 

The Logo Bag

Another crossbody favorite is the classic dedication to the logo. Brands like Yves Saint Laurent decided to have their initials on their signature bags, creating a symbol of status. The emblem in front caught the eye and attention and displays an effortless, elegant, and sophisticated look. It is both an investment and a fashion trend. Remember, it’s the basic trends that stay. 

The Circle Bag

This might prove to be a little fresh to the eyes as many of us are used to the rectangular shape of a bag. It looks chic and at the same time, experimental. However, this bag has one unique trait and that is it challenges a person’s skill to put together an outfit.

Nowadays, the circle bag is everywhere and made with all sorts of material, from local to expensive leather. It’s practical as well, as it can store all the necessities you might need during the day. It is a timeless design with its contemporary design and is a crowd favorite for its unique shape and unusual concept. 

The Bucket Bag

It may not be considered a crossbody bag but it does share a similar feature and that is a long strap. While most traditional crossbody straps offer medium-level storage, bucket bags provides a large compartment that will fit your bigger essential items.

It is a trendy bag that goes well with any outfit and the only challenge you have to face is picking the right shade of color that will match your personality and daily style. The bucket bag either has a zip or snap stud button on the inside and often has an oval base. It is also known as a “drawstring bag.” 

The Box Bag

The box-like shape was made popular by Gucci’s Soho bag and has a size that is perfect for day-to-night. Despite Gucci giving it its fame, the look of the box bag dates back to the ‘50s when Enid Collins, a designer, started experimenting with box-shaped bags in wood and leather.

Back then, it costs a fortune to purchase this bag but, fortunately, today, there are plenty of options with a varied price range. With the right combination, a box bag can elevate a look. 

The Gold Clasp

A gold clasp is a fashion statement that can elevate your fashion and while a crossbody bag is already a chic accessory, a bold gold clasp is a bold choice and is one of the fashionable ways to make a look stand out. This detail, though for some is not important and often overlooked, will not only help you achieve a stylish look but will also help you look expensive. 

The Saddle Bag

Among all the trendy staples through the decades, the saddlebag is not one of them. But through the iconic brand, Dior, the bag is gaining momentum in the fashion world. The original bag is not a crowd favorite but brands have kept the style on-trend.

It has a similar shape to the circle bag but its top flap keeps it unique, as it bears a resemblance to the shape of a traditional horse saddle. The bag is a classic and iconic item that you need in your wardrobe. 

With an endless variety of choices of trendy crossbody bags, it is a challenge to pick the right one that fits your style, lifestyle, and budget. If you are overwhelmed with all of these elements that need to be considered, looking for a little help is not a bad thing.

How to choose the perfect crossbody bags?

The following are some guides and things to consider when choosing the best type of crossbody bag for you to purchase. 

Size is Important

When it comes to picking the right crossbody bag, make sure to take into account its size. Consider the current lifestyle you are leading and think about the essentials you’re going to need. The number one question you should ask yourself is, “is it going to fit in the bag?” 

Generally, small bags are not practical when you are living a busy life, but attending social events doesn’t require medium to large bag size so it is best to always keep a small one in the collection. 

The Style

In choosing a bag, a must that you have to consider is “does it match my style and personality?” 

The way a bag looks with an outfit and vice versa is a crucial factor. Before the purchase, take into consideration what bag style would best fit your image. A few things you should consider are: 

  • The bag should be versatile so that it can go well with all your outfits
  • The quality of the bag
  • It should best describe you and your wardrobe
  • A bag with a certain feature that is most convenient for you (e.g. lots of pockets, organized compartments)
  • A form and shape that will never go out of trend


The cost of the bag might be the first on the list when it comes down to it, but it’s wise to not make the entire purchase purely based on the price. Remember, look into different stores and compare the prices and quality of your desired bag. Not all affordable bags are of low quality and not all expensive bags are of high quality. You have to thoroughly check the item inside out and make sure you are getting your money’s worth. 

Tip! Shopping online might not be the option when it comes to buying a bag. It limits your freedom in checking every inch of the bag. 


Crossbody bags are available in numerous types of fabrics and you can pick based on your personal preference. For work purposes, leather material is the best. Not only is it of high quality but it also gives a professional and sophisticated look. If you are looking to buy from other materials, make sure it fits your wardrobe, your personality, and your lifestyle. Last and most important of all is to pick a material that is durable enough and will last you a long time. 

Color is key

It is important to pick a shade that appeals to you and can complete your look. Go for a bag that will complement not only the inside of your closet but your outfit as well. If you are looking for a change in style or you might be feeling experimental, don’t be afraid to choose colors that you don’t usually pick. You might be surprised to find the best suitable bag in the most bizarre pattern or color. 


If your day is as simple as it gets, you can go for a plainly-styled crossbody bag that is average in size. If you want to draw attention, choose a bold-colored bag, designed with rhinestones, sequins, crystal, or even glitter. If you are a busy person who has varied schedules, be it a work setting or social gala, then it is wise to invest in bags that will serve different occasions. 

Evening events will require minimum things being carried so a small crossbody might be enough, make sure it has character of course. Attending a conference or a meeting might require more storage for notepads or gadgets like a tablet or a laptop so a medium-size crossbody bag is ideal. 

Always look ahead, consider your schedules and the essentials you need before purchasing a bag. Take a good look inside your wardrobe and also weigh in your style before ultimately bringing that bag to the counter. 


Certain bags have features that add character to them. These features could be the clasps used, the closure of the bag, the handle and straps, and the embellishment. These little details have a big and personal touch, making them look classy or chic. So always look into these tiny features and consider the best type that suits you the most. 

Now that you are made aware of what to look for when choosing the best crossbody bag for you, here are three additional tips on how to wear and style a crossbody bag without too much effort.

A bright bag should go with a dark outfit

If you are particularly proud of your bag and its bold color, a dark-colored outfit is a perfect medium to make it stand out. To make a bag pop, you need to wear either neutral or dark attire to go with it. Pairing a bright red crossbody bag with an all-black outfit will elevate the look, making it chic and timeless. Another perfect combo is a yellow crossbody bag with a beige/brown outfit. 

For a blended look, go for a bag whose color is the same as your top

If you want to achieve a serious and conservative look, this option is the best for you. It’s perfect for business-related events like a conference or a meeting. A black bag with a black outfit will give you a professional and timeless look, more than that, it also goes well with all types of events and gatherings. While pairing a white crossbody bag with an all-white business look will make you look expensive and elegant at the same time.

A patterned bag should go with a plain dress and vice versa

Patterns are a bit challenging to work with. An outfit with anything pattern, if not coordinated well enough can look disastrous. That’s why it is important to keep in mind that if you are opting for a patterned outfit, it could your pants or shirt, it would be better to pair it with a plain-colored bag, and vice versa. The presence of the plain colored item will balance out the clashing elements of patterns. 

It might be a little intimidating but it also won’t hurt to own a pair or two of patterned bags. Experimenting is the key and if have a good eye for coordination, patterns will not be a huge problem for you. 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a bag, especially if they are on the pricey end of the stick. Always make sure that the crossbody bag you choose will suit your lifestyle and personality the most. Don’t be pressured by others and always take your time in looking at other stores and comparing prices. Remember, your bag will be with you for a long time. Might as well make it worth your time and money.