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Corset Tops Trends as Outerwear Street Style

Once used as underneath in the lavish gowns and dresses, corset top has become one of the lingerie clothing that’s also worn as outerwear. And like any lingerie turned outerwear, styling a corset top is tricky as there is a fine line between sexiness and tackiness. Though corset tops have details such as silk embroidery, feathers, handcrafted lace, and even denim, you still have to pick the perfect ones and appropriate bottoms to look chic without looking out of place.

A corset top absolutely makes a sexy fashion statement by letting it be the principal feature piece of your outfit. It’s an ideal layering piece for an evening out or even a feminine piece during the day. Just under-dress the rest of your attire for the lingerie itself will draw the attention. Make sure to add a little more coverage to your look so you don’t feel too exposed while treating your corset a top.

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