Colored Hair: A Guide

The way your hair is styled and color can totally change your look. Sometimes, it’s even the hair that brings about the whole outfit. There are some women who prefers to stay true to their hair’s natural color but some really want to spice it up and experiment with the endless possibilities of hair colors.

But have you ever wondered what could be the perfect hair color for you? This article will help you choose the hair color that suits you and how to maintain them using natural home remedies.

Determining the color of your clothes and skintone

Women focus on choosing the appropriate colors of their from the color of their skin. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and bring clothes of different colors. If you observed that your skin color looks good in clothes with cold colors like green, blue and purple, then cold colors are preferred when dyeing the hair such as black, gray, gray blond and platinum blond.

If your skin looks better paired with warm-colored clothes like yellow, orange and red, the hair color that would suit you are warm red and golden brown.

If you’re having trouble determining your skin tone, one way is to look at the color of the veins on your wrist. If the veins are blue, then it’s cold and if the veins are green, the skin is warm.

Take into account the current color of the hair

When in doubt about choosing the right color, it is preferable to choose a color that is one shade lighter or one shade darker than the current hair color, as it is easy to adjust the hair color if it does not suit the skin color.

The degree of sheen

Very bright hair is suitable for blondes more than brunettes, and brunettes are advised to have hair with a slight sheen. To keep the hair shinier for a longer period of time, it is recommended to use shampoos containing a low percentage of silicone.

Childhood hair color

Robert Nicky Ferrar believes that the strong red color is suitable for girls born with red hair, while others recommend the use of the chestnut color. Michael Casey believes that those born with blond hair should be recommended to dye their hair a honey color.

The semi-permanent dye

According to Ms. Shayla Crawford, the semi-permanent dye can last from 5 to 7 weeks on the hair as it envelops the outer part of the hair tissue. This is the ideal choice for those who want to make a slight change to the color of their hair, and for those who are hesitant to dye their hair a permanent color.

But achieving the exact hair color of your choice is not an easy feat. This is the reason why many women prefer to have their hair dyed in beauty salons rather than doing it by themselves at home. The reason for this is hairdressers combine several hair dyes to achieve the desired hair color. This section of this article will give tips and tricks on how to incorporate hair dyes so that you can achieved your desired hair color right at the comfort of your own home.

Basics of combining hair dyes

To incorporate basic hair dyes, there are several factors to consider:


It is used with the aim of lightening the color of the hair and fixing the dye on it, and it is available in several types and it is preferable to use oxygen at a concentration of 30% with brown and red pigments, and to make golden tufts, while the oxygen with a concentration of 40% is preferred for use with black and dark hair, and to obtain snowy tufts, Note that 60 ml of liquid oxygen is used with each dye package.

Auxiliary dyes

The most important of which is the very light gray blond, which gives the hair a matte color, and the snowy blond, which gives the hair shine, and in addition to the golden blond, and these auxiliary colors are used with brown dyes, and the auxiliary colors with red hair dyes are represented by the red color Fatih too.

How to incorporate hair dye

There are several ways to incorporate hair dyes, namely:

Medium hazel brown color

One package of hair dye in snow blonde should be combined with another package in very light gray blond, in addition to 30% oxygen.

Deer brown color

one package of hair dye in light gray blonde should be combined with another medium blond color, in addition to oxygen with a concentration of 30%.

Medium honey color:

You should combine a package of hair dye in the light snow blonde color, with another bottle in hazel blond, in addition to oxygen at a concentration of 30%, and oxygen can be replaced at a concentration of 40% to obtain a light honey color.

Dark chocolate brown color:

Take into account the combination of a package of chocolate brown hair dye, with another package in light gray blond color, in addition to 20% oxygen, and to convert to the light brown color, replace the oxygen at a concentration of 20% with oxygen at a concentration of 40%.

Bright red color

One should combine a package of hair dye in burgundy red, another package in light red, in addition to oxygen with a concentration of 30%.

Reddish brown color

One package of hair dye in medium autumn color, with another package of light gray blond, should be combined with oxygen at a concentration of 30%.

Light gray bronze color

One package of hair dye in snow blonde should be combined with another package in light gray blond, in addition to 30% oxygen.

Dark gray bronze color

Combine a package of hair dye in snow blond with 30% oxygen.

But for those who wants to lighten their hair without using any chemical-induced hair products, there is actually one way to do it! We’ve been seeing this ingredient everywhere by now and has become a staple to natural beauty products. And that is the lemon.

Many women want to lighten their hair color as a kind of change, but dyeing hair and lightening it with artificial and chemical dyes causes many damages and problems to hair such as dryness and other damages, so women resort to dyeing her hair with natural materials and the the most important of which are lemon, honey, natural chamomile and many other substances.

Lemon juice is the best natural way to lighten hair color by applying it directly to the hair and exposing the hair to the sun’s rays, and lemon works more effectively to lighten hair on dyed or blond hair, although it can also lighten dark hair. There are also many natural recipes that can be prepared at home that work to lighten hair naturally and healthily without resorting to beauty salons and without exposing the hair to the damages of chemical dyes.

Methods of lightening hair with lemon

This is the most popular way to lighten hair with lemon, as lemon is one of the traditional methods that works to lighten hair color. You will need lemon juice and water.

Mix equal quantities of lemon juice and water and put the solution in a spray container. Sprinkle the hair with this solution and distribute it by hand over the entire hair. Leave the solution on the hair to air dry under the sun, for no more than an hour, to avoid damage from the sun’s rays. Wash hair and apply conditioner.

Note: Lemon juice works to dry hair because it contains acidic components, so it is recommended when washing it to use a good moisturizing conditioner to avoid the problem of dry hair.

Other natural recipes for lightening hair

There are many natural recipes that work to lighten hair naturally, and here are some of these recipes:


To lighten hair color, it contains hydrogen peroxide, as this substance gently lightens hair. You will need 1-2 tablespoons of honey and a cup of water.

To prepare, mix the ingredientsthen apply the mixture to the hair, massaging gently on the areas of hair that you want to lighten. Leave the mixture on the hair for 30 – 60 minutes, then wash and apply conditioner.

Chamomile tea

You will need one or two cups of chamomile tea (depending on the length of the hair.) To prepare the mixture, brew Chamomile tea for 10-15 minutes and set aside until completely cool. Apply chamomile on hair before showering and leave it on until the completion of the usual bathing steps for about half an hour.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar has many benefits and uses, including its ability to lighten hair. To prepare, Wash hair with natural apple cider vinegar without using shampoo.

Baking soda

Baking soda works to lighten hair color according to the following method. Put baking soda on hair when taking a shower and with a good massage.


Bring a cup of coffee and leave it to cool completely and place it in a box of spray. It is sprayed on the hair and exposes the hair to the rays of the sun for a period of half an hour.

The moment we decide to dye our hair, we are already a subject to brittleness, damage and dryness. Sometimes, the quality of our hair is sacrificed and but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any chance of saving it. There are two can-be-seen at home ingredients that can help you regain the smoothness and health of your hair.

These ingredients are yogurt and coconut oil.

Yogurt is famous for its high nutritional value and health benefits for the human body, but yogurt has many different aesthetic uses, as it is one of the most important nutritional elements that enter the field of beauty, skin care and hair, as it was used in the past in many cosmetic recipes and masks that improve the health of hair and skin. This milk is known for its ability to give hair shine, softness and an attractive appearance, especially for dyed and damaged hair from chemicals.

Benefits of yogurt for dyed hair

It strengthens the hair

 Yogurt contains many nutrients that strengthen the hair, especially the minerals calcium and potassium, and it also contains many important vitamins such as vitamin B complex and proteins, and yogurt is made from natural milk protein, which is considered one of the best foods that strengthen and strengthen hair. It also contains lactic acid that improves blood circulation in the body, and thus stimulates hair growth better.

Nourishes the hair

Yogurt is distinguished by its ability to nourish the hair and give it the nutrients it needs to appear in the best shape and perfect health, and it is one of the best solutions to get rid of dry and rough hair, and it is preferable to put a mask made of yogurt and olive oil and put it on the hair for about a quarter of an hour before washing the hair to get rid of damage and dry hair.

Fights dandruff

Yogurt works to fight bacteria and fungi that cause dandruff on the head, and it is recommended to mix a little yogurt with fresh lemon juice and put it on the hair and scalp; To get rid of itching and dandruff, you can mix some yogurt with a tablespoon of ground black pepper and massage the scalp with this mixture, as both methods are effective in eliminating dandruff and itching in the hair.

Gives hair shine and luster

Yogurt contains many special elements, such as zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12, and it contains lactic acid that enhances the health of hair and gives it shine and softness, and it is preferable to mix yogurt with honey, eggs, and orange juice Or fresh lemon juice to get healthy hair.

Smoothes the hair

The yogurt mask is prepared by putting it with fresh lemon juice, and leaving it on the hair for about a quarter of an hour before washing it, as this helps to get softer and more beautiful hair, and get rid of hair tangles and damage.

Treats split ends

Putting yogurt on the hair after washing it and leaving it for a few minutes, then washing it with cold water helps to fight hair breakage and damage, especially in the event of damage and brittleness resulting from repeatedly dyeing hair with chemicals, and yogurt is one of the best solutions to compensate the hair for the damage resulting from dyeing it .

Another ingredient is coconut oil. Dyed hair needs special care; In order to preserve its color and shine for as long as possible, and the wrong choices of shampoo or products used for hair would damage the dye and negatively affect it, so it was necessary to find ways to take care of it, and one of the most important of these methods is the use of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a natural oil extracted from the kernel of the tropical coconut fruit or its filling, and it is used in many fields, whether food, medical or industrial (cosmetic), due to its containment of many beneficial elements for the body, skin and hair.

From a medical point of view, coconut oil lowers the level of harmful cholesterol, which protects against the risk of heart strokes, but from a cosmetic point of view, it moisturizes the skin, increases the shine of hair, and also benefits dyed hair and others.

If these ingredients are not available, there are also different mixtures of masks that are useful for dyed hair.

Avocado mask

It maintains the softness of dyed hair and does not frizz, so that you mix a whole grain of it with an amount of coconut oil, equivalent to two spoons, and put the mixture on the hair and massage it well and leave for a full hour of time, and finally wash the hair.

Mayonnaise Mask

It protects the hair from drying out and sagging, especially if the hair is exposed to dye frequently and repeatedly, so that you mix an amount of mayonnaise equivalent to one tablespoon with an equal amount of sesame oil and olive oil, and put the mixture on the hair and cover with a hot towel for two full hours.

Egg and yogurt mask

Maintains the health of the hair by bringing the yolks to one egg, mixing it with three tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of yogurt, and the resulting mixture is placed after mixing it well on the hair, and left for half an hour with a warm towel covered, and this mixture is preferred to be placed on the head Twice a week.

Egg and lemon mask

Moisturizes the hair and protects it from drying out because it is rich in proteins, by mixing one egg yolk also with the juice of one lemon, one tablespoon of hair conditioner, in addition to two tablespoons of water, so that these ingredients are mixed well and put on the hair and leave for a third of an hour.

Tips on how to handle dyed hair

  • Avoid applying creams and shampoos that contain a high percentage of chemicals.
  • Try to use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type.
  • Use a special towel for hair, preferably a cotton ball that absorbs moisture.
  • Stay away from high temperature hair dryers.
  • Combing it with a toothbrush that is neither sharp nor harmful to the scalp.