Clutches: Latest Trends and How to Choose

A clutch is but a small bag without a handle, usually carried by women on formal occasions. They are not wallets and have enough space to carry only the necessities, such as a phone and a wallet. They are not exactly practical and they can be extraordinarily extra in terms of design. However, their impracticality is what made many people love them so much. They are a piece of art in a world full of ready-to-wear items. It is the finishing touch to an outfit, strong enough to stand on its own, especially if they are designed to be more sparkly than your usual handbag. 

It’s the bag you want, not the bag you need. 

Dating back to the early 13th century, clutches were considered a symbol of wealth and status, which is similar to most luxury fashion today.  It was so modern that it is often featured in paintings and artworks that glamorized women, and not just anyone could have one. In the Middle Ages, it was mainly concealed for reasons of security but a change in fashion led to the purse becoming an object of show. 

The clutch or purses can no longer be disguised within the folds or the dress and was normalized in the 1920s by Hollywood stars during red carpet events. 

The evening clutch also goes by minaudière, a fancy name patented by Van Cleef & Arpels. The luxury jeweler designed their first clutch in 1930, inspired by Florence Gould, an American socialite, and patron of arts, who carried her belongings in a metal cigarette case. Many famous brands have produced a different type of clutch bags in the past made with materials like lacquer, bakelite, and metal.

Though clutches continue to occupy a niche in the accessory market, they are also making their way from strictly evening staples to everyday accessories. It is today’s most desirable item in a women’s wardrobe due to its iconic designs and uses for different events and formal gatherings. This small bag is primarily held without any sort of straps. 

It also has different styles that traveled through time and are making noises in the fashion world. 

Styles of Clutch Bag



It is a small bag that is usually closed by a top zipper. Its earliest use was recorded during medieval times as a way to store items in a drawstring pouch. Today, this style is a versatile tool used to carry smaller things either as a handheld clutch or as an organizer within larger bags. 

For some people, this is an essential item that they have inside their bigger bag to have an organized and clean look. They buy pouches to store their make-up kits, first-aid kits, and chargers. So when they plan to change their bags in the future they can just transfer the pouches to a different bag.

Envelope clutch

This is a type of clutch that features a triangle flap closure that resembles an envelope, hence the name. Unlike a regular clutch that contains zippers, this bag is secured with a magnet and is, therefore an elegant option if you are looking for an alternative to the regular zipper closures. It has more storage space compared to the other trendy clutches today. You can fit your cell-phone and tablet inside this clutch bag.

Box clutch

It is another style of the classic clutch that features a modern box shape. To keep the box aesthetic, it is typically made with materials like acrylic and can include different types of finishing like leather or glitter. It has heavy characteristics to it but the styles are always worth it. This is a modern attempt at the classically shaped clutches. More fashionable people are investing in this type of clutch bag as it will have a moment in the fashion world in the future.

Kiss lock clutch

A handbag that has a framed closure that is secured by a kissing clasp. This style is perfect for evening gatherings and is often used by designers to accentuate details. Fashion bloggers use this type of clutch nowadays, making a fashion statement. With its kissing lock, it is more secure compared to other clutch bags. 


A small hard-cased clutch that typically features decorative and embellished beads and crystals. It was first invented by a luxury jeweler back in the 1930s. Its decorative aesthetic makes it well suited for grand and formal gatherings. Some are made with seashells and are making a big hit on fashion bloggers today.


A clutch that has a loop-shaped strap design to be worn around your wrist which is a convenient way to free up the hands while still holding on to the bag. It is an innovation from the classic clutch bag which only be handheld. The golden loop-shaped strap is the most famous element on this bag and it has elegant characteristics to it.

Bermuda bag

It has a round or oval shape and is characterized by a wooden handle. It often has a removable cloth cover and can have an embroidered pattern like flowers. With the vintage and retro theme coming back, this clutch bag is making its comeback and is now worn by fashion bloggers and influential people and posting it on their social media platforms. You can custom your desired design and pattern on this bag, with the removable cloth cover you can explore different combinations that will fit your style. 

Basket bag

It is one of the oldest forms of bags, traditionally made from a range of plant materials like wood splints, cane, and bamboo. A basket bag is characterized more by its materials instead of its shape since it can be constructed in a variety of silhouettes. This trendy clutch bag has gained its own audience for its quirky elements and shape. This type of bag is perfect for when visiting the beach as it can blend well with the natural surroundings and will make you look more fashionable with little effort. 


The name is derived from the French word for ‘pocket’ and is an envelope-shaped clutch bag. The style is made popular by the luxurious brand Louis Vuitton.  The pochette can come in a range of styles, such as an envelope clutch with a strap, or a pouch without a strap. The perfect type of material for this clutch bag is leather. Having more space for storage you can carry more things and the leather material has durable characteristics compared to other materials being used in this bag.


It was originally used as a type of luggage for transporting a variety of hats in the 19th century. It has a deep, round shape, and is today used by designers as a hard-cased bag with a handheld strap. Today, it is famous for every red carpet event. With its round shape, it has a contemporary element that attracts designers and fashion bloggers to purchasing one. 

Boston bag

It is a barrel-shaped bag that has a zipper closure and is handheld. Made with materials like leather, nylon, and canvas, but is usually made with leather detail. You can store a couple more things inside while still looking fashionable and stylish. 

Let go of your creative skill and be free to explore all the types of the trendy clutch bag today. There are multiple themes and shapes that can fit everyone’s style, even the most eccentric ones. 

Let your creative skill go exploring with all these trendy clutch bag styles today. Some available themes and shapes that can fit your certain taste. 

Accessorizing your outfit with a bag is important. The right bag will complete the whole look while the wrong bag can make you look uncoordinated from head to toe. 

To avoid this, and you must avoid this, here are some tips on how to choose the best clutch bag. 

How to choose a clutch bag

Compliments your body structure

Clutches, like all the other types of bags, come in different sizes. If you are an overall petite person, it is advisable to carry a small and handy clutch that won’t look unrealistically large on you. Similarly, there is a variety of bling and elegant large flap and large size clutches available for you to choose from. Take note though that they tend to look better on taller people.

The Right Color

Before purchasing your cutch bag, think about the color a couple of times. If you want to use your clutch daily, then make sure the color is neutral and goes well with all or most of your outfits. Normally black clutches tend to go along well with all colors. However, nude shades are also fast trending as neutral colors. If you are purchasing a clutch bag for special occasions, then choose bold colors that will stand out and compliment your overall look.

Choose a multi-way clutch

A multi-way clutch has a metal strap or a thin leather strap attached to it.  This way you can also use it as a sling bag. Changing the way you carry your clutch can elevate the entire look. This is also a good value for money and when you’re tired of holding it with your hands, you can just pull out the strap and hang it over your shoulder.

Choose a good material clutch

Picking the right material can dramatically affect the look of the clutch. Leather clutches have a more pleasing look and also lasts longer, while a clutch made of low-quality materials tend to look flimsy. 

Choose a style you like

A stylish clutch has more embellishments like buttons, stones, shells, and large hardware on them compared to classic and decent bags. It is advisable to have a variety of clutches, particularly when you are a working lady and often attend parties. Then it will be easier for you to make decisions. You need a clutch bag that resonates with your personality and style.

Choose a reasonable price

Before making a purchase, you should do enough research about the price of different items. A clutch bag is not something you’re going to need regularly, it is mostly used during special events, which for regular people like us don’t happen that often. So it is important to not splurge too much on them. Some women buy cutch bags based on their budget, some buy to look trendy. Always purchase a clutch bag based on your lifestyle and purpose.

Follow your instinct

If at the moment, you feel like purchasing a clutch bag is not worth it, you can always come back later and buy it. If you are still hesitant, it’s better to trust your instinct and let the thought of purchasing the bag pass by. There are better substitutes than a pricey clutch bag. If the clutch bag sparks joy, then that’s probably a sign that you should purchase it. 

How to carry a clutch bag

The main purpose of having a clutch bag is for formal events. The size of the clutch doesn’t cover the beautiful dress you are wearing, thus making it the perfect bag. It is designed as such to avoid stealing away the attention from either the dress or you. 

However, a clutch bag can be a bit tricky, especially with the way you carry them.  One of the attractions of the clutch is its theatricality and the very fact that you have to hold it means that you are very conscious of its position. This type of bag requires performance. 

Here are some ways you can carry a clutch bag

Hold it at the bottom

Just like you’d carry a newspaper. It’s a secure and safe way to hold the bag and it leaves your one hand free to hold drinks or shake hands with people. It is an elegant and practical way of carrying the clutch bag without being too concern about what it would look like. While taking some photos you can have one hand holding the bag while the other one is placed on your hips. 

Hold with both hands in front of the body

This should always be a transitional position, if you stay like this all evening it just looks like you don’t want to play. If you want to avoid certain situations at a party, this type of carrying the bag would be perfect for you. It’s the safest way of carrying the bag as it would look good on everyone. 

Hold the clutch at the end

This way is super casual and can exude certain energy that you are here to have fun and that you want to loosen up and meet new people. Just make sure the clutch isn’t heavy so it wouldn’t slip away from your hand.

Hold it at the top with your index finger extended

The clutch now becomes a much more gestural device. It’s going to look like an extension of your body. It will look more elegant and it would appear like you know what you are doing and why you’re here. 

Hold it under your arm

This is the way to carry a clutch when you are on your way to tuck  into that plate of scrumptious food. It is also a transitional position, otherwise, you’ll be in danger of looking like one side of you is paralyzed. It is not a good look when you are trying to entertain people, but if you really need to finish that plate and you can’t see any available tables to use, you have to do what you have to do in this situation. 

Hold it with a tight grip

Clutches are meant to be held, hence the name. The trick is to grasp it lightly but firmly in your hand. For oversized clutches, you can carry them in your hand to draw attention to your upper body or tuck it under your arm if you want to shift the focus on your lower body.

Hold it with the strap

Many clutches come with detachable straps in either leather or chain. If you don’t want to be too hands-on with your clutch, simply sling it on your shoulder. If it’s a wristlet, strap it on your wrist. The handles can be both decorative and useful.  

With the right amount of research for the correct type of clutch bag, you can purchase something that will complement well with your personality and taste. it is always fun to explore different shapes, sizes, and colors of a clutch bag to widen your options.