Best Travel Bags for Women

Traveling is great and it is really fun. It’s a great way to explore and try out the food, learn new things, and of course shopping. It sounds like a dream; nothing could ruin it except maybe forgetting something important at home. It happens, a person is already half-way to where they are travelling, and they remember something that they forgot. Most people shrug it off, thinking they can just buy another one when they get to said country.

However, what if it’s extremely rare to find in said country? The person just has to figure out how to travel in said country without said necessity. Everyone has experienced that feeling, well, unless that person has really good memories. For some people, who don’t have that kind of memory, that’s alright for this article. Here are 15 travel bags for Women:

The Twill Weekender from Everlane

The first one is  The Twill Weekender from Everlane.  No one could ever go wrong with this Everlane Twill Weekender, just ask all of the 400 people who have reviewed it on the website. The customers seem to like the bag’s spacious interior and the light weight, while the customers were also noting that the leather straps will eventually soften to fit the customer’s shoulders over time.

This duffel bag which is also water-resistant comes in four colorways: Reverse denim and black leather ( as shown above ), black and black leather, Navy and black leather, and dark green. Also, this is currently still available on the website, Everlane and it retails for $98.

Essential Overnight Bag in Canvas of Madewell

The second one on this list is the Essential Overnight Bag in Canvas of Madewell. A few people probably think that this looks like it belongs in a charming little cabin in the woods because it gives off a kind of aesthetic. This bag is designed with a leather strap. Plus, there are three pockets on the carryall of this bag and in order to always protect its bottom part, metal feet is one of the materials. Unlike the first bag, it only comes in one color, Acorn ( as shown above ).

This bag is very well suited for only an overnight stay as opposed to a week or two, so it doesn’t store much. It is available at the website, Madewell and the retail price is $148.

Weekender by Away

The third bag on this list is the Weekender by Away. This is very ideal for those going on a business trip. This type of traveling bag comes with a 15-inch laptop pocket. Plus, what makes it more worth it to purchase is because it also has a lined shoe compartment on it and a very useful detachable padded strap. There is also an option for darker tones such as black and dark green (almost an olive). These are for customers who are a bit worried about ragging up the cream version, which is, though stylish, very easy to get dirty.

It’s rather good unless the customer’s laptop is more than 15 inches even more unfortunate if the customer’s shoes can’t fit. The bag comes in either Nylon or Canvas, and both have an array of colors. For Nylon, it comes in black, navy, asphalt and coast. While Canvas has black, olive and natural canvas ( displayed above ). It is available on the website, Away for $245.

Le Pliage Expandable Travel Duffel Nylon Weekender by Longchamp

The fourth bag on this list is the Le Pliage Expandable Travel Duffel Nylon Weekender by Longchamp. A lot of people have compared this bag to Mary Poppins magic bag that could contain a lot of items, much like the famed super nanny’s magical bag, this one carries a lot more than expected. Specifically, it would expand an extra 6.5 inches to hold all of the gifts or souvenirs the customer is going to bring back from their trip, and it’s also quite durable too.

One of the customer’s feedback after using the product said that he had been using this bag for two and a half years and was still counting, and it’s been with him all throughout everything.  As shown above, the bag has three different colors such as the color gunmetal, navy and black.  It was once available on the website, Neiman Marcus for the price of $255, but it’s sold out as of the moment. Do not fret, for it is still available at the website, Nordstrom for the same price.

Samsonite Silhouette 16 Travel Tote

The fifth bag is the Samsonite Silhouette 16 Travel Tote. This Samsonite Travel Tote is the perfect bag for those work trips. The bag is made of Tri Core nylon, and it’s covered in pockets, it also includes a water-bottle pocket and a sleeve to slip over any luggage handles. The best part? It’s water-proof. Sadly, as of now the bag is no longer on the website where it used to reside but if ever the website resurfaces, the website is Bed Bath and Beyond at the price of $200.

Logan Leather Overnight Bag from Frye

The sixth bag is this Logan Leather Overnight Bag from Frye. If the customer is looking to make more of an investment, check out this timeless bag from Frye. The Logan is made with hand-polished leather and it’s accented with antique brass hardware. Customer’s feedback about this bag is that they consistently address it as beautiful and they also put a note that while the bag gets marked easily, the bag is also getting better as it ages.

This is usually labeled a men’s bag, but women could probably use it as well. It comes in four colors: black, dark brown, cognac, and slate. It was once available on Nordstrom but it was sold out, and there’s a few in stock from Amazon for the price of $598.

Vegan Leather Duffel from West Elm

The seventh bag is a Vegan Leather Duffel from West Elm. Whoever buys this will most likely get plenty of compliments on this faux-leather duffel from West Elm. This makes it look more elegant, stylish and more expensive versus its actual cost. Because of that, it looks more expensive than it is, too. It comes in two colors, the baby pink shown in the photo and hazelnut. On the website, West Elm it has a retail price for $130

Weekend Bag from BAGGU

The eighth bag is the Weekend Bag from BAGGU. This bag is definitely for those who think packing is just throwing things in the bag at the last possible moment. Those who bought it through Amazon rave about it and it’s capacity to hold a lot of things. One of the customer’s feedback said that this bag is that type of bag where you can easily drop a stack of clothes inside. And you can put many things inside.

Additional good features it has is it’s made 100 percent from recycled cotton. This bag as of the moment only comes in black, dove plaid, indigo and natural static. It is on Amazon for $86.


The ninth bag is widely known as Novel, manufactured from the Herschel Supply Co. If you’re looking for a bag that is something simple and reliable for you to use on your travel, perhaps this Herschel bag is best for you. Bunos is, it has a shoe compartment as well. One customer actually bought four, saying her father, husband, and two teenage sons use them for the “gym, sports, weekend trips, and whatever else requires them to lug belongings from place to place.”.

This bag comes in a lot of colors and patterns such as black crosshatch, and so much more. If a customer is interested in buying, they should browse the wide catalog of colors and patterns on Zappos for $89.

Base Camp Duffel from North Face

The tenth bag is the infamous Base Camp Duffel from North Face. If the customer’s weekend plans consist of the great outdoors or nature in general. This North Face duffel will be the perfect bag to bring. For the adventurers or those who like to go on backpacking trips, this bag can also be used as a backpack and has a lot of compartments for clothes and accessories for the trip. Unfortunately, the bag only comes in the red color shown above and this bag was once available on the Amazon for $142.

Oversized Travel Duffle Bag from Newhey

The eleventh bag is the Oversized Travel Duffle Bag from Newhey. If  the customer likes the look of leather but not the price, this one’s for them. This type of traveling bag is made from a waterproof canvas. Plus, one of its amazing features is that it has a “genuine horse leather” straps and bottom rivets. Some customers frequently called it “stylish” and “sturdy.”

One reviewer claimed they felt “very stylish and important carrying this bag around.” This bag comes in brown ( the one above ) camo, and purple grey. It is available on Amazon for the price of $49.

Out of Range Duffel from Lululemon

The twelfth bag is the Out of Range Duffel from Lululemon. So many people love this bag. The Reviewers claimed that it was “love at first sight” and they also said,  “duffel bag of my dreams.” Most of the customer’s reviews said that this bag is sturdy and flexible to use. It is also easy to carry wherever their destination is and plus the bonus of a laptop compartment and numerous pockets on it. It only comes in black. It is available on Lululemon’s website for $158.

Large Sutton Bag from MZ Wallace

The thirteenth bag is the Large Sutton Bag from MZ Wallace. The quilting on this nylon duffel from MZ Wallace makes it look more expensive than it really is. Despite being lightweight, this bag has a lot of pockets spacious enough for just about anything. It has pouches which are removable making it more than sufficient for any kind of trip.

It only comes in the two colors, black and navy. It’s available at Bloomingdale’s website for $235 and also At Saks Fifth Avenue for the same price.

Travel Duffel Bag from Canway

The fourteenth bag is the Travel Duffel Bag from Canway. This bag comes in different sizes such as 65L, 85L, and 115L. Actually, on Amazon, this bag has 5 stars. Low cost doesn’t always mean low quality and for 30USD, this bag offers maximum durability and compression— talk about a steal. It’s also available in colors like Aegean Blue, Heron Gray, Mint Green, and Panther Black (the one above) and it’s on Amazon for only $25.

Weekend Duffle from Hartmann Herringbone

The final fifteenth bag is the Weekend Duffle from Hartmann Herringbone. With a unique and sophisticated design, the Hartmann is made for those who like pieces that are structured nicely. One of the customer’s feedback said that what made him purchase it and became his top choice it’s because of the classic details, general construction, functionality and strength whenever he uses it.

Plus, he further explained that the previous Hartmann bag he used lasted for 40 years. It comes in two colors, black and terracotta, available in the website Bloomingdale’s for $320.