5 Stylist-Approved Tips to Make Hair Color Last Longer

One of the most popular and easiest ways to change your looks overnight is with your hair. A simple cut can make a huge difference but dyeing your hair does not only change your appearance but your aura too! A change in hair color is a creative way of playing with your looks without chopping it off but since it requires chemical treatment, it’ll cost more compared to a regular haircut. If you know how to maintain your hair color, it’ll be so worth it! In this article, we’ve rounded up the best tips on how to make hair color last longer.

How to make hair color last longer?

Make Hair Color Last Longer

We regularly shell out a good amount of money to get our desired hair color. It’ll put a dent in the bank account but since it’s for the good of ourselves, why not? But hair color sometimes fades before we get to fully enjoy them. 

To make the most out of it, we’ve listed stylist-approved tips on how to make your hair color last longer. 

Do not shampoo right away

The hair color needs at least 24 hours to settle into your hair after application. And if you immediately hop into the shower the moment you get home, the hair color will not be able to settle in well and will lead to color fading. 

If you want your hair color to last longer, it is best to wait for 24 hours to make sure that the hair dye had enough time to settle in. If you wish to wash your hair, cold water is enough. 

Use colored hair-specific products

One of the best tips to make your hair color last longer is to use hair products specifically formulated for colored hair. This is an important detail since other products might strip the hair color out. 

We recommend you use hair-colored-specific shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t contain SLS and alcohol as these can greatly affect the quality of your hair. Make sure that these hair care products contain nourishing ingredients. 

Choose the right shampoo

Aside from reducing washing times per week, it is also important to use the right shampoo and conditioner, specifically formulated for your hair type. Not only will this help make your hair color last longer, but it’ll also keep it looking fresh and healthy. 

A good sulfate-free shampoo designed to protect color-treated hair against UV rays is a good word to look for in a shampoo’s label. 

Avoid hot water

Who doesn’t love hot showers? Colored hair. Hot water strips the hair of moisture and makes the colored hair appear lifeless. This is a prime reason as to why you shouldn’t wash your hair with hot water.

If you want your hair color to last longer, as well as make it look shiny and healthy, lower the water’s temperature when washing the hair. You might also want to reduce washing times every week and only apply shampoo to the roots, letting the product run down the strands, instead of directly applying it to the length of your hair. 

To rid of greasiness, dry shampoos are good options to use in between washes. 

Avoid using heat tools too often

Colored hair or not, hot styling tools can cause damage to the hair. The chemicals in hair coloring products can cause dryness, making the hair extra vulnerable to heat. 

If you are wondering how to make hair color last longer, hot styling tools have to be sacrificed. It is recommended that you do not blow dry your hair too often or use a flat iron or curling wands. If the use of a dryer is unavoidable, do not use it at its highest temperature setting and always use a heat protectant spray or serum that serves as a barrier between your hair and the hot styling tools. 

Aside from artificial heat, natural heat like sunlight can also lighten the hair. If you want to make hair color last longer, apply a leave-in conditioner with SPF on your hair or use hats or scarfs to cover your hair.