All You Need to Know about Balayage

There are times in our life where we long for something new in our lives. It is sometimes tiring to look in the mirror and see the same thing over and over again. We felt quite sick of how our usual routine goes every day. This is why we often tend to buy new clothes, stuff, or just go for that new look for a change.

Are you preparing for a summer look or just want to upgrade your hairstyle? Keep reading, a balayage may be perfect for you.

Basic Information about Balayage


You may be familiar with balayage as you may have seen it a lot these days. Sometimes, you may confuse it with other hairstyles which is why we collected some of the basic information and differences about this ravishing look.

When was it initially used?

Looking back to the time of big hairdos, bell-bottoms, platform shoes, wacky and fun fashion. Let’s take a look back at the 70’s. With all the fun and different stuff we’ve known for this era, balayage highlights were one of the greatest developments of the time.

It was started by French colorists where it also meant “to sweep”, which explained the technique used for its application. A brush was the main tool used as the hair was painted with a chosen color. Most of the time described as freehanded where there is no cap or guide required in doing so. The main goal was to make your hair look like it was naturally sunkissed as it flows.

Can short hair also flaunt this look?

You just had your haircut and wanted to try this look? Put aside worries as balayage can also be done even for the shortest pixie cuts there is. However, the best results are said to be achieved with hair that is longer. No matter the case, having a short haircut must not stop you from trying all sorts of styles including balayage and you could still go for it.

How much does it usually cost?

The average cost for balayage highlights maybe around $200. But take note that prices may vary depending on different factors like the place where you are planning to get it done and the level of experience the person that will color your hair had.

The length of the hair cannot be also taken away from the equation, as well as the quality of the product and amount of time used in order to finish it. Some often took the risk to this at home but your safety must still be the top priority. If you feel like you can’t execute the procedure well, better seek the help of a professional stylist to lower the chance of damaging your hair.

Difference between Ombre and Balayage

Ombre (L) and Balayage (R)

These two-colored hairstyles may look quite similar to each other but there are slight differences that can be observed. Hair that is colored in ombré form will likely appear to be changing from a dark to a lighter shade. While balayage highlights were specifically placed throughout your mane.

Different between Highlights and Balayage

Balayage (L) and Highlights (R)

You may notice the difference between the two from the first look, but in case you still get confused, traditional highlights usually use foils that could create a uniform finish while balayage uses different hand-painted techniques. Balayage highlights more likely appear to be more subtle and natural-looking when compared to the traditional highlights. Hair regrowths seem to be less noticeable as the hair grows longer.

Best Shades of Balayage Highlights to Try

The list could be long when it comes to trendy balayage hair colors that are filling up the social media world, but here are some top picks that you might want to consider trying:

● Blonde Balayage

This may be known as the traditional color that may be incorporated with balayage, but it is not the only color there is. There are other colors listed below that you can choose from.

● Rose Quartz Balayage

Go get that girly pink vibe as you try this balayage look. Feel the chic moment with a little pop of color from this pink ombre-like balayage that usually works best for people with brown hair. If you happen to be a non-brown haired person, don’t worry as you may still own this look whenever you feel like doing so.

● Rose Gold Balayage

For redheads, brunettes, and blondes, this color can be a tempting choice as it gives a natural look with a hint of fun incorporated with it. Even if your natural hair color wasn’t mentioned earlier, rose gold color can still work perfectly in a balayage or an overall color.

● Blue Balayage

Want to try something new? Blue can be a must-try for you. Whether you mix up light or dark shades of blue, it can still give you a uniquely stunning look that you can rock any time of the year.

Peach Balayage

This may be one of the most recommended colors that you should look for as the summer season approaches. It gives you a calm, summer vibe look that works well with balayage but can also be an overall color, depending on how you want to wear it.

Pearly Balayage

The balayage hair color which showcased the pearlescent beauty with a base of sandy brown, with an added touch of light pinkish-purple ends. It will truly remind you of what the name itself says, a pearl!

Simple Balagaye Hairstyles you can rock any time of the year

Defined Layers. Layers on your hair can add up style to your balayage highlights.

Braids. There are a lot of different braids you can try with balayage like the fishtail braid that can really create a dreamy chic look. Flaunt the dimensional colors within your hair with the perfect braid of the day.

Voluminous Curls. Curls can look more gorgeous when filled with volume. Go extra as you level up your curl game.

● Effortless waves. Simple beach waves can still look hot and neat at the same time.

Applying Balayage onto Hair

There are different techniques that you may have encountered in the balayage application but here are some of the best ones you should consider.

● Glide and Slide

If you are looking for great coverage, then this is one of the techniques you should consider doing. Plus, it really works well as you try to bring saturation on the tips of the hair. Simply start with letting the brush flow, while having a lot of product, onto the bottom of the tips.

Then continue with letting the hair rest on the other hand as you apply the product from the top. Remember to let your gloved hand slide along with the length of the hair, as you continue the application. The key to achieving great results is to not put too much pressure as you use your brush or else you’ll end up creating a hard line. Keep your hands light to get that really great blur.

● Backflip Technique

Having the privilege to be able to show off your hair in different ways is what almost all of us wanted. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt that newly colored hair under the sun? Whether it be tied up or not, the backflip technique will help achieve the perfect balayage.

This technique was literally done by how it was called. Start off by flipping the hair showing the under the section. Continue with the usual application of the product. Remember that you must know what the client’s preference is, whether they want it heavy or not, in order for you to figure out how much saturation a certain area needs.

On the other hand, it is not well recommended to go too heavy as it may cause unwanted harshness towards the hair. Also, find the chance to know how your client styles her hair as this will affect the spots where you should focus on applying the product.

● C-Motion

This is the technique that is done mostly with the arms and requires less of the wrist, leaving it relatively still as you go through with the process. Imagine like you are painting a C or crescent shape to a specific part of the hair. After sectioning the hair, hold your brush in a way that you can simply apply the product using the body of the brush. You can start in the middle and work your way upwards depending on your own application style.

This motion can help prevent wasting too much time and can also produce an instant blur on the final result.

Some Ways on how to Take Care of Balayage Hair

Before you take a step towards the balayage path, you must first ensure that you know how to take care and maintain it. With the help of your stylist, keep your hair protected with the right conditioning strategy as it may lose a lot of moisture in the coloring process, plus a couple of high-quality products that will help your hair gain the nourishment it needed. Heat protectants are a must in styling as well.