All About Glasses: A Guide

Eye problems are one of the common health problems among people. This is the shortness or farsightedness, weak retina, or eyes sensitivity to rays, whether sunlight or rays emitted from electronic devices and television. Due to variety of reasons as to why we are having eye problems, glass lenses are also created with various purposes. The type of lens that a person should use is decided by an eye specialist. In this article, we will discuss the type of lenses, how to choose your prescription glasses and how to clean them.

We have four types of glasses. One, glasses for those who are nearsighted and farsighted. Two, glasses designed for those who has a weak retina Three, sun glasses used to protect the eyes from harmful rays. And the fourth one are protective glasses.

Now, it usually varies in the lenses. And for this, we have 8 type of lenses that can be used.

Polycarbonate lenses

This type of lens is made of plastic, and these lenses are made of polycarbonate and are characterized by high durability and great resistance to breakage. This type of glasses is very suitable for athletes, children, and school students as well.

Tri-Fix lenses

This type of lens are also made of plastic and are characterized by their light weight, as well as high resistance to breakage, and this type of lens provides clearer vision than the multi-carbon lenses.

Aspherical lenses

This type of lens has a semi-spherical shape, and is manufactured in different degrees of curvature over its surface, and therefore these lenses are thin and flat more than others.

Colored lenses

This type of lenses are usually made of plastic or glass, and these glasses are characterized by their ability to change their color when exposed to sunlight,

Polarized lenses

These lenses have the ability to reduce light reflection from shiny surfaces, or water surfaces. This type reflects light and is very suitable for motorists.

Multifocal lens

This lens is intended for people who suffer from more than one eye problem, and this type of lens is divided into several types:

Bifocal lenses

This type of lens is divided into two parts so that the lower part is intended for seeing close objects, while the upper part is intended for seeing distant objects.

Three-focal lens

This type of sacredness is divided into three sections, the first section is devoted to correcting distant vision, the second section is devoted to the correction of close vision, while the third section is devoted to medium- dimensional vision.

If you are one of those who need prescription glasses because of vision problems, then this section will definitely help you. But, of course, you can only definitely tell if the you go to an ophthalmologist and get your glasses professionally done and prescribed.

Medical glasses

It is a tool or method that many people use as a treatment for vision problems and correcting the extent of vision in one or both eyes. The presence of medical glasses helps many people get rid of blurred vision, as a result of shortness or farsightedness.


It is the inability to see distant objects clearly, and the person’s gaze is limited to everything close to his level of vision. Children are exposed to myopia, especially those who watch television continuously, close to his screen.


It is not being able to see close things clearly, so a person cannot read a book or newspaper. It is most often elderly people who are exposed to farsightedness, as a result to aging and infection that comes with some diseases. Another factor that leads to farsightedness is straining the eyes, resulting to loss of sleep and exhaustion.

Choosing medical glasses

In order for a person to choose his medical glasses, he must observe the following things:

Vision test

A person must examine his vision when he feels that he is suffering from a vision problem by going to an ophthalmologist in order to be properly evaluated and determine any procedures that will follow.

Selection of medical lenses

The step of choosing medical lenses for glasses, and their sizes are based on the degree of shortness or farsightedness of a person. Medical lenses consist of several layers of protection, aiming to protect the eyes .

Glasses frame design

The design of the glasses frame depends on the shape of the person’s face and his features. If the face is round, it is preferable to wear rectangular glasses, so that it matches the roundness of the face, and if the face is longitudinal, it is preferable to wear round-frame glasses.

Care for medical glasses

It is a must to care and clean your glasses consistently using lens cleaning solution. In addition to making sure to visit the ophthalmologist and optometrist, twice within the year, to ensure the safety of the eyes, and to monitor the degree of improvement in vision

The evolution of prescription lenses

Medical lenses witnessed a development in the industry. In the past they used to use fragile glass lenses, which are subject to scratches quickly, and may break in the absence of constant care for them. At the present time with the development in the manufacture of medical lenses, strong plastic types that are less prone to scratches, and does not break easily.