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70 Flawless And Trending Side Braids Styles to Try Out

If you’ve been searching for an easier way to switch up your hairstyle without too much commitment, side braids could be your next go-to. Side braids are an easy way to experiment with your everyday hairstyle, and it’s also a great way to take advantage of your next bad hair day by testing out some new techniques to revive your lifeless second-day hair. Braids emit a romantic, whimsical spirit and can effortlessly enhance your normal look. Let’s take a look the five best side braid styles to try right now.

Severe Side Part with Tight Braid

Pump up the volume and overall drama of your hair with a severe part paired with a tight side braid. If you know how to form a basic braid, try experimenting with the placement of the braids and switching up the location of your hair part. This is an ideal style to try if you want to attempt a more dramatic look but don’t want the long-term commitment of a tapered side fade. For an edgier, sleeker look try adding a layer of gel to achieve a wet effect that produces shinier looking hair.








Side-Swept Textured Fishtail Side Braid

For a twist on the basic side braided ponytail, try a flirty side swept fishtail braid. A tousled, fresh take on a side braided pony will always be timeless. Add some more volume by enhancing your hair with texture spray and letting some face framing hairs loose to accomplish an even more effortless, windswept look.

Keep a loose handle on your hair when braiding so the braid doesn’t appear too tight and polished. Depending on the length of your hair, to keep the braid from falling out, you can try securing your hair in a side ponytail with a clear elastic first, then create the fishtail braid and secure the end with another clear elastic hair band. To create a more relaxed, undone look try tugging both outer sides of the braid to loosen and add some fullness for an effortless, bohemian inspired vibe.











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