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7 Exquisite And Exotic Honeymoon Destinations, You Probably Didn’t Consider


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Croatia seems to be the place to be on the Adriatic Sea (and it truly is remarkable), but we’re raising the ballot for newer neighboring nation Montenegro. “A Balkan gem that’s small, spectacular—and cheap,” as The New York Times describes it, the coastal country offers breathtaking coastal views, boating, and history. Recently opened after a six-year renovation, the Aman Sveti Stefan resort is set on a three-acre island, with luxurious suites, spas, and dining in repurposed 15th-century cottages.

Where to Stay: Aman Sveti Stefan

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Photo: Jim Oatway

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Photo: Aman Sveti Stefan


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The Indonesian island of Lombok doesn’t receive as much fanfare as nearby honeymoon hot spot Bali, but it should. The island shares its cultural heritage, temperature, delicious cuisine, and exotic scenery with Bali, but it’s unmolested by price surges, villa developments, and tawdry souvenir shops. With lush color-saturated surroundings, calm white suites, ocean views, and a glittering infinity pool, Lombok Lodge seems as reinvigorating as restful honeymoon destinations come.

Where to Stay: Lombok Lodge

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Photo: Lombok Lodge



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Cast into the Indian Ocean off the north coast of Kenya, Lamu Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Swahili culture and style, and a rich cultural mix of East African, Arab, and Indian influences. With boat excursions, safaris, fishing, water sports, and scenic flights, there’s plenty to do—if soaking on the mesmerizing seashores doesn’t appeal to you. With luxurious, modern comforts and traditional Swahili-style design, boutique beach hotel The Majlisis a little hideaway tucked into this lush East African paradise.

Where to Stay: The Majlis Resort

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Photo: The Majlis Resort

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