5 Ways To Impress Your Job Interviews

There are various ways to impress your interviewer in that job interview you’ve always wanted. Having a decorated Curriculum Vitae is one and having the necessary experience for the job is another, but these things are not the first thing your interviewer will see nor inspect. Rather, it is your outfit that makes the first and lasting impression.

When it comes to dressing up for job interviews, there are also different dress codes on whether what kind of job, company, and position you’re applying for. For example, you want to make sure you are wearing your best business suit if you’re applying for a corporate company, but you don’t want to seem overdressed if you’re simply applying for an informal internship.

In this article, we’ve compiled the five most important ways to impress your job interviewer and be a cut above the rest.

Tip 1: Groom yourself

As we’ve mentioned, before you can open your mouth in a job interview, your interviewers have already surmised what she or he can gather about your personality and characteristic with regards to how you look like. And no, they are not judging you, they are merely trained to do so since their job involves facing hundreds of hopeful applicants every hiring season.

In order to immediately weed out the undeserving applicants, they must be able to quickly scan those who are worthy for the position or not. This is why grooming yourself is the first and most important rule before going to your job interviews. A wrinkled uniform is forgivable, but dirty fingernails, unkempt hair, and body odor are simply not. Hence, don’t forget to bring a comb and a cologne and freshen yourself up before meeting the interviewer/s.

Tip 2: Dress appropriately.

Dressing appropriately is also a very crucial reminder for every job applicant. Not only does it signify that you are taking the job interview seriously, it also means you know what you are applying for. Generally speaking, every job interview requires business or professional suit attire. For men, this means you have to wear a suit with tie, slacks, and formal shoes. For women, a blouse with blazer, slacks, and black shoes or pumps with small heels.

The perfect color for men’s suits is typically a black or a dark blue suit over a white polo and plain dark colored necktie, preferably with very minimal design. Some apply gel on their hair for a polished look.

For women, a black or navy blue blazer over a black or white blouse is generally acceptable, paired with slacks or a knee length skirt. Putting your hair in a bun or in a simple ponytail is also appropriate so that your hair won’t distract you or the interviewer.

Casual interviews are more toned-down version of professional business interviews and usually doesn’t require an over the top wardrobe both for men and women. However, it is still a job interview, so it is advisable to retain a professional look and attitude in every interview. For men, dark toned jeans and a long-sleeved polo shirt is enough. For women, colored but still professional looking skirt is acceptable as well as a lighter colored blazer.

Tip 3: Maintain the proper posture.

When waiting for your turn, always sit properly by avoiding hunching your shoulders or slouching your back. Not only is having a proper posture healthier for your body, it also makes you look professional.

During the actual interview, maintain your straight body posture as well as good eye contact with the interviewer, especially when she or he is asking you a question. Try also not to move around or fidget in your seat unnecessarily which can be distracting. Nod every time you were asked a question and smile politely without being too overbearing or too friendly. Make sure to also shake your interviewer’s hand firmly and briskly before and after your interview. Lastly, thank your interviewer politely after your interview.

Tip 4: Always arrive an hour earlier.

One of the best practices among applicants during their job interview is to arrive early, usually at least an hour before the actual interview. This is to ensure that you’ll be informed immediately if there are any changes in the schedule and venue.

Furthermore, arriving early also gives you enough ample time to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Upon arriving at your interview venue, make sure to freshen yourself up. While waiting, stay in your designated area and avoid pacing. Not only will this agitate the other applicants, you are also unnecessary tiring yourself out. Reserve all your energy towards answering your interviewer’s questions.

Tip 5: Be proactive in your application.

The job interview is you should have shown everything you’ve got, but the application doesn’t end there. Maintain an active relationship the hiring or recruitment manager by asking for update regarding your application every now and then, especially when he or she haven’t got back to you after a while.

Doing this shows your sincere interest in the company and in the position you are applying for, which might just be the last defining factor in your application process. Just ensure that you do not bombard the recruiter every single day with a text or an email because it might just irk them.