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5 Simple Tips For Daily Hair Care Routine

Like all the working women out there, I too had a busy life; juggling work and home. All the travelling and stress added to my woes. With so much going on in life, who has the time to go for fancy hairdos? Forget fancy, my hair looked like a mess from the moment I got up in the morning until I went to bed. Going to the hairdresser was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

The shabby reflection that stared back at me from the mirror screamed for attention. So I did some research and created a daily hair care routine that proved to be a grand success. Now, I feel proud of my lustrous locks and do not spend so much time trying to make my hair look healthy and presentable. Following this routine is no rocket science and is super easy. I am going to let you into my daily hair care routine. Hopefully, it will help you as much as it has helped me.



Daily Hair Care Routine – 5 Simple Tips

1. Brush Your Hair In The Morning:


The obvious reason for brushing your hair is keeping it tangle-free. What many of you may not know is that brushing also helps to distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair. This gives your hair a healthy shine. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush your hair. And don’t do hurried job! Pamper your hair. If you don’t have time, brush your hair while watching TV, but do it gently. Vigorous brushing can scratch the scalp and break the hair. Also don’t overdo the brushing. Be moderate.

2. Hair Wash:



This is a quandary for many. How often you need to wash your hair depends primarily on the type of hair you have. Typically dry and coarse hair requires washing every second or third day; fine and oily hair needs to be washed every day; and normal hair should be washed every other day. Try to experiment with the schedule to see how your hair reacts. I need to wash my hair every 2 to 3 days and I stick to this schedule no matter what happens.

I use small circular motions to massage my scalp and stimulate blood flow. As my hair is dry, I use a hydrating shampoo. Fine and oily hair requires clear shampoos, while normal hair can adapt to just about any kind of shampoo. I also use a hydrating conditioner and apply it from the roots to the tips to ensure my hair looks soft and glossy after washing.

3. Hair Styling Products:





Use of hair styling products depends on your hairstyle. Try to limit the usage of these products to avoid hair damage. If you intend to blow dry your hair to style, be sure to use a heat protectant. Try to avoid using hair styling products at least once a week to give your hair the chance to recover from the stress of being subjected to all these harsh products! Less is more when it comes to hair styling products.

4. Styling Your Hair:




Whether you prefer an elaborate hairdo or something simple, you need to style your hair every day. Try to be gentle while handling your hair and do not pull or tug unnecessarily. Use your brush to carefully style your hair and make it presentable.


5. Daily Night Hair Care Routine:



Before you retire to bed, spend a few minutes in front of your mirror and brush your hair gently. This will get rid of the knots and tangles that have accumulated during the day. After brushing, tie your hair into a loose ponytail to prevent tangles while you sleep. If you have short hair, you have no cause for worry.


I find this daily natural hair care routine simple and easy to follow. I do not spend a lot of time on my hair. Above all, I do not waste my hard earned money on visiting a hair dresser. Now that you know my secret, you too should try it and become cynosure of all eyes with your shiny, healthy and lustrous locks. My hair has become my crowning glory with this routine. Let me know if yours too become your crowning glory.




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