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25 Amazing Boho- Chic Style Inspirations and Outfit Ideas

So it finally happened! You want to try out boho chic outfit, right? If you are in, then I’ve got some of the best bohemian style inspiration ideas for you, my beautiful ladies. This year, boho chic fashion is back and it’s full of awesome looks to try. What I do like about modern boho chic style is the way it’s combined with modern styles, in other words saying, we see hippie movement of 1960’s and 1970’s what is mixed up with modern accessories and luxe fabrics. Of course, we still see natural materials (silk, fur, suede, leather, cotton, denim and linen), multi-layered textures (where spaghetti top or bra top is layered with vests, tees, leather or suede jackets), comfy and relaxed shapes, lots of bright and original accessories, natural and earth shades, floral, checkered and ethnic inspired prints and patterns, and lots, lots of beautiful embellishments and details, like lace, knitted details, flare finishes, fringes and big accessories.

That’s what I call sex outfit! We see lady who is wearing a blush lace strapless dress with long sleeves and fringe details. The look is completed thanks to wide-brim cowboy hat, rounded sunglasses and pretty neckpiece.

If you ask me how to dress like bohemian, then the first thing is to choose what garment you want to wear. The best way is to mix-and-match boho-inspired clothes. You can choose typical maxi dress or maxi skirt and match it with crochet top, oversized shirt or simple tank top made of crochet, knits or denim. Then you have to layer it with a kind of sexy topper, like fur vest, leather or suede jacket and complete the look by adding hot accessories, like sexy sandals or cowboy boots and boho style accessories (necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hats, belts, sunglasses). All in all, I think we better take a closer look at these stunning outfit ideas and choose our favorites. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.










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