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17 Effective Tips for Concealing Acne Scars



There is some debate about the need for toner.However, if you want to cover acne scars, many experts say it’s an important step.The toner will help remove any residue left behind by your facial cleanser, giving you a perfectly clean slate for getting your concealing make-up in place to hide your scars.Use a small amount of toner on a cotton ball to get the job done right.


It might seem counterintuitive to go to all the trouble of washing and using toner only to put on facial cream.However, if you let your skin get too dry, it produces more sebum, or natural skin oil, which will only make acne worse.Use a lightweight moisturizer and massage it in gently, allowing it to soak in for a few minutes before adding make-up to your face.

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Maybe you’ve seen commercials for scar cream.It’s formulated to help break up scar tissue and reduce the appearance of acne scars.Dab a bit of the cream on your #face each night after washing.It won’t work overnight, but you should start to see the scars fading after a couple of months of regular use.You can find inexpensive scar creams over the counter at most drugstores.


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Sometimes it takes intervention to get the results you want.Head to a qualified dermatologist for a laser treatment or chemical peel.These procedures effectively remove the top few layers of your skin, helping reduce the appearance of acne scars.You may have to get several rounds of both treatments to make the scars almost invisible, but this is a viable option if you have dark or deep acne scars.


Of course you’ll be happy when your acne scars are less noticeable, but don’t slack off on your routine.Be sure you are washing adequately each day and using products that are designed for acne prone skin.This way you won’t get new #breakouts that leave behind scars, which would only mean starting all over again.


When you’ve put on your foundation and concealer, if you feel like you still need more coverage, layer up!Of course there’s a line that you shouldn’t cross so that it doesn’t look cakey, but use as much as you need to cover up what you need.Once you’ve put on your finishing powder you should see a significant difference.


This is a more permanent solution.If your scars are very deep and you have indentations in your skin, you may want to consider getting filler injections.This procedure involves fillers being injected into the skin to raise the indentations and level out the skin’s surface.They do offer dermal fillers, which are a temporary procedure.With these you will need to have them re-injected once a treatment wears off.

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Without being cakey, you want to make sure to get coverage.This may not work for everyone, but why not try it?Some people with acne scars see #benefits from filling their indentations with concealer.Sounds crazy right?Some people see great results and others think it looks like they’re wearing too much makeup.Try it and see what works for you!


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Using a silicone-based primer can help to fill in some of the indentations that come along with acne scars.This will help to create a smoother base for you to work on.This will help prevent your foundation from pooling in your indented areas.Having a primer that evens out the indentations will be very helpful in concealing your scars!Even if you have problem skin or scars from former blemishes, you can easily make your skin #look smooth and flawless but still natural.



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