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16 Effective Makeup Tricks for Those Moments When You’re Sick

It can happen to any of us – getting sick in the most inappropriate moment, when you need to look stunning and amazing. And even if you don’t have any special occasion, the sickness will definitely spoil your mood when you look at yourself in the mirror and see somebody else, but not that glowing face you have everyday! Don’t worry – we’ve got the right solutions for you. Here are the effective makeup tricks for those moments when you are sick and do not look that well… but as bad as you feel!

1. Minimize the makeup

Yes, instead of the approach that most women have when they get sick, we recommend you the opposite. Better avoid wearing too much makeup, because it just won’t look that awesome as it looks when you’re healthy. The thing is that when you have a cough, your face suffers, too. And no matter how good and expensive your foundation is, it will appear as if you’ve placed it directly on a sheet of paper!

2. Prep Skin With A Luminous Primer

A dewy skin look is the best for days when you’re feeling under the weather. Avoid matte makeup that can make the skin look dull and use a luminous primer instead for under your tinted moisturizer or foundation. It will allow light to reflect off of your skin and leave you with a healthy and glowing finish.

3. A lot of moisturizer and little powder

This is my favorite personal formula for makeup when I get sick. The moisturizer is a must because when you’re ill, your skin gets dry. And a small quantity of powder will only slightly cover the pimps that might appear – regardless whether you suffer from acne, or not.

4. Pre-treat your lips

The same awful thing happens to your lips – yes, they’ll get dry and chapped, too. So, always pre-treat your lips with some lip balm and then apply the lipstick. However, do not expect miracles from the balm. Your lips won’t be OK before you get healthy, so better have light lipstick!

5. Balance with clothes

Sometimes, a woman must do some cheating – especially when it’s about her appearance. Just like with faults, the sick look can be balanced and compensated with an amazing clothing outfit. Thus, the attention will be on your body (which will probably lose some weight when you’re sick and this is the only awesome thing) and not on your face!

6. Soothe puffy eyes with teabags

If your eyes get puffy from congestion, sleep with your head slightly propped up to allow fluids to drain more easily from your face. To battle under eye bags, try this tea remedy: Take two cold, wet teabags and place them over your eyes while you lie down for 15 minutes. The result? De-puffed peepers.

7. Cool down your eye cream

Try storing your eye cream in the refrigerator. Not only will it feel refreshing on your tired eyelids, it will also help to fight puffiness.

8. Don’t take the red-eye

Another hallmark of a cold? Pink, bunny rabbit-like eyes. Banish that bloodshot look by using eye drops to lubricate and cool your eyes, reducing redness.

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