Glowing, dewy finish, healthy skin, Bambi eyes, perfect coverage – achieving the perfect makeup look can be quite the challenge, and sometimes it can be difficult to have the perfect makeup-day. Our team gathered the 10 biggest beauty and makeup secrets that will help you choose and apply your makeup consciously to get that flawless finish that every girl desires!

Makeup Secret No.1: Naturally Plump Lips

Get ahead of the crazy, overdrawn lip trend and create naturally plump, soft lips with the help of a sugar scrub. You can easily buy it in any drugstore or create your own hydrating scrub by mixing a tablespoon of sugar, olive oil and honey together. This quick makeup trick will ensure your lips are super soft without any dry parts and will help your lipstick glide on like butter and stay on all day. If you really would like to take it to the max and overdraw them a bit, use a liquid or mousse lipstick and lip liner instead of a regular cream stick, so you can overline it in a subtle way.

Makeup Secret No.2: Dewy Finish

Highlighting is definitely the biggest makeup trend of the year. Although finding the perfect glowing technique might be a bit tricky, the halo highlighting technique can help you master this beauty trend. The main aspect behind this secret is using the highlighter where the light would naturally hit the face, which results in a dewy finish instead of making you look like a disco ball. Following the halo highlight technique, put a hint of highlighter powder through your cheek and brow bones and tip of the nose and blend everything out in a slow, circular motion.

Makeup Secret No.3: Bright Eyes

This multifunctional beauty secret can help you making your eyes bigger and brighter, while being the perfect DIY “highlighter primer” for your cheekbones and brow bones. Grab a vibrant, white or silver eyeliner khol pencil and gently work it in the inner corners and lower lash lines of your eyes to get that “awake” effect, even if you have been pulling an all-nighter last night. Besides applying it on the eyes, pop a bit of product on your cheeks, brow bones, bridge and tip of the nose to brighten up your face and prep it for highlighting.

Makeup Secret No.4: Balancing

Before starting your makeup, take a look at your outfit to make sure they balance out each other. Play with the power of makeup: vamp up a simple sweater-jeans look with a burgundy lipstick or complement your favourite little black dress with a similarly classy winged eyeliner. This way, you can not only avoid looking too much, but taking your outfit in consideration will also help you find the perfect makeup look if you are indecisive.

Makeup Secret No.5: Focusing

Keeping the focus on either of your eyes or lips is definitely another key to success. I know, making the decision between a gorgeous, glittery smokey eye and a vampy, dark lip look is pretty difficult, but trust us – balancing your makeup and adding only one bold detail will be worth it at the end.

Makeup Secret No.6: Matte it!

If you are not satisfied with the result and your overall makeup look is too harsh, switch to a matte lipstick or eyeshadow. The famous matte trend has been unstoppable for years now, and we can absolutely understand the obsession: it looks super elegant, unique and chic, so it is the perfect choice for a darker lip, contour shade or a smokey, blending eyeshadow.





Makeup Secret No.7: Fixing Trick

Unfortunately, we all know the Cinderella-effect: after the makeup is perfectly done and we couldn’t be happier with it, it somehow magically disappears by the end of the night, leaving us looking like tired raccoons. If you are having an endless day and even the makeup setting spray isn’t enough, lock everything in place by applying a powder on top of your liquids and creams – set your liquid eyeliner with black eyeshadow, your highlighter with a peachy, shimmery powder and your foundation with a hint of translucent powder.

Makeup Secret No.8: Undertones

Although sometimes the shade of the foundation or concealer seems to match the skin perfectly, once applied, the result turns out to be either too orange or pink. To avoid looking mismatched, way too tanned or pale, make sure to check the products’ undertones as well.  If you have very light skin with a pink, porcelain tone to it, cool undertone foundations, concealers and bronzers will quickly become your best friends. On the other hand, if your skin belongs to the yellowish, orange or more olive undertone group, seek for products with added warmth to them.

Makeup Secret No.9: Beauty Potion

This has to be one of my all-time favourite beauty tricks. If you have a medium to full coverage liquid foundations and its consistency is too thick, simply apply two drops of your favourite beauty oil in it while using it, mix it together and apply it to your face. The beauty oil will ensure the application will be flawless while giving your face a glow and keeping it hydrated.

Makeup Secret No.10: Applying

Finding the right brushes and sponges for application is just as important as choosing the perfect products. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the newest high end brushes…there are various affordable high street brands that offer amazing, high quality brushes. For applying your foundation, use a beauty blender or gentle buffing brush, for powder, choose a big fluffy brush, and for all your bronzers, highlighters and blushes, get a few sharply angled brushes, which will ensure a flawless application.

Stay beautiful!


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