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What is the Difference Between Balayage and Ombre?








Other Coloring Techniques to Look Into

If ombre and balayage weren’t enough to make your head spin, there are even more popular trends on the list to learn. Here are a few examples.

Sombre: For those who thought ombre was too harsh in the way it moves from dark to light, sombre was born. Meaning “soft ombre,” it offers subtle ombre hair that changes from root to end yet still offers the touch of the lived-in color look to take any hair color from dull to inspiring. Sombre still rings popular for the gray/silver hair trend.

Flamboyage: Roughly the same technique as balayage, flamboyage adds even lighter ends into the mix essentially becoming a blend of balayage and ombre. It’s the new alternative to highlights for a super subtle look.

Babylights: Very fine, subtle highlights. Perfect for fine hair, these simple highlights require foils like traditional highlights but are not as streaky and harsh.

Time to Transition into One or the Other






Because both ombre and balayage have become so requested in the past six years and counting (and seem to only increase in popularity), just about any hair salon you enter is able to give you the look. And if you are still unsure about which way to teeter, ask your hairstylist to go over which technique best meets your ideal hair goals. Simply choose your preferred look, some photo inspo, and voila! low-maintenance color that adds depth and brilliance to your lovely locks. What else can the modern woman ask for?


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