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Ultimate Makeup Guidelines On How To Makeup According To Your Face Shape





B. For Oblong Faces:

Who better than Milla Jovovich ( the Resident Evil Star) to refer when talking about this face shape? Mainly since the new movie is all set to hit the theaters soon.

Well, I don’t have this face shape, but my friend does, and I’ve seen what she does, well she is also a Google person and learns tricks from here and there.

Here is a tested version, I am sure you’ll love it.

If your face is oblong or rectangular, then your first and foremost motive will be to show the face as oval.

Make brows a little arched than the normal run of your brow bones. This will make your face look a little more oval and round.

  1. Use Pinkish (light) shade on to the sucked cheeks ( this will give a plumped up look) and use a rosy darker shade onto apples.
  1. Make your eyelashes look bigger and more dramatic by using double curling (before and after use of mascara) or you may even experiment with darker false lashes.
  1. Try to keep lips minimum and rosy pink, they look the best and full, to make your face appear fuller.
  1. Minimize sharp edges of the face (like sides of jaws and if your nose is real sharp, follow alternate technique refer to point 6 with a bronzer sweep.
  1. Coming to the nose, like for oval face you follow a side shadowing, here you need to follow a top shadowing technique, Do not use shadowing on sides of nose, let it remain covered in foundation. Sweep the top of nose bone with a bronzer.
















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