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Your Ultimate Guide To Applying Eyeliner Like A Pro

Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur of makeup or have recently discovered the magic it is capable of, you surely know that the eyeliner is an important and an almost irreplaceable aspect of any makeup regimen. It is a must-have if you want to add a dramatic effect to your look and define your eyes.

This post is for all you newbies looking for the right techniques to ace the art of using the eyeliner as well as for those makeup mavens who want to experiment with a few fun application styles. So, flutter those beautiful eyes, and read on:

Pick The Right Eyeliner For Yourself

  1. The Pencil Liner
  2. The Felt Liner
  3. The Gel-Based Liner
  4. The Liquid Liner

Learn Fun Techniques To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

1. Beginner

  • The Simple And Chic Liner Look (Lashline)
  • The Smoky And Sultry Liner Look (Lashline)
  • The Simple Kohl-Rimmed Look (Waterline)

2. Basic

  • The Winged Liner Look (Lashline)
  • The Dual Drama Look (Lashline + Waterline)
  • The Super Dramatic Liner Look (Lashline + Waterline)

3. Pro

  • The Cat Eye Liner Look (Lashline + Waterline)
  • The Dual Toned Winged Liner Look (Lashline + Waterline)
  • The Multicolored Liner Look (Waterline + Lashline)









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